VIVEK RAMASWAMY: A Presidential Candidate with Nefarious TIES.

Vivek Ramaswamy is a Republican Candidate for President. A self made millionaire, Ramaswamy’s campaign platform is even further right than Trump’s. But are his promises and policies truth or fiction?  

Graduating from Harvard and then Yale with his JD, Ramaswamy’s graduate education was funded by the Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships For New Americans.   While the scholarship is available to immigrants and children of immigrants, past recipients that were affiliated politically were by and large – democrat.

The Soros fellowship’s newest 2023 Class includes graduates affirming:    gender equity and global health, trans medicine, maginalization on health, medical care for undocumented immigrants, DNA deviants, Under-represented communities, etc… basically the type of studies that would allude to Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum.

Ramaswamy went to a Jesuit High School, graduated from Harvard & Yale, served on the Ohio CoVid Response Team, and founded a pharmaceutical company.   Selling the pharmaceutical while retaining shares and Board Chair, he founded an Asset Management Firm with funding from Peter Thiel and J. D. Vance.

According to his voter registration card for Ohio – he has NO political Affiliation making his Republican stance a bit more than ‘murky’…

Coming from nowhere, his policies both mimic and exceed those of Trump.   However, his platform is for ‘new blood’.   Oddly, he is well liked by Bloomberg and a number of liberal media outlets.   But then the DeSantis campaign began with the same approvals.

It appears Ramaswamy voted for Obama before he ‘became a convert, like J. D. Vance.   Vance worked for was a NYT and CNN contributor, condemned Magats, and complimented Liz Cheney.   In his runup into politics, Vance was given a book deal for his memoir, ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ published in 2016 by Harper.   The book was given riveting reviews by the Progressive Liberal Cartel including: The Economist, WAPO, Christianity Today, National Review, – and Peter Thiel. The National Review is a Neoconservative publication.

Thiel is also intrinsically entwined with various neoconservative or outright liberal organizations including Palantir which Thiel founded.   Palantir’s first backer was the CIA’s nonprofit Fund In-Q-tel. Other affiliations include Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Think Paul Ryan.

When former democrats change affiliations there are good guys and bad guys.   Good guys are simply those democrats who truly believe in ideologies relevant to American citizens and Patriots. Then there are the groomed republican affiliates like Romney, McCain, Ryan, Cheney who hold to the values of hawkish democrats and have been backed by Deep State PAC Hacks.

Ramaswamy is personable, smooth talking, informed, and far right in his scribe of climate change, Wokism, anti-ESG, and anti-funding Ukraine.   But he is also fully enmeshed in Big Pharma with his company Roivant which he launched into Shanghai biopharmaceuticals in 2017 with a team of Chinese researchers.   Roivant has over a dozen subsidiaries and is based in Switzerland.   Most of his business connections with China were shut down in 2021. However, in 2022 Roivant partnered with Pfizer.

The headway into the Big Pharma Cartel is likely to be his downfall in a publicity presidential race.   Most Magats have either been before or moved to – the anti=Pharma platform given the revelations of fraud, corruption and manipulation in the CoVid era.   While Trump’s capitalist ventures have surrounded real estate, Pharma is a largess turnoff for conservative and libertarian voters.

While Ramaswamy may be innocent until proven guilty – the alliance is as uncomfortable as JD Vance’s about face on Magats, and Thiel’s CIA allegiance.   Something Robert Kennedy Jr would completely efficerately destroy!   And something Donald Trump needs to understand.

NeoConservatives, and/or FAKE conservatives are Donkey Asses who wear red ties.

During Trump’s four year tenure, every pundit across ‘earth’ including liberals, conservatives and neos were brutal in their assessment of the Donald.   Many of these supposed conservative warmongers were quick to demonize Trump for NOT seeing all the Rhino’s congregating at the WH table.   YET, none of these Fake Conservatives saw ANY of the Rhinos.   Most were ONLY realized during Trump’s term or after – as a sideline revelation of … “Oh Shitake!”.

Patriots need to make sure the Rhino’s are outed this election cycle. We must NOT wait for Trump to tell us who is the Rhino faction – we MUST help. We are called to investigate, to research, and to communicate so as to be partners with our preferred candidate.   By contrast, Ann Coulter was quick to support Trump and immediately demonize him for NOT fulfilling her particular build the wall agenda within the first few months – and then years of his four year cycle.   Did she HELP?   No.   She was a liability.

