Trump Trumpets the GOP Debates – and wins…

As it is the GOP debates swoon all of about 14 to 24 million people each time they are broadcast. The voting age at 18+ is estimated to represent about 245 million people. That means the debates target about 5 ½ to 10% of all voters. Not exactly a number that makes one swoon.

Realistically, people like to be entertained, take out the dominant entertainer, Donald the Trump, and the viewing might just plunge.

But perhaps that is the real point the Trump card is posturing and it has less to do with Megyn Kelly than with Trump proving that a Non-Trump Debate is a bore and ratings drop. Reality TV has more viewers than the debates…

Nobody is tuning in to watch Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier. Certainly the Cruz fans and Carson fans and Rubio fans will turn on their sets, but most, myself included, really find the debate an event to ignore at all costs. Moderators are biased, answers are text book, and it is more about who can out schmooze the other than anything of value. It is more about how has a better talk base, who is following the polls to know what their new ideals are, and trying to make mash of your fellow Republican candidates.

Trump, the Reality TV star, will be absent and I imagine advertisers who paid a pretty penny for the multi million audience game, will be pretty growled when they find that der party is over…given the Trump followers will tune out and some of the other candidate ‘s followers as well – simply out of boredom.

By contrast, over 114 million people watched the last Super Bowl. That’s the place to BE! Be seen!

He is a businessman, and I’m sure he knows where the audience is, who is a draw and who isn’t. It’s actually a smart PR move because it generates even more headlines, even more debate than the debate! Everyone is talking about Trump ignoring the debates – which defines even more as the man who won’t bow to politics.

Instead Trump claims he will use that same time to rev up donations for veterans – a worthy cause. Hopefully he will give a thumbs down to the disgraced Wounded Warriors charity for their self seeking, personal entertainment excessive spending.

But the politicians – well they just showed their naiveté because the Trump Trumped – again.

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