Special Ops – Jade Helm – The Sky is Falling…

The Sky is Falling….

Martial Law is imminent…

Jade Helm is the precursor…Not –

Obama is purging the military and that is a fact. In 2010, there were over 561,000 army personnel. Today that figure is well under 500,000, an 11% reduction. After WWII, 10% of the population was in the military. Given today’s figures that would calculate to about 31.9 million active personnel verses the actual number of about 1.3 million.

There is a cap on the number of ranking officers allowed per branch at any given time. The cap for Army generals is 231. Today there are 13 Brigadier Generals (one star), 14 Major Generals (two star), 15 Lieutenant Generals (three star), and 13 commanding Generals – that totals 55 or 24% of the allowable cap.

Granted we aren’t in a war…. oh, that’s right, actually we are, we’re fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq, the Ukrainian citizens in Ukraine, the Sudanese Islamic rebels, Yemen citizens in Yemen, immigration on our borders, Pakistan ‘insurgents, and Afghanistan Talibanies. The number of countries with Special Op forces stands at 134. But we’re not at war – technically.

While we operate with the tactics and intelligence of just 24% of our commanders, we have to wonder at the purge justifications. A lieutenant General with a spotless, amazing record is tanked because he accepted a Mont Blanc pen and a leather briefcase as gifts. How heinous! According to the Washington Post one might think the man was truly an evil corrupt unethical being. We have four star commanders tanked for an “alleged” grope, an alleged affair, and for making a statement referring to ten thousand injuns. Have we completely lost our senses and sensibility? We have a cocaine user/former-user for a president and a history of presidents freely dallying with mistresses and masters. The hypocrisy of rule has lost its mind.

Granted, our military must conform to rules of ethics. As should our citizenry. Including our Commander in Chief President. But it would appear that the military has to abide by a higher standing that few commoners heed. We have serial rapist priests who are ‘re-assigned’. We have politicians involved in sex trafficking (UK story 1433 suspects), but only in the US can a sparkling clean three star general be relieved of duty for accepting a Mont Blanc pen.

Within this tactic of diversion, we have a host of media frenzies claiming that Operation Jade Helm 15 is the precursor to Martial Law. The Sky Is Falling! What is necessary in order for Martial Law to be imposed?

Martial Law is imposed to contain popular protests, a coup, perceived or real insurrections, or in the event that the government has disappeared or fails to control civil disobedience. The then highest ranking military commander takes over. For example; Poroshenko, the coup president in Ukraine, has stated he will impose Martial Law so as to “demonstrate readiness for war’. In other words, he is instigating a cross that line and you are dead sort of playground game only the children don’t get back up after being ‘downed’. Martial Law is considered a dictatorship, communist approach to control civilian populations. And the Ukraine just went communist.

If 65% of the military personnel state that they would NOT draw arms against US citizens, then Martial Law would pit military against military. But it isn’t the military that Obama has strategized for potential combat. On July 2, 2008 at a campaign stop, Obama made the following unscripted statement: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

And he has achieved just that – The private organization known as The Federal Reserve.

Section 364 of the Act, “Uniform Protection Authority for Federal Reserve,” reads: “Law enforcement officers designated or authorized by the Board or a reserve bank under paragraph (1) or (2) are authorized while on duty to carry firearms and make arrests without warrants for any offense against the United States committed in their presence…Such officers shall have access to law enforcement information that may be necessary for the protection of the property or personnel of the Board or a reserve bank.”

The Federal Reserve is a police force that is privatized and armed heavily.

According to the Social Security Administration, they have 295 special agents (non-military) who are armed and authorized to make arrests, act in the same capacity as a police officer and execute warrants. That would account for their request of lethal weapons on a massive scale.

We also have the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association amassing weapons. Who are they? First, they have 379 commissioned uniformed officers. They are tasked with protecting fisheries and wildlife, and provide stewardship of coastal and marine environments. Has this ever led to a gun battle? No. So why all the armory?

