China… Russia… US – Where the Fark is EVERYBODY!?

I’m not too old to remember a threat made by the CCP after the Air Force shot down their balloon.   The Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that retaliation would occur.   I’m also not too old to remember the CIA initiating sleeper cells in Russia to begin acts of sabotage inside the country.  Specifically targeting munitions and warehouses with Fire Bombs.   The idea that sleeper cells are not also active in the US would be rather naïve but might explain why our Federal Government is MUM on the spate of train derailments.

“Where is Buttigieg?’    WHERE THE FARK IS BUTTIGIEG?    Is making the rounds across active media outlets.   Someone mentioned he’s in Aruba because federal workers are still on ‘remote work’ after 3 YEARS!   And who wouldn’t choose to be in an exotic warm climate while blizzards are bombing the global warming US?

Since the conflict began with Ukraine vs Russia, there have been a spate of fires across Russia numbering 85 resulting in the deaths of 39 individuals!     They have included warehouses, oil refineries, a mall, military facilities a transformer station, etc…

While train derailments in Russia and the US are fairly common – the spiked increase in short spans of time indicate a Cold War internally.

February 2022 an anti-war group called Stop The Wagons was formed for the sole purpose of derailing trains in Russia.   Their website claims 90+ trains have been derailed due to their brave fight via methods such as closing rails with wire, placing suspicious items on the tracks, destroying turnouts and relay cabinets, putting bolts on tracks and destroying traffic lights –   The monetary calculation is unfathomable!

It is unclear who organized the Movement however its timing would likely coincide with CIA operations and cells being  instructed to MOVE!.   Tit-for-Tat?   Warehouse fires in the US reached a record in 2022 resulting in 22 food facilities catching fire.   While industrial fires are a normal occurrence, the sheer number in 2022 is quite abbinormal.

Retaliation is a bitch.

During the US led war against ‘Daesh’, US troops declared ownership of the city of Raqqa in northeastern Syria – in particular an oil field. Defense Secretary Esper declared that the oil fields were US occupied so that Assad and Daesh would not profit from them.   The oil fields are IN SYRIA!   Imagine if Russia confiscated Alaskan oil fields….? Prior to the war 25% of Syria’s revenues came from the oil field.   After be bombed into oblivion, their oil confiscated, their history destroyed, Syria is supposed to nonexist –  and starve.

The US troops have been quietly transporting the oil to Iraq where it is sold to the Iraqi government which then resells it to the EU. Syria claims the US plunders 80% of its oil without compensation – contracts – or verbal permission.

November 2022 The World Bank announced that Iraq’s economy was ablaze rising 8.7% as a result of oil.   Record oil exports has lifted the economy!   VUNDERBAR!!   The World Bank report praising Iraq’s efforts was then somewhat toned down as they realized that oh right – we want to remove oil from the globe permanently in order to raze the land mining for lithium. Sustainability and all that rot…

There are currently 14 wars ongoing around the globe.   Most, if not all, occurred as a result of various coups supported by the EU or US. Ukraine and Russia were just fine before the 2014 coup initiated by the US.   The purpose of coups is to insert a globalist pro-west government who will bend to the whims and will of the New World Order, aka, Great RESET.

With the advent of information – countries are backing off.   Trust has been completely obliterated.   And the CIA, FBI, CSIS, NED affiliates acting as the Cabalist military have lost their mojo.   No longer revered, they are feared much like ISIS militants.   The media is ballistic over the use of the Russian Wagner Group in Ukraine – while silent about the Mozart Group of mercenaries.   There are dozens of mercenary groups in the US – all working under the same auspices as Wagner.     Some have left Ukraine only to reveal the Ukraine military is a joke!

Because Ukraine’s ONLY strategy is –   ‘kill Russians’.  

While coups are the policy action, the New World Order is a talking point,  – BUT – resources tend to be the real end game.   Ukraine’s first coup in 2014 had US conglomerates on the sidelines doing heavy breathing at the abundant resource prospect of untapped Ukraine wealth.   Monsanto!   DOW Chemical!   Cargill.   NIH –   All dizzy with dollar signs bouncing about their heads.

When bombing Syria – extensive destruction of ancient sites preserved for thousands of years – was irrelevant.   When igniting the Turkey earthquake – there was no compassion for earths ancient history and antiquity.   Yemen is rubble. Somalia is rubble.   Syria and Turkey are now rubble.   Afghanistan is rubble.   NOTHING came from the destruction of these countries except a prolonged Military Industrial Complex of Profits.

The US has been COUPED.

China and its resources including inexpensive products is now moving over.   Jinping has come to realize that should he stay in alignment with our USCP government – he will be eliminated.

