Hitler Lesson: He was a Socialist

Setting The Record Straight. Hitler is more aligned with the Liberals and Socialists parties in the US and Europe. Hollywood would seem rather uneducated, but the politicians are simply streaming propaganda:

First: Hitler was a member of the Socialist Party. German FM Steinmeier represents the “Social Democrats”, making him more closely aligned to Fascism and Hitler than Trump.  When Steinmeier speaks of the open trade TTP Agreement, he speaks for himself and politicians, the European People aggressively opposed it, and thus it was tabled!

Second: Hitler attempted to gain power through revolutions and coups – which is what the Liberals and the Hollywooders are supporting and instigating; Madonna, Judd, Michael Moore, who I guess identifies as a woman, Sansour, a Sharia Law proponent who organized the Women’s March, want to see America as a peasant state following the lead of the Bolsheviks who ushered in “Communism”.

Third: Hitler wrote Mein Kampf in which he sought to create a ‘single/one society’ that promulgated his views. That would correlate with the ideals of the Liberals claiming they represent All Americans, and US Values when in fact they represent ‘their view’.

Fourth: Hitler rescinded parts of the German Constitution – the Liberals have advocated for a new US Constitution claiming the old one is ‘outdated’.

Fifth: The Reichstag Fire Decree, was an order set in place by Hitler in which anyone who didn’t agree with his dictums could be imprisoned. In addition, publications/propaganda would be suppressed if they were not in line with the administration… sounds a lot like our “Media”.

Sixth: Hitler advocated for all powers over the people to rest with the government – an agenda that is most obviously Liberal Democrat.

Seventh: His exclusion of the Jewish people is somewhat similar to the Democrats anti-Christian stance. It would also align with the IRS in their refusal to grant conservative business’s charitable or political status while simultaneously pushing through Democrat/Liberal applications.

Eighth: Both the French and British Prime Ministers signed The Munich Agreement with Hitler, in alliance with his ideals.

Ninth: A wave of violence against the Jews escalated as rioters broke shop windows and desecrated property… much like the liberal rioters in the US.

Tenth: Hitler believed in ‘invasion’, much like coups and military takeovers that are commonplace today.

Eleventh: Hitler attacked the Soviet Union…

Twelvth: In order for the world to win the war, we needed the massive army of The Soviet Union which became our greatest ally against Germany.

Thirteenth: Hitler was an atheist.

Fourteenth: The “World Order” that Germany’s Socialist and the US’s SocialistProgressives decry has been the same order that created massive welfare and the near end of the Middle Class. They also are the same Socialists rioting and destroying and creating chaos in our streets and in our business’s. They are the same Socialists who have embraced Sharia Law, and elitist political wealth…

Fifteenth: The Bolshevik Revolution ushered in Communist Russia under Marx, Lenin and ultimately Stalin. Initially, the US and UK supported Stalin…

This would indicate that the revolutionary Marchers and Naysayers, and Hollywooders, are actually the ones ushering in the Hitler division of the US as they call for bombing, chaos, and rebellion.

3 thoughts on “Hitler Lesson: He was a Socialist

  1. The list is endless.
    16. Hitler wanted to extinguish Christendom and replace it with the Teutonic pantheon of gods.
    9. The Brownshirts, of whom the top leaders were homosexuals, were the violent Nazi Party “enforcers” who harassed Hitler’s critics and enemies and did strategic operations for him. The led rioters in Kristallnacht, an orgy of violence against Jewish-owned businesses and Jews.
    –Hitler and the Generals made a deal. The military command hated the Brownshirts. Hitler gave the go-ahead and the SS attacked a Brownshirt top leadership meeting, mid-orgy, and the Reich was on.

    About 13. I’m not so sure Hitler was atheist. Maybe “sort of kind of” atheist. He had occult books by his bedside in his bunker. For elite Nazi schools, he threw out any Christian teaching and replaced it with a sort-of renewed religion with the old Teutonic gods. Promotion ceremonies in the SS were full-blown unabashed pagan rituals.

    Three of Hitler’s favorite books were written by “Julian the Apostate”, the Roman emperor and heir to Constantine who swore he would totally eradicate Christianity from the Empire.

    There are lessons for Christians today in his life. His parents were both Christians, but his tutor was a pagan who clung to the Roman gods. A Christian Courier article says his relatives were ruthless in wanting power, so he grew up with some dandy bad “Christian” examples around him.

    The lesson for those who don’t see it, obvious as it is, is to KEEP YOUR CHILDREN out of the clutches of government indoctrination centers.

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