Move on to The Department of Homeland Security. “The DHS independent auditor is KPMG, one of the Big Four audit firms. Due to the level of material weaknesses identified, KPMG were unable to audit the DHS financial statements for FY 2010. In fact, KPMG were unable to express an audit opinion on the FY 2009, FY 2008, FY 2007, FY 2005, and FY 2003 financial statements. Attempts to access the reports for FY 2006 and FY 2004 within the ‘information for citizens’ portal met with a 404 error.” Not a good sign…

The private security detail for Obama is NOT the military. But it has been set in motion and heavily weaponized.

The commanding Lieutenant General for the US Army USASOC (special ops) is Lt. Gen. Charles Cleveland. ARSOF2022 is a manual that identifies their mission, their goals and their areas of special interest. A phrase commonly used, “multidimensional hybrid operating environments” is their primary focus. A productive read, the manual states:

Whenever possible, we will develop innovative, low-cost and small-footprint approaches to achieve security objectives, relying on exercises, rotational presence and advisory capabilities.”

It also states that the countries in which they will operate as ‘actors and non-actors’ are typically those with corrupt governments, high unemployment, exorbitant poverty levels, limited internal infrastructure, deep ethnic and religious divisions, and a history of humanitarian issues. In other words – their focus is Africa.

So while Operation Jade Helm is being conducted purely for training, an exercise necessary for honing talent, there is a threat, it just isn’t from the military. The threat is from far deeper within the shadows just as Senator Inouye warned in 1987. Focusing on the military is a diversion tactic. They are NOT the enemy. But instilling fear in them – therein lies the enemy.

Operation Jade Helm – ISIS Connection, Part II

CUT the crap. When the CIA and FBI decide they want to conduct a covert operation there are two things they DO NOT do.

  1. announce the name of the operation to the world before it has taken place, and
  2. give the dates they will conduct the operation

Operations are uncovered after the fact and when most people associated with them are – dead. It helps the medicine go down…medicine go down…just a spoonful of sugar.

That being said, Operation Jade Helm 15 continues to garner fear. Two words used to describe the operation are routinely used; infiltration and subversion.


  1. If the operation’s intent were to enforce martial law, why would they pick just a few states, wouldn’t it be more logical they would be infiltrating every state?
  2. If the mainstream media states that Jade Helm is a good thing – the hairs on my neck rise because the mainstream media is completely coerced regarding their reporting of ‘facts’.
  3. If martial law were to be imposed it would take a lot more than a spattering of special ops troops.
  4. If we know that ISIS has been infiltrating our soil through Mexico, could the purpose of Jade Helm be to vet out those insurgents?
  5. If we note that all states picked have a similarities in heat and terrain, we have to acknowledge that there is a good reason for this. It would rule out Russia, and rule in the possibility of South America where recent attempted coups have failed. It also begs the Cuba question and why the sudden turnaround.
  6. ‘Blending in’ has been used continually. Certainly that would eliminate some countries where blending in just isn’t possible.
  7. Psychological warfare incites people with fear to act in a way contrary to their norm.
  8. The military is rife with past ‘operations’ in which they studied reactions using psych tactics. Could this simply be another?
  9. Typically, these sort of operations are done in conjunction with CIA regime change bids.
  10. Given the CIA just loves infusing disinformation campaigns, distruth and distrust are the agendas.
  11. Martial law has been passed in the US historically. In 1863 President Lincoln passed martial law. It was the only time in US history in which martial law was passed universally as opposed to select cities. Other instances were related to specific events; the San Francisco fire in 1906, the War of 1812 and martial law in New Orleans, the Colorado Coalfield War in 1914, West Virginia Coal Wars of 1920, Tulsa Race Riots in 1921, Great Chicago Fire 1871, Coeur D’Alene Idaho striking miners, Hawaii after Pearl Harbor, and Alabama as a result of ‘outside agitators’ in 1961.

