REFUGEES Are Big Business For Everyone But Taxpayers…

Netanyahu has stated the obvious.  His plan is to occupy all Palestinian Land because they are incapable of having their own leadership.   In more modern terms, that is called a coup.  Meanwhile Ukraine’s President, Zelenskyy is asking for the US to extend credit since we are out of money – and pinky swear he promises he’ll pay it back.   To the rescue, the EU Commission, Von der Leyen has announced that Ukraine has met 90% of its obligations to become a member of the EU as soon as December…

Last June, the EU declared that Kyiv had met 2 of the 7 conditions for ascension.   Von der Leyen’s 90% remark would entail 6 conditions met?   Apparently, corruption has been solved and any audit of the supportive aid funds closing in on $200 billion will never commence.   Human Rights have been resolved despite jailing the Orthodox Priests and killing dissenters.   Zelenskyy’s judicial reform includes that there will be no presidential election March 2024 given his polling is abysmal.   And Zelenskyy has declared he will never offer Peace to Russia so any ascension into the EU means the entire bloc will automatically be at war with Russia…!

“We all understand that now, in wartime, when there are so many challenges, it is absolutely irresponsible to throw the topic of elections into society in a lighthearted and playful way,” Zelenskiy said in reference to his decision to not hold elections.   Good thing he declared Martial Law.

“You have made excellent progress in deeply reforming your country.”  Von der Leyen gushed as she starred at Zelenskyy lovingly.

Von der Leyen must be on psyche drugs.  And Zelenskyy has revealed he isn’t in charge, he does what he is told.  Just another unelected person deciding the fate of Europe.

Europe doesn’t want any more immigrants.  The US is inundated in immigrants.   Therefore Netanyahu has decided that the perfect resting place for the 1.4 million displaced Palestinians is Canada.

In a document published by an Israeli website October 17;  “the proposal is for Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates to at least provide financial support for this mass displacement, if not offer to take in some refugees themselves, either in the short or long term.”  After an interim time frame, they should be shipped to Trudeau.  During the Syria War, Trudeau took in 60,000 refugees of the more than 7 million = .85%.  Nine years later 76% of the males and 92% of females continued to be supported by welfare.

The fact that Canada is in a recession and the citizens don’t want any more refugees to support, Trudeau follows the mantra of his western counterparts – let the citizens be damned!

The $1.598 question plaguing social media is why won’t Arab states take in Palestinian refugees?

The wealthier Arab states don’t because they want to remain wealthy, sovereign, maintain control, and because they simply don’t believe in integration.   They have hired Syrian refugees as immigrant workers, but they don’t believe in becoming a welfare state due to Western Wars.

The less wealthy nations will only do so if the US pays them to and establishes camps for them.   For example:  Jordan has 10 refugee camps for Palestinians already displaced by Israel – housing over 412,000, representing only 17% of the total refugees (2.4 million) pushed out of Palestine in 1948 and a second wave in 1967 – BY ISRAEL.

The US gives Jordan over $1.2 billion annually to provide for the refugees that the US creates.

The World Economic Forum has attempted to force the wealthy Middle East to take in refugees to no avail.   Obsessed with constantly ‘rearranging’ the world, the Klaus Schwab humanoid apparatus denies that taking in refugees will have any impact on the Middle East ‘market in any way’.   A bizarre contrivance of word stealth.   Their ‘market’?

Turkey hosts 4 million refugees.  The EU built facilities and pays Turkey a monthly allowance for assistance – total to date is $3.5 billion.  The US also pays Turkey roughly $250 million per year for refugees.   It is a business.   Make war using Taxpayer dollars.  Destroy a country.   Use taxpayer dollars to rebuild said country in a Western vein of communist democracy, while paying other countries with Taxpayer funds to house the refugees.

Who makes money?  The military industrial complex makes the bombs and sells them to the government at a profit, The Building Industry rakes in military contracts to rebuild – at a profit.   And taxpayers fund other countries to house the immigrants – for a profit.

Fun little cycle they have going.

Of course, the Big Guys in the White House take a percentage kickback.

Turkey’s Erdogan had plans to repatriate 1 million Syrian refugees in 2022, the US blocked the move.  Syrians in Germany wanted to return home, but the government blocked them.  They are forced to remain refugees in camps because it weakens their morale and degrades the city/country profile.

