PFIZER Dumps CoVid for Cancer Pharma

PFIZER is paying $6.7 Billion for Arena Pharmaceuticals.   According to Arena’s website: *Arena is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company that does not have any medicines or products approved for use by any health authority.   While it does have a number of drugs in clinical trials mostly stage 2 – there are a spattering in stage 3.   Paying $6.7 billion for a couple Patents seems … ODD.   Something very amiss in the valuation.

Since its inception in 2005, Arena’s income had a one year streak of profit.   That was 2019.   The announcement of Pfizer’s acquisition caused Arena’s share price to rise 92% in one day, December 9th.    But, the announcement of the acquisition was made December 13th.    So who were the noninsider insiders who would never ever pinky swear buy illegally on insider information????    The largest shareholders include: Wellington Management Group, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, Janus and Geode Capital.

And then there is this interesting anomaly:   FORA Capital made a recent investment in Arena.   FORA is a two man operation with two clients – themselves:   Stanislav Shalunov and losif Petviaschvili of Russia, with a US address of 1221 Brickell Ave., Miami FL.   Shalunov is also the CEO of Clostra, same address.   Clostra is a private company funded by the Department of Defense, their website states:   “Clostra uses state-of-the-art machine learning to create innovative solutions for defense, medicine, and business.”  All persons within the company work remotely.   The office address is likely for the DoD justification.  But the linkage is obviously – breached.

What it reveals is the fact that even Pfizer acknowledges that the CoVid hysteria will die a chaotic death along with related profits.   As such, the Veterinarian CEO is targeting Cancer and Heart Disease as the next non-cure therapeutics for 2022 – 2030 wherein they have algorithmically calculated a 22+million person market in the US. Apparently, despite billions targeting scientific research pointed on cancer and heart disease for 60-70 years, both diseases are slated to rise significantly in the coming decade.  I am so glad I paid for trillions in research…

How can that be?

And why is the US Department of Defense funding Russians if Russia is the sanctioned enemy?

In November, Pfizer bought Trillium Therapeutics for $2.2 billion despite the company being embroiled in a lawsuit claiming a breach of Fiduciary Duty by the Board. Trillium is focused on oncology.   Cancer. And most specifically, targeted gene therapy as opposed to chemo and radiation.

*   Catherine Mackey, Kitty, was appointed to the board of trillium in 2021 – she is former Sr. VP of Pfizer. If it sounds a bit contrived, chances are it is deliberately contrived.

What Pfizer’s acquisitions reveal is the grand finale I have postulated for months regarding CoVid.   Push the profit margin to extreme knowing that in 2022, the revenue stream will simply die.

And the hype of vaccines and boosters forever will not withstand the People or The US Constitution.   That being said, they are already positioning themselves to be front and center of the royal pandemic – heart disease and cancer. And no one will deny these diseases.

But the causes will be – disputed…

For example:   Two interesting and disputed side effects of the CoVid Vaccine are:   Heart Disease and Cancer. In which case, did Pharma actually create a side effect so as to mediate the side effect with further pharma interaction and drugs?   Once the initiate pharma no longer was prevalent?

Lets look at Pfizer’s revenue history:  

Pfizer revenue for the quarter ending September 30, 2021 was $24.094B, a 134.45% increase year-over-year.

  • Pfizer revenue for the twelve months ending September 30, 2021 was $69.337B, a 114.44% increase year-over-year.
  • Pfizer annual revenue for 2020 was $41.908B, a 1.79% increase from 2019.
  • Pfizer annual revenue for 2019 was $41.172B, a 0.85% increase from 2018.
  • Pfizer annual revenue for 2018 was $40.825B, a 22.31% decline from 2017.

In other words, Pfizer was showing a profit margin between -22% to 1.8% before CoVid. Suddenly, their profit increases by 135%.   But what have they actually done to prevent disease?   Nothing. ALL they did was manufacture a BillGates Vaccine.

What this does reveal is the fact that Heart Disease and Cancer are slated to rise significantly in the next 8 years requiring massive pharma medication to administer these effectual side ailments as a shadow result of CoVid vaccines.

Why Pfizer over Moderna and J&J?