The gist of inflation is being blamed on Russia… by the globalists who caused inflation.   Inflation is tearing countries apart at the seams!   Food scarcity means starvation – not because there are too many people – but because the food supply is being destroyed.    The Russia Train Wreckers?   Are literally prolonging the war they claim to despise…   Because they don’t despise war – they get PAID!   And the longer they do the Cabalist deeds – their pocket books are bursting.   In essence – they are untrained idiot mercenaries …

Department of Defense Destroys US Military & Constitution

A retired distinguished 3 star General in the Army was ‘suspended’ after sending a tweet in response to Jill Biden’s lament that babies can’t be killed any longer under the US Constitution.   His response was relatively simple and succinct,  “Glad to see you finally know what a woman is”.   This was deemed an offense to the First Lady who supports abortion, the US Federal Government paying for abortions, and the sale of live fetal tissue to organizations using the legs, arms, hearts and livers in chimeran experiments for transhumanism.

The suspension comes amid his role as the WH communications head – but also implies an ‘investigation’.

While the overturning of Roe vs Wade does NOT make abortions illegal – it does swing the constitutionality on individual sovereign states to determine.   What is most affected is “Funding”.   Meaning, if you don’t like the choices imposed by your respective state, you now have the opportunity to simply move to another state that is inclined to your view.   Essentially, making the Supreme Court decision a decision of CHOICE.

I am Pro-Life because I believe abortion is murder and heinous torture.  

ANY Executive Order by Biden is illegal given he will have violated the rules of order as outline by the US Constitution.   ANY EO must comply with the Supreme Court and US Constitution, and there is no valid federal law that mentions abortion as a right.

But that isn’t even what General Volesky was referencing in his comment.   He was simply giving females back their gender.   The question that no one asks or answers is ‘what is a man’?   Are men okay with being an organism?  And so the feminism behind the denial of women attests to an infinite number of laws created to ‘protect women’.   If there is no gender, there are NO Women’s Rights.

Women’s Rights were established outside of ‘human rights’ to provide equality and include:  the right to be free from sexual violence, to vote, to hold public office, to enter into legal contracts, to have equal rights in family lawto work, to fair wages or equal pay, to own property, and  to education.  If women are no longer recognized as a distinct gender – all these laws are nullified.  And suddenly, women are reduced to nothings.

General Volsky was responding to this aspect of the Wokism Cult.  In support of gender driven women.

Thus the Liberal Agenda would appear to be the elimination of ALL Women’s Rights.  And while women no longer exist… apparently Men do.

In that sense, we actually have taken our country back 100 years when the Suffragettes fought for equality.

Under the auspices of Gen Lloyd Austin as our Secretary of Defense, our military is essentially worthless.   Vetted to eliminate all those who sought bodily autonomy against the vax, those who left to defend We The People in our military and are now suffering adverse side effects, or have expressed their honor to Pharma instead of the US Constitution.   THAT is our Military.  Do they have your back?  Do they know your back?  Do they have an agenda against your back!…

In addition, having sold off vast quantities of US weapons to the Taliban and Nazi Ukraine units, having desk-jockeyed our bravest, while initiating a World War with Russia – we stand to lose BIGGLY…   An outcome that is preferred.

When Soros came on the media scene as the James Bond villain, he was quite articulate that America and Russia were his prime targets.   Why?   Because these two nations shared a commonality of freedom.   Russians were released from the slavery of the Soviet Bolshevik Revolution and the US was freed from the Queen’s Crown.  That made us uniquely resilient and willing to fight to retain that freedom.   Other countries such as the EU were more easily enslaved.

It will be interesting to see what ‘charges’ the blackshadow government attempts to upend against General Volinsky.   Given he is retired, it is likely the CULT will attempt to withhold his pension.   Similarly, unconstitutionally, Austin has docked the pay of those soldiers who refused to comply with a vax that denied their bodily autonomy.  Discrimination Lawsuit!

You can’t argue bodily autonomy for abortion and NOT the vax –

Yet there are extreme differences that make this assertion even more unconstitutional – one involves protecting the life of a being from murder, and the other protects oneself as a person from potential debilitation and/or murder.   But as we are only beginning to realize, our Justice System has been overtaken by the characters in Alice’s Rabbit Hole.    And speaking truth and logic and critical thought are lost in the clouds of a great many.

Within this Rabbit Hole, the Mill of Rumors has claimed that the November election October Surprise will be the arrest of President Trump.   The basis used will be the January 6th Tribunal – which is NOT a Court of Law.   But in so doing, they could incite a civil war.  At their behest to further decimate America.   Purposefully.   The last stage before Martial Law is declared and the November Election is tabled.   A Biden BOOM –

A possibility.  My Ouija Board is broken, so I rely on critical thinking instead…

As militias form – military veterans will be forced to choose sides.   They bring with them tactical intelligence, an arsenal of weapons, and a choice.   Some will go red and others blue.  And Congress?   I imagine they have bought their $1.5 million bunker to wade out the war …

Self-perpetuating cowards that they are.   I wonder where General Volsky will be?  This is NOT My Father’s World – I know where he would stand.


On a Lighter Babylon Bee sort of thought:    Our esteemed government has stated that they cannot assume that all the UFO siting’s now logged as 2-10 times daily are ‘extra-terrestrial’.  Because they can’t know for sure…   I thought that was an odd world-salad.   But then extra-terrestrial means not of earth – meaning the other theory – these beings live within earth’s core….    Just a thought.