SCIENCE: What IF Multiple Human Species Coexist?

The latest ‘revised’ determination by Science is that there were between 8 and 21 different species of humans depending on your definition of ‘species’.   It is determined that only two, the Denisovans and the Neanderthals are tracked to exist in minor percentages of today’s human species. All other ancient species are extinct because science has determined that DNA of any other species is not present in today’s humans.   Science further pronounces that the cause of extinction was – ‘limited resources’.

In fact every ancient civilization extinction including the Mayans is ‘scientifically’ determined to be a result of limited resources likely due to Climate Change – specifically water scarcity.  The only difference today is our Paganists have determined the cause of the scarcity is human.

DNA was first discovered in 1953 by Rosalind Franklin, James Watson and Francis Crick.   It wasn’t until the 1970’s and 1980’s that research in the uses of DNA burgeoned in the scientific community – particularly at NIH. Between 1988 and 1992, Watson worked for NIH in the establishment of the Human Genome Project.   In 2007, while working as Chancellor of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, he claimed that there is a ‘genetic link between intelligence and race’.  

Watson was subsequently retired immediately, his name ejected from science and all honorary titles were revoked.

Crick was obsessed with finding a means to use the DNA sequencing for eugenics believing that it should be employed as a scientific version for the creation of ‘natural selection’.

Both Watson and Crick were criticized for using models to ‘show’ their discovery instead of being able to prove the conclusion scientifically as was done by Franklin.

It was actually Franklin who has posthumously been given the acclaim of having discovered DNA – although originally, like mRNA being studied simultaneously, she concluded that DNA was single strand like mRNA.   Later she was  encouraged to confirm the double strand hypothesis promoted by Watson and Crick.   At the time, Franklin worked at the Agriculture Research Center studying RNA viruses under then Chairman, Lord Rothschild.

DNA is the dominant means for determining the extinction of ancient human species and measuring the amount of Neanderthal and Denisovan species remaining intact in homo sapiens.   According to science, humans existed 6 million years ago – although humans looked like apes.   After no evolution occurring over 4 million years, suddenly 2 million years ago Homos Erectus “evolved” as in ZAP.   Science has no idea how or why.   Outside of the bits and pieces of skeletal remains, science knows basically nothing.

But these ‘scientists’ needed money – so they decided to put faces and hair and clothes on the skeletal remains of a ‘jaw bone’ or ear canal, they gave them personalities and created behaviors.   NONE of this is anything more than Fantasy.    But the Fantasy elicited curiosity which elicited money.    A dinosaur bone suddenly became a full blown horrific giant creature!   An femur became a 2 million year old woman – her life story envisioned in magazines and books.   And the Money CAME!

The What If is whether these hypothesis regarding DNA and Human Species are false – or only partially true.   What if this array of human species did NOT go extinct and there are multiple ‘species’ and crossbreeds existing today?   What If the genetic link proposed by Watson was quashed to bury this possible alternate human evolution that was genetically engineered.

What If DNA only gives us 1% of the entire picture?   Given DNA science is still in its infancy, given it uses massive models of hypothesis built on theory, we are left with an arbitrary ‘faith’ that this is all that is in this field and science is fact.   But science isn’t fact, it is a never ending pillage of evolution that constantly reframes, rediscovers, re-educates, and realizes its own fallacies amidst a short stick of information.

We are supposed to accept and believe according to science that 300,000 years ago nine human species existed on earth and all of them became extinct except homo sapiens. Even more interesting is that science has stated all previous species had become extinct just 10,000 years ago.   The same time frame that delineates earth’s existence according to The Bible.

When attempting to explain the notion that some people are inherently good and others are inherently bad – our world of newfound psychiatrists will create explanations such as chemical imbalances necessitating a plethora of Pharma drugs.   Other explanations claim environmental impacts. Still others try and blame wealth discrepancies while ignoring or belittling the enigma’s – those who defy the claim – Ben Carson for example.

However, in the end, these very scientific psychiatrists really don’t know – and today we are given witness to chaos within our US cities wherein ‘race’ is front and center.   Of course, race is no more the culprit than chemical imbalances or wealth discrepancies – because it would derive from either a genetic mutation or a different species which is defined as having the ability to ‘interbreed’.

This definition is being challenged in the scientific community given it does NOT adhere to specie differences in the plant world or bird world or reptile world or even mammals.   In these instances, the breeding of two species is called hybridization. To further this inconsistency, scientists claim that Neanderthals bred with the Denisovans.

This would indicate that either the means for determining a species is incorrect – or the definition is incorrect.   Both of which would impact the value of DNA in this regard – which would extrapolate to the concept of extinct human species. IF earth is now inhabited by a variety of distinct species it would alter human behavior analysis completely.  It would also give explanation to the likes of hybrids like Hillary or Schwab or Bill Gates, etc…

And could be the Black Hole explanation of Good & Evil that coexist on Earth in a constant battle for power.   With the death of ancient civilizations – being the end result.  It would alter everything we think we believe to be true – and possibly the notion of ‘aliens’ is simply various human species that never went extinct…

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  1. Well looking around,,, the masks,,, the killshots,,, the wars,,, and the NPC’s that believe everything they are told by “leaders” I’m wondering how we won the species race.

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