In order to impose Martial Law on the US or even a state or city, massive organization would require a lot more than a few thousand special ops troops spattered over a few states. The ISIS infiltration may be the most logical explanation. The exercise is somewhat timed to ISIS threatening more retaliations like the one recently in Texas. ISIS named five of the fifteen states it will purportedly strike; Virginia, Illinois, California, Maryland and Michigan.

The states that have the highest Muslim population per capita are, in order: Illinois, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Michigan, Florida, Delaware, California, DC, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia, Connecticut and Nebraska. All of the named states by ISIS are included.

Obama is a narcissist. More than anything else he wants to leave a legacy of his greatness. He wants to be lauded as the best president in history, and possibly install himself in an even higher position of global commander. In order to accomplish this, he would need a lot more military on his side. Look no further than the Ukraine. It took local militias impregnated with hundreds of US special ops to take down this relatively small country. By comparison, the population of Ukraine is about 42million vs the US at 319million – 7 1/2x.

If we put even half as much effort into our own borders as do in the borders of every other country, we might have actually mitigated ISIS and Al Qaeda in the US. ISIS recruits in our colleges and across riot stricken communities like Ferguson and Baltimore. It’s easy when the anger and hatred are stoked to extremes.

Operation Jade Helm 15 – Sometimes, Conspiracies Lie

Military drills are a common occurrence. Some inside the US, some overseas, some aerial, some amphibious. They are conducted by the US, Nato, UK, Canada, Poland, France, Russia, China, etc… Designed to keep servicemen on their toes and up to date, drills mimic an intended type of war or attack. Under the name Kriegsspiel, they originated in Prussia, now Germany, and were brought to the US in the 1800’s. Defined by very specific rules delineating proper tactics and techniques for defeating a technologically advanced threat, much of the games evolved into more simulation. Actually, many of our video and board games took their design from real drills.

Wargames are big business and became the mainstay of the Army War College in Pennsylvania which trains commanders in tactics and intelligence, The Naval War College in Rhode Island, a Marine Corps War College in Virginia and the Air Force War College in Thailand. Some say that wargaming predicted the losses in Korea and Vietnam, but our pride prevented us from listening.  The games are used to calculate each potential attack, determine total casualties, read property destruction, interior destruction, infrastructure destruction and manage strike zones.

But the computers erred.  The tactics failed. And the casualties were far greater. The military was flawed in its inability to advance their strategies and more money poured in to update the systems.

There was the Millennium Challenge Wargame in 2002 that used live and simulated computer strategies. It lasted three weeks and came to an ominous end as the US basically rigged the deck so as to create a ‘false win’ that was later exposed by Lieutenant General Paul Van Riper.

ENTER, Operation Jade Helm 15.  Nearly all wargames have been conducted using either air or sea stations. In the US, civilians are generally left out of the games but are informed of their existence. So, the announcement of the US wargame, Operation Jade Helm 15, has sparked quite a bit of controversy for it’s strategy in ‘mingling’ with civilians, and with the lack of information surrounding it’s purpose. Mainstream media is silent, adding to the controversy and sparking dubious conspiracy theories.

The Pentagon released a map of the seven participating states; Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Utah, California and New Mexico. They designated certain states as hostile and others as friendly. And they stated that Special Ops troops will freely engage throughout cities and neighborhoods, sometimes decked in full military regalia armed with blanks, and other times blending in so as to appear like your buddy or friend.

The gnawing question is, WHY?

The official explanation is to see how well US Special Operations forces can covertly and seamlessly embed themselves into the civilian populace as a security training exercise to keep us all safe in the future.

Which only further begs the question, WHY?

There are boundless theories, none of which hold up; the flagged states are really Democrat vs Republican, or the flagged states house border crossing for Mexican drug cartels and illegal immigrants. But these theories don’t measure up. If out of seven states even one or two don’t fit the definition, then the theory is worthless.

