TAIWAN: China vs US West – Cairo Declaration

The White House and its Mardi Gra Parade are doing what they do best – stoking a war with China.   Using virtually the same tactics as they did to push the Russian Bear – they are now going after the China Tiger.   And Taiwan is their idiot child willing to sacrifice itself for the great western divide!

The UN Security Council packed up today after voting for Peace in Ukraine.   Ten minutes later they were all pledging more weapons of destruction.   What does Peace in Ukraine look like exactly?   Much of Ukraine is leveled.   But the incursion revealed some haunting realities.   EU and western agreements and contracts with Russia are not considered binding.   Promises are made with crossed fingers.   And anything out of the mouths of these people is littered with locusts.

Will the western run UN commission discussing the US blowing up Nord Stream come to any viable conclusion?   Hardly.   The west is the UN’s life-blood of money.   However, the purpose was served – international recognition of a nation gone completely corrupt under the thumb of Obama.

Today, the WH Speaker Karine became flustered by a question and answered, “…President Obama…”   It has never been a secret that both Obama’s despise Americans.   Play Acting God, they have used every power available to destroy Americans via plague, fires, starvation, crime, death, censorship and fakery.  Including our fake president – Brandon.

They used our protectors that Taxpayers pay for to commit the most heinous of these crimes against us including DC Police, FBI and CIA.   Now they are setting their sights on China.   Will China Bite?

What would WWIII look like?

Any first strike would be met with hypersonic nuclear warheads.    Russia and China would obliterate the EU and US.   The US would obliterate Russia and China.   Leaving South America and Africa to fend off the resulting global radiation.

Beefing up the US military presence on Taiwan, is much like the CIA running Ukraine from within years before any Russian incursion.   Running a propaganda campaign, CIA Director Burns has positioned a Xi tenacity to colonize Taiwan.   As such he raises The Taiwan Act of 1979.

The Basic Premise of The Act is  “Declares it to be the policy of the United States to preserve and promote extensive, close, and friendly commercial, cultural, and other relations between the people of the United States and the people on Taiwan, as well as the people on the China mainland and all other people of the Western Pacific area.”

What the Act did NOT do is invite the signatories of Taiwan, China or ANY western pacific area to agree to this policy.   It is not a Treaty – nor is it a Law.   It is a US government policy signed by Carter.

The Western Pacific ‘area’ encompasses 27 countries. China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, are just a handful of the countries that the Taiwan Act references.   In other words, The Act made these countries colonies or ‘bitches’ to the US without any mutual agreement.   It also highlights the fact that the US is a defender of China!

An interesting paradigm.  

The Act declares that ANY defense needs must go thru the Pentagon, Congress and the President.   Congress will then propose initiatives once a security threat to Taiwan has been determined.   That has not happened.  A loan agreement was pushed thru in the last spending bill for the DoD so that Taiwan could purchase weapons from the US in its claim to ‘peace’.

TAIWAN HISTORY:   In the early 20th century, Japan attacked Taiwan and took control.   Following WWII, as part of the Cairo Declaration of 1943, the US, UK and China  returned Taiwan to China. The UN agreed to the administrative control of Taiwan to China.  The Declaration was signed by Roosevelt, Churchill and Chiang Kai-shek. The US has since backtracked claiming that the agreement did NOT include Taiwan. However, a US State Department Archive from 2001 – 2009 states:  

“To secure this future, he (Roosevelt) sought a commitment from Chiang Kai-shek that China would not try to expand across the continent or control decolonizing nations, and in return, he offered a guarantee that the territories stolen from China by Japan – including Manchuria, the island of Taiwan and the Pescadores Islands – would be returned to Chinese sovereignty.”

Specifically referencing Taiwan…

Thus, if the US does NOT uphold the Cairo Declaration it becomes simply another Minsk Agreement…   as in twalette paper.   And International Law would either have to recognize these facts or become obsolete as an entity.   But then International Law has made no pretense to even remotely attempt to recognize the Minsk Agreement – and LAW is worthless ~ as edified by Merkel when she announced the Minsk Agreement was a SHAM.

To support the US incursion, the American Institute in Taiwan was created in 1979. The Institute is a nonprofit private corporation operating in Taiwan as a ‘de facto’ embassy with headquarters in Arlington Virginia, just down the road from CIA> The reason the US does not have an actual embassy in Taiwan is because of the Cairo Declaration  in which the recognition of a One China – was agreed to.   Which the US agreed to.

The nonprofit is staffed with State Department officials, paid for by US Taxpayers, and has all the diplomatic functions of an embassy.   But it isn’t –.   Therefore, the US sending US military personnel, weapons, and aide money is in violation of ALL Agreements – including The Taiwan Act, The One China Policy, and The Cairo Agreement. Assuming one still believes in Law.

One thought on “TAIWAN: China vs US West – Cairo Declaration

  1. Looks as if we may have to deal with Russian and Chinese nukes. US talking heads are spewing out bullshit like Russian nukes don’t work and the USA can win a nuclear war with Russia and/or China.

    Cookies Nuland saying to bomb the Crimea. Uke Nazis about to march on Transnistria with our money and weapons.

    I am so glad most of the WWII veterans that fought Nazis have passed. They would be ashamed of what we have done to their nation.

    Back in the day,,, most of us would call the Neo Con Nazis out on the rubbish. Today, with an indoctrinated citizenry that does whatever Simon the guv says. Wear a mask,,, Take a experimental injection that has killed and maimed millions, lock down,,, all you hear is Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three bags full.

    We do deserve what we are about to be served…. all three bags full.

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