Then there is this nasty little document called the 1951 Protocol To The Refugee Convention.   A UN construct, it is the 1968 amendment that allows unlawful entry without prosecution and expands the original to include any country in the world.   It outlines that refugees must be given human rights, religious rights, rations, primary education, public relief and assistance, and under specific circumstances -‘social security’.

In the Middle East only four countries signed on to the 1951 Protocol;  Iran, Yemen, Egypt, and ironically – Israel which has created – one the largest global refugee population.  Of course the nonsignatories can still become signatories should they choose…   China signed on in 1982 and has since taken in over 500 refugees!   WOW!   No one bothers to demand China take anymore.  Just as no one dares to demand China reduce its emissions.

The number of total refugees from Palestine is expected to grow by 50% as a direct result of Israel’s actions.   Because the ultimate desire is for zero Palestinians to be left in ‘Israel’ and Palestine will be wiped from maps permanently as western colonialism works its magic and elite territories are created that remain ‘pure’.

Ukraine Funding: A DoD/USAID – 100% VARIANCE in Corrupt Funding?

Janet Yellen Today in Kyiv:   “The United States is proud to be Ukraine’s largest bilateral donor. Over the past year, we have provided close to $50 billion in security, economic, and humanitarian assistance.” ~ Yellen.   USAID claims the number is less than $10 billion.   Oddly, despite the WH determining by a special council established for auditing Ukraine funds that every dollar is accounted for – not one media pundit – including Janet Yellen – can agree on the amount of aide the US has provided to Ukraine.    According to Statista – the total number is just over $73 billion.   According to the Federal Committee for a Responsible Budget the amount is $113 billion.   According to Yellen it is $50 billion.

How can one possibly audit the funds if no one can agree on the amount being audited?

The discrepancy in the US funding of Ukraine is anywhere between “Common Core Math” – $10 billion to $113 billion.   And not one of these agencies is budging from their algorithmic math.   Of course funding for refugees – according to refugees – is zero.

If one were to audit the audit – one might call upon the advertising community to properly word the results and propaganda so as to hopefully avoid a class action law suit.   AKA, if the auditors determined that all funds were accounted for – but did not release WHERE they went – the auditors would still be within their viable legal announcement.   For Example: Funds were accounted for – but they were found to be in Hunter’s and Brandon’s bank accounts.

The first part of the pronouncement would be true!   The second part would be ‘omitted’ from the pronouncement.

One caveat in the ‘funding’ that garners an unclear status is the fact that the US has provided an inventory of weapons to Ukraine – most of which have been destroyed.   Yet that ‘inventory’ necessitating replacement at ‘market value’ could explain the discrepancy in funding – to a point.

For example:   The US provided missiles, personnel, ammo, etc…   On the books, said provisions were calculated based on replacement value – not cost.   Thus when the US proclaimed military aide to Ukraine – at replacement cost – they could rid their inventory of defunct weapons – and charge back at replacement value.   The Hawks get New Weapon Technology at Taxpayer expense while the defunct worthless inventory is obliterated.

Ukraine would lose.   US Taxpayers would lose.   The military industrial complex would WIN – and 10% for the Big Guy – would win.

A Ponzi Scheme.

The fact that multiple US political and Hollywood operatives can freely and creatively travel between Ukraine and any adjunct country begs multiple questions regarding the entire scenario…   Many have determined the Green-Screen Obvious, but the hyped is extending exponentially – which is always a sign of Actual Loss and Hollywoodism.

Given that Hollywood is an adjunct of the Cabalist Pagans, they have taught their compatriots well in the deviance of Reality.

How intricate that web weaves is only as slothful as one’s imagination.   The deviance has permeated our global townships, cities, rural and suburban, for decades.   But the citizen awakening is only in its infancy.   And that awakening is our saving grace!   Incremented by the same social media created by the deviant Pagans!   IRONIC>

Who the HECK knows how much money has been given to Zelenskyy – how much to Biden – how much to USAID and it’s ‘affiliates’?     Given the DoD operates a ‘black book’ and a Taxpayer Book it is likely that they have absolutely no intention of auditing the Cash any more than an individual who has faked tax returns for the last   30 years+.

When the amount of DoD fraud and corruption eclipses over $1 trillion – and that amount is acceptable…   what difference does $100 billion make? As a former tax and audit accountant tasked with uncorrupting corporations – an acceptable deviance was usually based on what was considered IRS passé.   Based on their Handlers.