So, why would we need undercover troops infiltrated in our civilian populace? Is it to scruff out the ISIL contingent that has moved across the border into the US from Mexico? Given that Texas is the entrance point, and Texas is large predator state in the wargame, that could be one motive. But Arizona and New Mexico are not considered predator, so that doesn’t really fit either.

The predators are Texas, Utah and southern California, they are the Red States considered ‘unfriendly’.  The other states are considered the friendlies or borderline friendly.  Already sounds dramatic, like maybe Hollywood designed the stage.

The Washington Post attempts to quell the fears by citing other wargames, including Bold Alligator, which has been held annually since 2012. It is an amphibious game held off the coast of Virginia and designed to counter terrorism and help mitigate in the event of a natural disaster. Okay, that makes sense.    But it only raises the question again of what is the benefit of Special Ops being able to ‘infiltrate’ the civilian populace? Why would we need undercover military special ops in the US?

The largest speculation is that this is a test, a precursor to instituting Martial Law in the US and testing the reactions of various states based on a diversity of demographics.  Websites abound with this conspiracy.  But maybe even the conspiracies are a means of detracting from the truth, which is why the Pentagon yawns and the media allows the avalanche of stupidity to flourish.

Dissection #1: the operation will be conducted by all ‘special ops’ units. According to the military, special ops units rarely to never engage together in any real situation. Special Ops are usually conducted in a low-profile manner and are implemented through very specific intelligence to identify, hunt and kill. They are typically called in to perform unconventional warfare, operations against ‘guerillas’, and counter-insurgency.

Martial Law is typically implemented by police, reservists and regular military.

Dissection #2:  What exactly is unconventional warfare? According to the definition provided by the Department of Defense: “activities to enable a resistance or insurgency to coerce, disrupt or overthrow a government or occupying power through and with an underground, auxiliary, and guerrilla force in a denied area.”

Where in the world have we seen activities regarding the overthrow of governments? Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Kenya, Nicaragua, Iran, Ukraine, Chile, Poland, Iraq, Venezuela, Thailand, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Georgia, and Yemen. Some failed, some achieved success. While some of these ‘regime changes’ were conducted to combat terrorism, many have been politically motivated for the purpose of global domination efforts. And while it would appear on the surface that the military is leading the politics, given Soros involvement in many of these regime changes, it would seem more that the politicals are actively pursuing their agenda and ‘using’ the military to achieve their goals. In addition, given the number of high ranking military officers purged in recent years, the agenda becomes even stickier.

The number of purged high ranking officers in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines has been said to top 157 in just the last few years. Some of the fired or relieved from duty officers are very high ranking – 4 stars – and their crimes of commission are absurd; a racial slur, a statement in contradictions of the President, a questioning of purpose in a command, etc… Could it be that our over-throwing of regimes is in question and the purge is related to specifically this issue?

Dissection #3:   Why pick these particular states in the midwest?  Arizona in the summer – temperatures static at 115′.  Mimics Middle East desert training, maybe Afghanistan.  Colorado in the summer – heat, fires, mountains, mimics possibly Iran.  Texas is a dry heated dustbowl – like Saudi Arabia.  San Diego is known for its vast underground tunnels – perhaps similar to Hamas tunnels leading into Gaza.  The training in the seven US states could simply be reflective of the different terrain, weather, wind currents, and extreme conditions.

Dissection #4: An increase in special ops is a fact. While overall military personnel numbers have dropped, since 2001 special ops has doubled in size and tripled its budget. Just this past March they were recruiting for over 5,000 new positions with an interesting emphasis is psych.

Operation Mockingbird was implemented in the 50’s, and continues unabated today as a means of infiltrating the media and managing the truth. Falsifying reports, inserting disinformation, manipulating evidence, and engaging in propaganda so as to devise a campaign that subverts our understanding of information is a tactic that has infested our world.  That would include hyping the conspiracies to camouflage the truth.

Lying has become so commonplace, we don’t even raise an eyebrow.