Transgender Bathroom Bill

I didn’t want to dive into the fray regarding the transgender bathroom debacle, but I changed my mind, so here goes:

First.   How many transgenders are there anyway? According to ‘best estimates’ they represent about .3% of the US population or roughly 700,000 of the 319,000,000 US legal citizens. The odds of a transgender entering a public bathroom are pretty small. Transgenders aren’t really even in crime statistics except as victims. And in a mensroom, they do have the option of a private stall.

What the media is missing, is the odds of some creepy rapist or pedophile using the law to hasten his agenda on women and children. The law opens the proverbial Pandora’s Box to allow greater access to commit a heinous crime against children – crimes that are already out of control. There are about 750,000 ‘registered sex offenders’ in the US as of the last count which was 2012. Those are just the ones caught, not the ones roaming undetected.

In the US, a child is molested every two minutes.

According to the FBI, pedophilia in the US has reached ‘epidemic levels’. It crosses lines of wealth, power, elite, entertainers, politicians, and trafficking. It is on the internet, on our televisions, and it is pervasive and disgusting. Opening our public restrooms to a ‘gender neutral’ guidance will most definitely NOT reduce the incidence of sexual assaults. In fact, it puts children at a much graver and higher risk.

NOT because the transgenders are committing sexual assaults – but because of pedophilia loonies committing the assaults and now given greater means, access, and a green light! Media – you missed the entire point! In Toronto, a man who had served four years in jail for raping a five year old girl USED the gender equality law of Canada to give him access to a woman’s shelter so he could rape women. He pretended to be a transgender – he wasn’t – he was loonietune – a rapist – a pedophile.

Second. Why aren’t these things voted on by We The People? Why do Entertainers and Corporations make our political choices for us? Should Paypal use it’s financial blackmail to create or destroy laws? Has the power been taken away from the people completely?

Maybe a better law would be to require Entertainers, musicians and corporations to NOT discriminate against laws of particular states. It highlights the hypocrisy of Paypal supporting Saudi law which advocates for the brutality of women… Does Paypal then support beheading? Do they support sex trafficking? They have offices in countries that jail and murder homosexuals… So is the CEO advocating for those issues? No – it is money as usual.

Given the population of transgenders, maybe we could have one small stall separate of girls and boys? A third bathroom that identifies as no specific gender. Perhaps making large corporations that support the initiative pay for the retrofitting… as in put your money where your mouth is.  Maybe make it a building code standard that henceforth commercial structures have to provide a third toilet option.

Given Paypals’ CEO rakes in over $14million per year, and Paypal has just released it’s quarterly report showing a ‘Net Profit’ of $453million, maybe they could stand to do a bit of retrofitting so as to protect children while supporting their cause!

Bruce Springsteen – ditto! The man has a net worth of $300million and makes $35million per year. Instead of putting women and children at risk, maybe he should put his money toward his transgender cause and help retrofit bathrooms adding a third option.

Of course – they won’t. Because it’s more about making a statement than actually doing something productive or beneficial.  And separating their money from their tightly clenched fist suddenly looses appeal.

When my boys were little, I always took them with me into the ladies room to keep them safe from the lurking loonies that were in the men’s bathrooms. I don’t think it is advisable for a father to take his little darling into the men’s room – because that’s where 99% of lurking loonies – pedophiles, hang!   That’s really not a viable option – “here honey bunny let’s walk past all the loose umbrages hanging at the urinals to go into a stall”… Don’t peek. Ewwww.

And while I can sympathize with the transgender community who feel discriminated against, what is more important? Shouldn’t a viable solution be about protecting children who are at risk? Given that every single year more than 250,000 children are sexually assaulted in the US alone, shouldn’t that be our priority?

I challenge Paypal and Bruce Springsteen and Caitlin Jenner and Madonna and all the other vocal naysayers to put up a better solution with their money – retrofit every public restroom and show you respect children and their right not to be sexually assaulted in addition to the trans community.  Put your money where your mouth is and create a viable solution instead of creating a viable pedophilia utopia.

FYI – like all chaotic stupid ideas – this one came from none other than Soros and his legal team.