Climate Crisis – The New State of Emergency!

The world according to Garp… or Deutsche Welle in this case, has decided that half of 812 cities surveyed are not prepared for Climate Crisis.   It is no longer Global Warming – it is no longer Climate Change – it is now a “Climate Crisis”!   And the sustainable risks are:   water shortages, heat shortages and disease, as in manufactured variants of SARS. According to “SCIENCE”.

To emphasize their point, a picture shows the image of a man squatting in a landfill filled with birds amidst a backdrop of utility wires and trash.   Apparently cities should all have a ‘climate adaption plan’ in force and ready to implement when Climate crisis occurs.   A written plan.   I doubt there are any cities that have a plan in place, much less in wealthy corridors of California!

However, lest you be overly concerned, our esteemed Congress has created a four point plan for America:   1. Support rapid deployment of wind and solar, 2.   Incentivize more domestic manufacturing of clean energy and zero emissions,   3. Launch new economic sectors to meet climate goals, and 4. Ensure new jobs in clean energy that are high quality and good pay.

The-That’s-It Folks – that’s what is going to save the world! That is the sum total of intellectual prowess that we are supposed to worship!

I wonder if Greta wrote this because it has about as much intellectual and scientific accolade as a 12 year old’s critical understanding!   It is duly embarrassing!

The DW article cites CDP Worldwide as its source for these statements.   Based in the UK, CDP Trustees would appear to be a hodge-podge of individuals from backgrounds including oil & gas, chemicals, hedge funds, and a former Houston mayor. Odd.   No renewable solar gurus mentioned.  And thus we are being lectured by the advocate proponents of Fossil Fuels in admonishing our fossil fuel use!

Lord Adair Turner is a principal advisor at CDP Worldwide.   His plume of knowledge would come from a background at McKinsey, Standard Charter Bank (Rockefeller), and The Institute For New Economic Thinking.   Louis Guthrie brings her advisory services to the organization having graduated from the prestigious Open University aka, George Soros.

The Founders of the Institute For New Economic Thinking include: George Soros, James Basilli and William Janeway. Adair Turner is Board Chair, and Robert Johnson is the President.   Robert Johnson regularly contributes to “NewDeal-2” and is a former currency trader under Soros.   Johnson’s very astute research has determined that “unemployment results in lower tax revenue”.    These people are truly idiotic miscreants.  

The purpose of CDP Worldwide would seem to be the collection of data while giving ‘accreditation’ to those companies and cities that meet their criteria. CDP does not provide internal financial information, nor does it do anything of action.

This is like a elementary school skit of ‘ring around the rosy’.   “Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!”

We are seemingly zip-tied to Rockefeller, Rothschild, Soros and a bunch of idiots too afraid that their identity might be compromised and known!   Which of course, makes them cowering in fear. Fear – Cowards. And yet these cowards would have us believe they are the New Age Rulers of Earth!?   COWARDS>  Heil Hitler…

Harvard – McKinsey & Company – form intimate part of the Trilogy of the Cabal:

In addition to the regular players whose names routinely pop up in research, there are two very powerful legal and institutional names as well: Harvard and McKinsey & Company.  

Harvard:   interlocked with Epstein, McKinsey, and all things NGO and Liberal, Harvard slid into Communism like a mercenary.   In 2017, a student revealed that “…sentiment on campus paints communism as an “idealistic or revolutionary” ideology, glossing over the fact that millions of people have died as a result of it.”

As though Harvard teaches students to embrace Communism while simultaneously injecting money as the means.   She goes on to state that students are encouraged to embrace Che Guevara, and Marxist clubs are boundless indoctrinations!

While Harvard continues to fly on it’s reputation engineered literally centuries ago, it is a driving force in the face of America’s shift toward Communism.   While that shift occurred in the mid 1800’s, it gained momentum in the last few decades as it has continued to decry the moral and ethical value of Marxist thought. It’s central shift came under the guise of “Critical Legal Theory”.