While NIH gets a spike protein monetary kickback from Pfizer, Moderna and J&J were not so lenient in their profit portfolio.   Realizing their demise, Moderna has now offered NIH a piece of the pie.   In order to stay – afloat:

“The National Institutes of Health said Monday it has engaged Moderna in “good faith discussions” to resolve a months long dispute over the company’s patent application that advocates say could impact global production of the shots.   Moderna is now offering to share ownership of its COVID-19 vaccine patent with the U.S. government to resolve the dispute, the vaccine maker said, and would allow the Biden administration to “license the patents as they see fit.”

Faucism At its Capitalist/Marxist height of Nihilism.  BANG.   Moderna caved.

We can expect ANY and all therapeutics that are derived from this cabalist globular shitstorm to emanate from NIH – whether treating CoVid, Cancer or Heart Disease.



Over the last 40 years the National Cancer Institute has spent over $90 billion on cancer research and treatment. Their annual budget is now about $5 billion per year. What has that bought us?

  • The number of new cancers each year is approximately 1.677 million.

  • The number of cancer deaths is about 35%.

  • The states with the highest rates per capita are Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Delaware.

  • Lung cancer came in first for all these states.

  • Nationally, prostate and breast came in second and third.

  • The highest death rates were in the south; Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi – etc…

  • While the death rate from breast cancer is down, the rates for contracting breast cancer are up.

  • Black males have the highest rates of cancer

  • White females have a higher incidence rate than black females

So what does this all mean?

It means that progress has not measured up to the dollars spent. It means that early detection is the main reason for the decrease in death, but that research has done little to nothing to actually mitigate – cancer.

How are the research dollars spent?

At the National Cancer Institute, 4% of funding is designated for prevention.

The American Cancer Society has stated that its funding will be prioritized as follows:

  • tobacco control

  • nutrition and physical activity

  • colorectal cancer

  • breast cancer

  • survivorship and quality of life

  • access to care

I’m not exactly sure what ‘tobacco control’ entails. But the concept is that given black males have the highest incidence of cancer and lung cancer has the highest rates, controlling tobacco could lower the overall stats. How does one – control tobacco?

Since 1965, tobacco use in the US has declined from 42% to 20%. This does not reflect any cures, it simply presents the fact that as a result of less people smoking, lung cancer incidences are lower. Research did not contribute to this result. Awareness did. If we completely eliminated smoking, the incidence rate of lung cancer would parallel.

New studies on breast cancer are stumped on why this disease is affecting more and more young women. And now the reports indicate three potential causes; birth control pills, hormone additives to our food supply, and nutritional deficiencies. We have long known that estrogen therapy increases breast cancer risk. Now we know that messing with hormones at all – increases risk in the young and old. Growth hormones can be found in milk, chicken, eggs, dairy. These hormones alter the natural balance and are linked to cancer. Period.

Parabens are chemicals with estrogen like properties. Parabens are found in shampoo, lotion and makeup. These chemicals have been found in breast cancer tissue up to one million times what is normal. Chemicals accumulate in our body. Our body has no idea what to do with them and so it stores them – forever.

And while a product may contain a low amount of paraben and claim to have no effect, the issue is that MOST products contain paraben and the cumulation effect IS the problem. In addition, the rise of Breast Cancer IS the problem. The relationship between paraben and hormones and breast cancer IS the problem. So why risk it?

Prevention is the only course of action – CURE has done nothing.

Over 34% of the budget for American Cancer Society is spent on ‘fundraising’. Their CEO raked in nearly $800,000 in compensation. In 2010, compensation, travel and conferences accounted for 62% of the program and supporting services budget.

I fail to see how the actual expenditures here have much of anything to do with their ‘stated priorities’.

Susan B Komen. A little better; 15% of their budget goes to fundraising. 26% is directed for marketing. Salaries and compensation amount to 23.5%. 8.6% is spent on donor benefits. The CEO pay package was $684,000.

But the question remains – what is spent on ‘the cure’? It would seem that cancer research is simply a cheerleading squad. What has been cured? The race participation has dropped in some states by as much as 50%. What are we racing for? To pay higher salaries?

We talk about the banking crisis, the greed and such – but isn’t the banking industry simply the largest in an ever larger pool of what we have become?

This is not to say that all charities or all banks are not fulfilling their obligations. It is to say that research is necessary in order to evaluate who is truly an advocate. In the cancer industry the last two largest and most amazing innovations came from an engineer whose wife had contracted cancer, and an eighteen year old girl in High School. Their budget? Maybe a few hundred dollars. Their motivation? One thousand percent. The time it took them? Months.