State Control of Minor Children – A Rising Ideology of Liberal Mindlessness

Our esteemed CoVid FDA has just approved a new over the counter birth control pill which reads, “the risks outweigh the benefits”… just kidding – but it should!   The list of ‘common’ side effects include:   headache, dizziness, nausea, increased appetite – fatness, abdominal pain, bloating, fatigue, vaginal discharge, nervousness, backache, breast discomfort, acne, and ‘dysmenorrhea’!   And then they qualify… these are NOT the only common side effects, just the ones we are talking about.

Other side effects that outweigh the risk benefits are heavy vaginal bleeding, ovarian cysts, thyroid issues, decrease in sex hormones, ectopic pregnancy, migraines, and jaundice indicating liver or pancreatic failure.

This OPill ‘medication’ is over-the-counter and will be available to young teens who have no concept of such issues as ‘side effects’.   Despite the over-the-counter status, the pamphlet on OPill states that the patient must be made aware of the potential safety concerns… Meaning the FDA has once again revealed they are either grossly negligent and/or corrupt given there is NO patient in an OTC setting..


Once again Pharma is releasing a highly reactive risk associated medication that will target young teens who don’t want mommy and daddy to know they are active sexually.   They won’t read the pamphlet, they won’ want to reveal the side effects because that would reveal they are sexually active, and there will be horrific consequences.

Isn’t it odd that in the midst of depopulating the globe and reducing live births the WH Handlers demand more immigrants without any vocational training or education to ‘take the places’ of all the excess death pharma recipients’?   The answer to the shortage of workers…

And just like that – the Brandon Regime facing unprecedented criminal charges has watered down the Gain of Function restrictions for NIH.   Peter Dazsak of EcoHealth which faced ‘no charges’ is ecstatic, ‘Now we can get back to work!” He exclaimed excitedly.   EcoHealth was found to have major accounting and bookkeeping issues that were dealt a slap worthy of Will Smith.  That was it.

Fauci stepped to the plate and defended EcoHealth’s Gain of Function research at the Wuhan Lab in China claiming Bats didn’t infect humans.   This time, Dazsak claims it will be different. This time they will use computers to analyze genomes.   Then, Dazsak claims, EcoHealth will partner with Linfa Wang’s lab at Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore.   The purpose of the research will be to test whether the CoVid viruses’ spike proteins can bind to the human angiotensin.  But CoVid is no longer a threat – it is simply another flu bug… or maybe it always was.

Wang’s lab will also study “pseudoviruses” that combine a wild coronavirus with a completely different virus that can’t cause human disease. What could possibly go wrong?   According to Bill Gates, what could go wrong is a new Pandemic release in 2024.

Linfa Wang?   By pure chance, Linfa Wang happened to be visiting Wuhan Lab in January 2020 shortly after the CoVid Leak.   It was Wang whose expertise determined that CoVid came from bats. Racing back to Singapore, his home, Wang said a woman on his flight had CoVid but luckily he was spared.   Odd – it is air-borne.   Wang claims he has been tracking bat viruses to humans for decades…

But WAIT!   Fauci is on record stating that bat viruses have never traveled from bat to human – thereby completely obliterating his own self defense!

Wang’s Biography is quite interesting if not snickerdoodling:   “Secretly listening to Voice of America while in Singapore getting his bachelors degree, Wang eventually became so proficient at English that he was chosen for a scholarship to study abroad. He did a Ph.D. in molecular biology at the University of California, Davis.”   He was chosen for a scholarship because of his proficient English?   Haven’t hear that one before…

The stated reason for an OTC contraceptive is that girls and women can then forego an unwanted health evaluation, physical examination and counseling.  Therefore if they have any underlying health issues they won’t have to forego a contraceptive – even one with debilitating side effects.

What exactly are the benefits to OTC Birth Control wherein the benefits outweigh the risk?   Teen pregnancy is the risk.   The benefits are risk of deadly side effects and the ability to eliminate parental interference in a child’s desire to govern her own body like an adult.   The same mantra disguised as State Control of Children.

Governor Inslee just passed a law giving children the right to seek an abortion and gender affirming surgery without parental knowledge or consent.   Inslee declares that the purpose of the Bill is to ‘get the family back together’.  

Not to worry, your children are quite safe in the State’s hands. After forcing lockdowns and the failure of online teaching, states are proposing that benign subjects such as math, reading, science, history be dummied down to make room for CRT, gender studies, and sex ed.   Because in the future – the next generation, your children and grandchildren – will be sex workers.

Gain of Function Research: Ongoing in Cameroon via USAID and US Army

In 2009, USAID in partnership with EcoHealth Alliance, Metabiota, and the government of Cameroon worked to collect 140,000 biological samples among wildlife – including 10,000 bats.   Those samples revealed over 1200 viruses 160 of which were documented in the ‘corona classification’. Fieldwork ceased September 2019 – just when CoVid was identified. The Project was called, USAID PREDICT and was cancelled by Trump before being reinstated in 2020.