This concept of Critical Legal Theory which has evolved since the mid 1800’s decries that a neo-Marxist perspective determines that the law is concerned with “power, not justice. Because the law is a fraud perpetrated on the people, an oppressive tool of capitalism, imperialism, sexism, racism, and whatever other ism it is currently fashionable to attack, the legal system should be criticized endlessly as a means of tearing it down.”  

The point?   Tearing down order to recreate.

Climate Change, Pandemics, Education and now our ECONOMY – torn to shreds so that it can be rebuilt according to their view, their agenda, their end game.   All being taught/indoctrinated as a viable means at – Harvard.

If you’re a communist it’s natural to embrace critical legal theory as a way of wrecking American society. And in sustaining its reputation, Harvard has utilized that great in the form of Marxism – Propaganda.   It was used successfully to instigate WWI and WWII.   It is now a covert agent in the making of WWIII.

McKinsey & Company:   Growing exponentially after WWII, McKinsey claims to ‘provide advice’ but in essence their agenda is to groom.   They tell potentially global elite how to dress, how to talk, how to laugh, how to wear their hair, and what to say in order to gain them a viable presence wherever they plan on instituting their claim.   They are the Machiavellian Hollywood for politicians and business leaders. And everyone they touch – succeeds.

Roiled in conflicts, McKinsey doesn’t seem to be politically partisan as much as it is an advocate for Control – which would define The Swamp.

They have been linked to the Gupta Scandal, Opioid Epidemic, South African Corruption, Regime Change operations and more.   In other words, their alignment coincides with CIA MI6, and a multitude of intelligence organizations gone rogue.

In an article produced by McKinsey in 2017 – Globalization the China Belt Initiative, and trade governed by China were all on course to become the New World Order.   Any deviation from this plan was considered catastrophic!

EVERYTHING – they advocated was about helping the rise of China and the Global Power. Even the very Liberal Politico and Rolling Stone warned about the growing Communism of McKinsey – until they realized the growth came from their own party Agenda.

And in 2018, Forbes decimated McKinsey & Company as they saw their globalization strategies become more and more totalitarian.

Between 2009 and 2018, Dominic Barton served as managing director of McKinsey & Company. He previously sat on the advisory board of the state-run China Development Bank  and has served as the Canadian ambassador to China since September 5, 2019. Prior to that he was a currency analyst for Rothschild & Sons.   He has also served on the Advisory Board of Oxford Blavatnik School of Government. … never heard of it… you are not alone.

Blavatnik was founded by Leonard Blavatnki of Ukrainian Soviet Union birth who is considered the 27th wealthiest person on earth who got his MBA from Harvard. He was a generous donor to both Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, and Kamala Harris, as well as an interesting Cabal of Republican Politicians including;   Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio and John McCain. The Four Horsemen.

He has been very generous in his donations particularly to Harvard which ultimately earned him a ‘knighthood’ by the Queen and he became “Sir” as of 2017.

And it begins to appear like a formidable clan that was created as those with wealth saw the benefits of collaboration.   And in that agreement, the Cabal was formed.

In some sort of reciprocal arrangement, the annual Blavatnik science award is given to a student of the Rockefeller University – in addition to others. A neat package – each taking care of their own within the unit that is called The Cabal.

And of course nothing is taxable because it is all done in the form of a nonprofit, NGO. A trillion dollars never taxed. And each NGO plays handoff to money going toward another NGO and another – and in the end, nothing remotely charitable has ever been considered or accomplished.   Because the shell game is about propping up dutiful high paid executives to do absolutely nothing at a cost to taxpayers who have no say or knowledge that this is where our dollars go…

A few interesting upcoming events:

**McKinsey Greater China office is hosting an online webinar for advanced professional degree …

**Mr. Bower was a graduate of both Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School, and the first individual to graduate from both of them. Early in his tenure with McKinseyMrBower established a close relationship with HBS

**How McKinsey Destroyed the Middle Class – The Atlantic

They are entrenched.   Harvard gave them a certain class, a certain darkness, and McKinsey gave them a make-over. And they became the parrots, or robots as it were, of the Masters.   Sent out to perform their given task.

Sound obscure?   Wait until they unveil even more truisms.