Despite my personal hopes for DeSantis – I suggest he is not up to the revile!   He may be a rhino.   And he has zero international experience which is essential.   As for Ramaswamy, I am very leery of his past credentials, his current affiliations, and his almost too ideological alignment with MAGATS.  

As for JD Vance and Thiel – If they are not still liberals in their ideology, then they are most certainly neoconservatives in their reality.   AND WE ARE FOREWARNED.  

HOME is Where The Heart Is —

It is amazing how you miss ‘things’ when you are away from home.   Although I suppose it depends on whether your home is truly a home vs a house.   But assuming ‘home’, I find when I return a calming peace that comes and allows me to be a blithering idiot. I like to run a circuit, only mine consists of running from the piano to the computer to the kitchen where something might be burning to the laundry room where something might be burning and back to the start where the baton is passed to – ME!

And somehow – this is what I miss.

Turned into an odd day.   I had bought a container of laundry detergent among other items which I BAGGED myself because there are no bags or baggers, and stuffed the laundry container on the backseat floor.   Day later apparently the container had tipped over – all by its lonesome – and spilled half its contents into the backseat carpet.   Like 2” thick in places – thick.

As I drove home, I dutifully concentrated on all the means and methods I might scoop up all this detergent.   Not that I wanted to save it or anything, but because it required – scooping.

Fortunately, on the way home I called Number Three San and asked for his advice.   Whereuponess he advised me to quick quick get over to his dealership where he would get me all fixed up!   YEAH!   But the sheer amount of detergent was met with grim looks as the serviceman made face convulsions looking like a gruesome newsom horror movie.

Two men, 2 ½ hours later they had scooped most of the detergent from the carpet.   However, I have been warned that my car will smell like detergent for at least 14 MONTHS as will the repair shop where they cleaned it all out!   They kept saying there is something not good in laundry detergents…?

I feel like I’m a Seinfeld episode.  Will bubbles reappear?

The Great RESET: Elimination – Planning – Structure For The Reimagined World.

When the military makes a joke of its soldiers – they are telling the world that American young men are worthless invertebrates who deserve to be ridiculed.   And our government is silent.   Generals voices are mute.   And an entire generation of security is GONE.   Why bother pretending?  

A Gold Star dad had the most impactful statement as he took issue with the mockery of soldiers and the lack of respect by Officers:   “Where are ALL the Navy Veterans past and present? Where are ALL the Patriots? We just let this fake Commander in Chief make a complete mockery of our military and our country. My heart and hope for our country is shattered to the core.”

When a soldier is wounded or dies while unceremoniously fighting for his Country – while living in horrific conditions – while being told to stand down if not vaccinated – Our Military is promoting cross dressers as the new breed of fighting machines!   Why aren’t these Generals embarrassed?   They should be stripped of their medals, their uniforms, and their pensions!

School Boards and teachers pursue student mutilations without parental consent and wonder why enrollment is caving.   Yet, they demand more money to combat the violence screaming through the brick walls that used to house our pre-eminent educators.   There is a very real distinction between a teacher and an educator.   Teachers can instruct without any desire to educate.   Yet teacher obsolescence is already in the making.   The AI evolution will be complete within in the next 2 years.   Teachers?   Nonessential…

Suicides among teens have risen 300% since 2019.   The main causal factor – other teens.   Teens who smear and bully and spew vile threats for absolutely no viable reason – other than bad parenting.   When my ‘ex-husband’ became concerned that perhaps his kids were bullied at school he asked his son. The Response, “I wasn’t bullied because I was the bully!”.   My ex-husband’s response – a high five!  Parents – Teach Your children Well!

The Media is destroying ‘compassion’.  

Women are no longer women.   We have no identity.   Instead we are given a perfunctory pronoun to not identify us.   Pronoun:   “a word used to replace or substitute a noun representing a person, place or thing.”   When using a pronoun in sentences it is supposed to make the sentence flow more easily instead of inserting the person’s name multiple times.   What a Pronoun is NOT – is an identifier.

When using a pronoun in lieu of a name as the identifier, we are no longer a person – we are an ‘it’.   Therefore I identify by my Name, Helena.

The question is why does the Mafia Cartel want Americans to be neuter?  

