Trump Dress Code – Get Over it!

The Media is greedy to find anything negative to talk about – and the latest Cosmo Style gossip is his preference that his staff dress in conformity with standard business acumen.   Of course, the Media fails to put it quite like that, and the Media fails to note that Corporate America has mandated dress codes for women and men for decades – but then the Media isn’t about Truth.

With Twitter actively showing how ‘other people dressing according to their respective jobs’, the ridiculous comparisons are – well ridiculous!

1) two firefighters dressed in full gear

2) a military staff member dressed in uniform

3) a surgeon dressed like a surgeon…

Of course the obvious stupidity of the backlash is that they are ALL required to dress according to a code of ethics within each of their respective fields of employment. A surgeon cannot show up for surgery wearing clothes befitting an astronaut, and a firefighter cannot show up to douse a fire wearing flip-flops and short-shorts…  Trump is simply imposing a prerequisite of his choosing.  There is NO difference!

But these goofballs can’t seem to comprehend –

All of the posts provide uniforms as their defense without realizing that Trump is simply stating his own brand of ‘uniform’ that symbolizes White House decorum and integrity. It is his prerogative, and people need to take a hypocrisy chill-pill.

Insurance companies require women to wear gasp – stockings! So do most law firms! Banks, Financial firms, Department Stores, Retail Shops require a certain decorum! You can’t work sales at Nordstroms and be on the floor looking like a slob.  The concept is that employees are a reflection of the where they work.  Some companies require makeup!  There are rules. Airline employees wear a uniform. Teachers have dress codes! Gasp. Students have ‘dress codes’.

Bottom line – you wear what you are told given your job! Get over it.

Show up to basic training in your jammies or jeans – see what happens…

Show up to teach class with a midriff top and mini skirt… see what happens.

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