Pfizer & GSK Have a New Big Pharma VAX – RSV

Pfizer and GSK have simultaneously announced that they will release a new RSV Vaccine by this Fall.   Pfizer’s vaccine targets pregnant women who will pass the vax antibodies to the embryo, and GSK is targeting the elderly.   Phase 3 of trials is ongoing.  Big Pharma is so excited because they anticipate that in the US alone, 3 million women get pregnant every year so they have a good base for an annual melting pot of due diligent victims.

According to The Lancet the number of global cases and deaths is an estimate.  For children ages 0-5 the global estimate for 2015 was 118,200. During the 2021-2022 period Scientists were baffled that there were negligible cases or deaths, and determined it was because of the CoVid Vaccine and lockdowns.

For the Lancet study, bronchitis, pneumonia, and RSV were lumped together. Between 95% and 97% of all deaths were in low and middle income countries.   Meaning the highest death rate in the US is between 1% and 3% of ‘estimated cases’.  1% of 118,000 = 1180.

In making their estimates, The Lancet reveals:   “since 2017, new data on RSV burden in young children have become available, including from several new RSV community surveillance studies initiated to measure RSV mortality in the community (RSV community mortality surveillance studies and child health and mortality prevention surveillance [CHAMPS] supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation).”  

Bill Gates is providing the numbers used in determining cases, hospitalizations and deaths…

The Lancet article mentions the Pfizer and GSK Phase 2 trials currently undergoing as of May 2022 and estimate the third phase will be complete sometime between 2025-2027.   The Phase Two Trial conducted on a whopping total of 406 women (80% white) by Pfizer revealed that an adverse event called, congenital anomalies and developmental delay, were duly noted and apparently acceptable. The Vax does contain ‘aluminum hydroxide’ – a caustic material that has been linked to Alzheimers and neurological diseases..

The most reported categories of adverse events in Pfizer Phase 2 Trial were infections, gastrointestinal disorders, and pregnancy-related conditions, including preterm delivery. Of the 406 women, 55 had a serious adverse event and of the 403 infants, 172 had an adverse reaction including at least one acute respiratory illness.   Apparently 3 infants died either in-vitro or after birth – Pfizer has not addressed this disparity.

Despite these horrible numbers and a Phase 3 Trial that is still calling for volunteers, Pfizer anticipates that the FDA will approve their vaccine 2-5 years earlier than estimated….

GSK claims that the reason for an RSV vaccine among older populations is due to the potential threat that it could lead to pneumonia.   But we already have a vaccine for pneumonia, it is called the pneumococcal vaccine – Obviously this eliminates the entire need.

Pharma has taken a beating given the CoVid debacle which is now being unleashed in Congress.   Fauci is on the hot seat for fraud and former CDC Director, Dr. Redfield, is reporting as witness.   Bill Gates is a soiled name across the globe, and vaccines in general are being avoided by individuals and parents. The ‘Science’ has been revealed to be the ‘quackery’.

Even the annual flu shot is a comical sham – this year was the first year the Jab ingredients were changed after 11 years.   According to the CDC, this year the flu shot was a really good match because hardly anyone got the flu…   Some years the flu Vax has an efficacy of 15% – but this year was great – 56% efficacy – not in preventing the flu but in preventing hospitalizations from the flu.

How do they know the efficacy?   Why from algorithms provided by Bill Gates. Because No Agency tracks the actual number of flu cases, hospitalizations or even deaths.  

DATA has supplanted Facts.   Algorithms are AI.   And Science is Guesstimation.  I would suggest people on medications take a harder look at the side-effects …

One thought on “Pfizer & GSK Have a New Big Pharma VAX – RSV

  1. Wasn’t Lancet involved in the Mad Cow bs where they killed millions of cattle? Aren’t they the ones that said Sars was gonna kill half the planet? Wasn’t their leading “scientist” (Neil Ferguson) chastised for not following rules he helped make to meet up with his married girlfriend.

    It seems the more wrong you are the more money flows your way from government!

    No flu this year? Sure, they named it Sars, shazam or some other respiratory illness. Look what they did to polio. When they figured their “vaccine” didn’t work and actually caused Polio,,, they renamed it as several different diseases. Their AIDS vaccine seemed to work only because they stopped handing out AZT which was killing people.

    After lies, lies, and more lies over the non existent Sars virus and bio-weapon vaccine one would think people might be a tad more cautious. But no! Every scam, every con, these modern day snake oil salesmen offer,,, people kill each other to break in line. Worse they inject their children who laughingly think mommy and poppy is helping them.

    And since it doesn’t exist, how in Hades could it be released!

    Beam me up Scotty! This planet is insane!

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