Germany and Brazil – A Soros Win

What do Germany and Brazil have in common?   They are both scaling for implosion. While Brazil has been fighting for its very life for years, Germany is just beginning to get a taste of what is to come.

It is a chess match and Merkel and Rousseff are on the Defensive, a position of loss. The question isn’t who is on the board playing Offensive, but who is moving the pawns? The pawns are easily recognizable; in Germany every move is to favor the blackmail of Erdogan, while in Brazil, Rousseff’s VP, Temer, would seem to think he is immune from prosecution and has been promised the Presidency after Rousseff’s impeachment.

The Game?   Power.

Rousseff is vehemently disliked by Soros. Her government and by default, her country, became aligned with the BRICS, a unity that interferes with the global effort of the Order. In the last quarter of 2014, Soros divested his fund of every share he held of Brazil’s Petrobas – just weeks before the Petrobas scandal broke and the stock plunged 35%. The previous quarter Soros had drastically ‘increased’ his portfolio shares of Petrobas – creating a boom and bust – something he is notorious for.

Merkel is vehemently disliked by Soros. Her power and rule of Germany was based on trust and an obscenely high approval rating that had remained steady at 75-80%. Attacking that approval rating was necessary in order to displace her with a new government. Announcing that Europe, and by default, Merkel, must take responsibility for 1 million refugees per year, Soros initiated the migrant influx that has plagued Germany with rapes and costly medical crisis. Merkel’s approval rating plunged into the 30% range.

With elections coming up in 2017, Merkel will most likely be in a position to stand down leaving the Chancellorship post open to a Soros intervention. The goal, according to Soros own Project Syndicate, is to unify the EU under a single central governing body, aka, one that he and his proteges will direct.

With the guidance of Gerald Knaus, head of the Soros NGO, European Stability Initiative, and a graduate of Harvard, Merkel was advised to take in the refugees. And so she did, sealing her own fate and the fate of the EU in a naïve attempt at choosing what she believed to be the lesser of two evils. The ESI  is entrenched in the Soros agenda with financial support coming from;    The Foundation to Promote Open Society, the British Department for International Government, Stiftung Mercator which has supported a Turkey integration for over a decade, ERSTE Siftung – an organization that has been working to collectively integrate the Eastern countries into the EU for decades so as to form a one unified state, including most recently, Ukraine, The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation which works in conjunction with The Open Society Foundation, calling for A Great Awakening, The King Baudouin Foundation which was founded by a host of banks including The Rothschilds, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, and more.   The sheer magnitude of the shadows becomes incredibly formidable and their timing would seem to be ramped up exponentially.

So why Brazil?   To break the back of the BRICS. The Petrobas scandal was leaked during the 2014 election process in which the opponent candidate Neves, was the preferred winner by the US. Since then, we have seen the campaign to demonize Brazil over the Zika Virus, a virus that has claimed no microcephaly cases at all in Africa, it’s country of origin, since it’s discovery some 60 years ago, the potentially failed World Olympics scheduled for this summer in Brazil, and now the impeachment of Rousseff.

The economy devastated, the country in turmoil, the President facing impeachment, Brazil is imploding. Should a US backed, Open Society backed, new president be elected, the BRICS would be that much more weakened.

In the meantime the Soros campaign to create a media and investment estrangement from China is just the beginning of his tactics. With Bloomberg, CNBC, Marketwatch and Fortune all posting Soros latest Chicken Little – The Sky is Falling  predictions, as in “China is going to crash” scenario, he is laying the foundation for discord and discontent.

Soros is not one to be idle.  His goal is far reaching, and he is an ever aging octogenarian.  Having been successful in Brazil, Argentina and Germany, and only partially successful in Ukraine, and with his sights set on Bosnia, Serbia, China, South Africa and India, the Game has begun.

Julius Malema, a radical leader of South Africa’s left wing has recently levied an antagonistic pointed a finger at the current democratically elected, Zuma, claiming that he will seek to remove the government, “through the barrel of a gun”.  Chaos breeds coup.

In the meantime, John Brennan, head of the CIA, has just made an ‘unannounced’ visit to Bosnia after meeting in Riyadh to discuss the 28 pages of 9-11 documents that the US will most likely – not release to the public.

Soros wants to be alive to see the fruition of his dream – and that is going to require some greater speed and efficiency in taking over the ruling elite of the remaining BRICS.

2 thoughts on “Germany and Brazil – A Soros Win

  1. Thank you – I have the feeling that the time table is being ramped up – there are weird rumors that CIA Director Brennan actually converted to Islam – not able to confirm – but it adds oil to the fire.

  2. Very potent article, Helena – and, indeed, it’s not for nothing that chaos has been orchestrated with refugees in Europe…divide and rule is the old saying Soros seems to be working at incessantly…

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