In 2010, USAID PREDICT expanded their program to China with USAID funding. Between 2012 and 2014, PREDICT expanded further into the DRC with the assistance of WHO, CDC, US Army Medical Research Institute and Societe des Jesuites among others.

Expansion continued throughout Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Mexico.   At some point the government of Cameroon became concerned over the ‘test subjects’ being used and the ethics of ‘informed consent’.   Military personnel were considered as a part of the topic given that they were under ‘orders’ and thus the informed consent ethic did not apply.

October 2022, HEADA, a Cameroon based biotech company announced they had purchased Metabiota. Funding that followed the purchase was to continue via DoD, CDC and USAID.   In 2022, it was revealed that Hunter Biden had secured massive funding for Metabiota’s operations in Ukraine.

Two days after Russia invaded Ukraine claiming the 46 weaponized biologic labs were operating outside protocols – Zelenskyy ordered all documentation burned.

HEADA had previously worked with CRESAR – the US Army Medical Research Centre in Cameroon.   Simultaneously, Bill Gates Foundation was experimenting on Africans and Indians in impoverished areas via uninformed consent.   According to a Survey of International And Comparative Law comprised in 2017, Gates was responsible for thousands of deaths and injuries as a result of his ‘experiments’.

In other words, Gain of Function Research was ongoing in Cameroon and other African nations a full half decade before the Wuhan Lab even opened in 2015!   It was NOT simply a Fauci NIH controversy, it included the US Army, DoD, USAID, WHO, CDC, the Society of Jesuits under the authority of the Vatican, Metabiota and Eco Alliance.

Test subjects were likely those incapable of informed consent including children, the disabled, the uneducated villagers, military personnel, and the mentally handicapped.

And the research is continuing today with USAID, CDC, and DoD funding under the African organization HEADA. But that isn’t the whole story…

Founded in 2017, Labyrinth Global Health offers ‘sustainable solutions’ working in Cameroon and the DRC to prevent zoonotic diseases in conjunction with CRESAR and NGO’s.

Labyrinth’s global reach is further expanded through our office in Kyiv, Ukraine, a gateway to Eastern Europe. Built on successful implementation of projects that span Ukraine, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, we engage Ministries and scientists in collaborative pursuits throughout the region.”

Labyrinth in Ukraine founders were former staff members for Metabiota. They too were funded by USAID with US military backing:   “In 2019, the chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ sanitary and epidemiological department had sent to the director of Labyrinth Ukraine the Ukrainian military’s readiness to interact with USAID in terms of injecting troops with vaccines, as well as collecting, processing and providing information to the US.”

Located in Florida, Labyrinth’s research would seem to be focused inside Africa and Ukraine.   Financed by American Taxpayers. Karen Saylors, Labyrinth co-founder, was previously VP at Metabiota 2008-2019, Director at Johns Hopkins, and Field Coordinator at Medicin San Frontiere.   Affiliations include Bill Gates Foundation and Tedros at WHO.

While Russia has since dismantled the Ukraine Labs, Cameroon and the DRC remain hotbeds for the continuation of Gain of Function Research using ‘volunteer test subjects’ with funding sources uninterrupted. The names have changed somewhat – but it appears Fauci may have been the scapegoat to distract from the true sources of Funding!

CoVID19: Gain of Function Research = Biological Warfare, aka Fauci

WELL, well, well, once again Dr. Death, aka Fauci, is revealed as the core facilitator of Gain of Function Research.   Financed by Bill & Melinda Gates, NIAID, NIH, ARATO ( a Marxist ideologue), and the Vietnamese National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology.   It was supposedly initiated as a biodefense project but was quickly recognized as having the potential to become a Genocidal Biological Warfare!

The function of the research was to create a hybrid virus combining animal viruses that did not infect humans with a known human contaminant strain that could be spread via ‘sneezing and coughing’.    The targeted fatality rate was 50% or higher.

In 2011, multiple scientists across the globe became concerned about the potential applications for the biodefense project. Citing the Nürnberg Code of Ethics, which prohibits the funding of research and experiments into the development of something harmful to human life, Fauci ignored the warnings and continued to provide funding from NIH and USAID. Prof Mark Lipsitch of Harvard was quite vocal about the experiments and the safety risk of having a pathogen ‘get loose’.

“Disease enhancing experiments have given us modest scientific knowledge and done almost nothing to improve our preparedness for pandemics, and yet [these experiments] risked creating an accidental pandemic.”

A ‘voluntary’ moratorium was put in place among the scientific community in 2012.   Fauci refused to comply and continued funding – ultimately moving money to the Wuhan Institute in 2015, out of sight – out of mind. In 2013 the moratorium was lifted despite outcries from an alliance, The Cambridge Group.

