Budweiser Super Bowl Ad – A Wealthy Immigrant

Budweiser is pridefully airing an ad during the Super Bowl in which immigrants are praised for their American heritage – just like Aldophus Busch, who as a young German came to American and made a fortune!

“When nothing will stop your dream, this is the beer you’ll drink.”

While the ad might appeal to Hollywood, I doubt it will to the Muslim community who do not drink… But everyone wants to make a point – without actually inviting them into their posh homes.   I don’t see Ashton Kutchner opening his border door to – anyone. In fact his $10-$14 million home boasts ‘privacy’ and 9000 square feet which would be a wonderful retreat for maybe 100 refugees?

The problem with the Budweiser story is that Aldophus Busch actually didn’t create the American Dream from scratch. He was working as a ‘clerk’ when he learned his father died and he inherited a large portion of his estate. He then married into a wealthy family – Anheuser. And when daddy Anheuser died, Busch inherited Anheuser’s share of the business and bought out the remaining partner. So now he owned the entire business.

So the real moral of the immigrant story is: it’s wonderful when daddy dies and gives you a bunch of money so that you can now marry someone with even more money and be richer!

Budweiser would also fail to understand that illegal immigration and terrorist immigration are not exactly the same as coming to the states and serving in the Union Army which Busch did for six months.

Immigration to the US during the 1800’s was relatively open until 1875. Immigrants and refugees who escaped poverty and persecution were not welfare recipients, they bought land and farmed, they opened businesses, and they were productive members of society. But in 1882 The Immigration Act was passed in which certain individuals were barred from entry, including: idiots, lunatics, convicts, and persons likely to become a public charge.

Fortunately, it appears that Budweiser is the only company planning on making a political statement using the Super Bowl as a platform. Which is a good thing given most Americans are pretty much over the tantrums and drama coming out of Hollywood. Oh, but that’s what they do for a living…

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