Australia’s Refugee Torture Islands

The Australian refugee deal was initially agreed to by Obama and Turnbull well before Trump’s election according to Turnbull.  It was done covertly, without consent, and without the knowledge of the people. Why? Because it was deemed “classified”.

And although Turnbull claims it was done before the election, he voiced concerns that Trump would not honor it.  Which begs the question, did he assume Trump would be elected?

At any rate, Turnbull had already indicated that the ‘deal’ could be dismantled by Trump, which gives insight into a shady agreement that benefited who?  And shouldn’t the American people be privy to ‘deals’ that we ultimately pay for and are subjected to?

November 2016, the Washington Times reported that we would be potentially admitting to the US 2400 refugees/ terrorists from Somalia, Iran and Syria.

Of course the question begs, WHY? Why would we want Australia’s refugees? Because Australia doesn’t want them, has detained them in squalid conditions on Papua New Guinea and Nauru, and 370 are in need of medical treatment that Australia doesn’t want to pay for.

So, what is the back story?

Australia has refused any refugees since 2013. Any that arrive by boat illegally are immediately imprisoned on the two above respective islands. And contrary to reports that the inhabitants are mostly women and children, an investigative report highlighted the torture, rape, and beatings imposed by these passive refugees against one another (mostly men) and the 49 children out of 442 prisoners on the island of Nauru. These are the people that Obama agreed to bring to the US. And Turnbull was relieved to be rid of his ‘problem’.

The refugees on Papua New Guinea are no different, ALL men. Many have been detained there for more than three years, which would indicate that the media’s “Limbo” claim as a result of Trump is rather ludicrous given that Trump just assumed office and their plight has been in “Limbo” for over three years.

The Guardian tells the story of a 17 year old Iranian boy sent to the Men’s detention center on Papua New Guinea where he was beaten and raped… these are the men being vetted to come to the US?   But his story also highlighted the absolute torture and wrath he was subjected to under the Turnbull regime of “I don’t care”.

New Guinea has pleaded with Turnbull to take the refugees, saying even Australia’s money doesn’t help, and still he refuses. So the ‘deal’ with the US was about Australia’s no refugees allowed policy, not about humanity.

The United Nations Human Rights Division has expressed outrage at the Australian government solution to refugees claiming it was highly illegal.

According to the New York Times, “Australia has turned back boats full of migrants and towed them out to sea; assessed their asylum claims on boats, apparently in violation of international law, before forcing them back; and has even been accused of paying a human trafficker to take his passengers back to Indonesia, where he was arrested.”

Still, both the Obama administration and the Turnbull administration refused to provide specifics of the deal. If there is something to hide, it is probably because it ain’t good!

Given the deal was rife with illegal and secretive assessments, it is hardly odd that the current administration might be more than a little miffed with its responsibility.   As Trump is advised concerning all the nuances of the ‘deal’, hopefully it will then be made public so that The People can make their own assessment and analysis.

But to criticize Trump because a secretive deal was made to bail out Turnbull who was being nagged by the UN for his illegal confinement of refugees, well that’s just absurdity at its finest!


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