In 2014, at the insistence of The Cambridge Group, Obama reinstated the moratorium.   The action was in response to three separate instances of lab error ‘accidents’.   Scientific America produced a paper which questioned if the next ‘lab error’ could cause a Pandemic.

In response, Mary Groesch, NIH’s board executive, fired the 11 members of the National Science Advisory Board who asserted opposition to the research and promoted the moratorium.  In 2015 Fauci outsourced the research to the Wuhan Lab in China and in 2016 the moratorium was lifted – again.

These “experiments” would appear to date from 1999. It was in 2015 that Bill Gates began warning of a Pandemic – well into the GoFR research funded by the US taxpayers.   It was hardly prophetic pronouncement from the high school graduate

In 2013 Hualan Chen, a veterinary virologist, combined the avian bird flu, H5N1 with the 2009 H1N1 human virus while working at the Chinese Harbin Veterinary Research Institute. Before working at the Harbin Institute, Chen worked at the US CDC from 1999-2002.   This combined mutant virus meant that animals could transmit a genocidal virus to humans.

This may reflect why Germany and the US continue to utilize veterinarians to head their CoVid19 Task Forces for determining human to human transmission, because the real source is the avian virus and how it affected birds.

When H5N1 first appeared in 2007, there were 11 outbreaks in China, Egypt, Pakistan, Vietnam and Indonesia.   In 2007, the Vietnamese National Institute of Epidemiology was researching Coronaviruses.   Located in Hanoi, in February 2020, the Vietnamese Institute was the first to claim to have successfully isolated CoVid19.   They announced that as a result of their isolation they would develop the necessary ‘test kits’ for diagnosis and would assist in the development of a vaccine. Subsequently, Australia, Japan and China also announced their ability to isolate the virus.   A virus that was not yet an epidemic or pandemic…

Shortly after, Robin Shattock of the UK Imperial College announced that they had a ‘breakthrough development’ and could reduce the time to make a vaccine from 2-3 years to 2 weeks. At this point – 12 people were infected worldwide. That number quickly increased to 600.   Despite there being NO TEST.

Both H5N1 and H1N1 cause viral pneumonia, coughing, diarrhea, skin issues and death.

EcoAlliance has partnered with NIH for 45 years – about the same length of time Fauci has headed the organization.   Their mission is to prevent and protect animals and humans from the emergence of disease, epidemics and pandemics.   I would suggest 45 years later – $$$Billions later – their mission is a complete failure.   And their funding is fraud.   Much of their work is conducted in China, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia. According to their website, their future world would include all things Green.

January 2021, Gates presented a video in which he outlines how to prevent the next Pandemic:    Mega Testing that will be available to 20% of the world population every week, massive vaccine rollouts, All defined as the MRna.

In other words, the Pandemic will not be prevented, it will be mitigated with Big Pharma and Gates at the helm of Follow The Money.

David Martin, Phd, National Intelligence Analyst and developer of linguistic genomics:   He developed access to every company that has any connection to biological chemical weapons, pinpointing where the threat is located. He has stated that in 1999 patents on Coronavirus began to show up.   In 2003, the CDC began to patent proprietary rights to the disease, the virus, the testing and the vaccines.   Dr. Martin points out that you cannot patent a natural organism.   It has to be man-made in order to file a patent.   However, if the virus was man-made, then it would qualify as a biological weapon – which would be illegal.  Thus negating ALL Patents associated with Coronavirus.

In fact, Martin claims that the CDC and NIH worked in conjunction to build the next ‘gold rush’Coronavirus while making sure that any and all profits from a pandemic would be patented to them. But as was cited before – laboratory error and accidents were prevalent – especially in China.   And the virus was released.   But there were two sources responsible;   NIH and Wuhan.  

Cleaning up the accident meant:   1.   Claiming it was attributable to a bat,   2.   Denying China responsibility,   3.   Clearing any NIH responsibility,   4.   Paying off the multiple conspirators.

Enter, Bill Gates.   He would use his influence to manufacture and maintain the entire illusion.   The media would be installed to inflict panic and fear of a climate change causal factor further lining Gate’s pockets, and Fauci would be shrouded in a cloak of invisibility.

ALL Because they allowed an ‘accident’.   And Mafia Cleaners are quite proficient.

In essence, the man-made Pandemic allowed a diversion for the emergence of the New Green Deal within the guise of chaos riddled, psychologically demented leaders across the globe.   Trudeau thinks he’s Buddha.   Biden thinks he’s in Nirvana.   Merkel thinks she is alive.   And Jinping thinks he will be the next global Prime Minister.   ALL expendable to the Fascist Bankers and the Communist Politicians.

The RIOTS?   Simply a means of destroying crumbling cities.   PHASE III – rebuilding major cities to comply with the New Green Deal as defined by Agenda 2030 – while eliminating the chaos through WAR.