While it is possible the explanation is simply ‘depopulation’, there are other potential ambitions as well.   Perhaps a more nefarious reason could be to out or segregate those deemed ineligible for procreation and/or existence.  The first batch of human exterminations.  I doubt that the egocentric Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab have any desire to share this planet with criminals – per their oblique definition.

Looking at who will cave and who will survive is their assurance of the best ‘gene pool’.  The elderly and infirm have the least to offer the egocentrics.   But the attack on young children remains a bizarre campaign that does not fit any explanation.

It would seem young children have been reduced to property.   In poor countries there is a ready pool of children to be sold to the highest bidder.   They are sold so the family can buy food to feed the remaining household.   Their rates are only slightly higher than that of an animal.   And there is no shortage of buyers.   Their uses are varied, none of which are worthy of description.   Suffice it to say – their lifespan is negligible.

When viewing the bigger picture – outside of the Cartel, every human being is seen as a commodity.   Some commodities are platinum and others are nickel.   Others are sent to be melted down.   When a world is to be reimagined operating at 1/8 of its previous self, there are significant alterations that must be made:

  1. Foremost food and water.   Those who AI can not replace must be protected in order to provide sustenance to the remaining population.   That would require proper agriculture planning, protein/animal planning, and clean drinkable water.
  2. Garments, accoutrements, jewelry, everything upscale.
  3. Transportation – including air travel, automobiles, bicycles, dirt bikes, ATV’s – all the toys need to continue to be manufactured for entertainment.
  4. Butlers, Maids, Gardeners, waiters, bartenders, drivers, pilots – most Elite prefer a live person to a Robot.   Humans can be demeaned and denigrated – not so fun with a BOT.
  5. Security, military, defense.   There will always be a faction of militants. There will always be the rage that incites conflicts, battles and wars.

Think of every aspect that maintains a level of lifestyle that is of two classes;   the elite and the peasants.   Hunger Games.   Each level of this recreation of society would need to be engineered so that the necessary peasants can fill the need. In the Mafia Cartel’s view, those subjugated persons come in the form of uneducated immigrants. Many people who have spent their life having nothing – will do literally anything to be a ‘have’.

When The Cartel ushers into America 6.5 million immigrants – they are anticipating 6.5 million Americans will be eradicated. This is why they have no compassion for finding solutions to:   veterans, drug overdoses, those in assisted living or mental health, the remaining succors on SS and Medicare, the violent, the suicidal teens, war deaths, whatever it takes to achieve the end goal as quickly as possible.

MASS Extinction. Not because of immigration, immigration is more of a side effect, not a causal factor.   The ONLY way to change immigration and suicides and violence is at the source – THE MAFIA CARTEL.  Closing the Border without eliminating the Mafia Cartel is plugging a 12″ round dike hole with a finger.

The “LIBRARY GROUP’ or the precursors to G7 may provide an answer.   They were made up of eight finance ministers which included socialists and conservatives – crossovers. Expanding their powers exponentially over the years, they are intricately connected to the thousands upon thousands of NGO’s which are responsible for implementing their initiatives – including security via a global military – BIS to rule over banking via The World Bank – and the IMF.  

And then Their Agenda was turned UPSIDE DOWN!   By Russian Expansion of BRICS..

The Militia IRS Training Agents to KILL Americans! The Last BATTLE!

Yet another mass shooting, multiple injuries, multiple fatalities, and thousands of traumatized witnesses.   Despite this and other shootings that have escalated during the Biden Handler Administration by 50%-60% the overwhelming reaction is grief and compassion.   Hearts breaking, we know that these horrific events are rooted in gun confiscation.   And somehow the agenda is more important than the lives lost – and the agenda is spurred by internally evil persons motivated by nothing more than POWER>  

“IRS Agents” are being trained to kill Americans.   The most recent report states that roughly $30 million has been spent so far on guns and ammunition for agents tasked with ‘collecting taxes’.   A militia trained by the CIA.   The job description posted requires training in murder.   And we have no idea what sort of American would apply for the opportunity to kill Americans.

OR is the militia really a shadow military whose only duty is to defend The Mafia Cartel?  

The Neocons want to rally a militia against Mexican gangs to defend us against the fentanyl propagation into the US by China.   According to the Liberal Speak.   But who would they really be ordered to KILL?    Magats?   Are these IRS agents from Sudan?  Somalia?   Venezuela?   Colombia?

A homeless man who has been in and out of the justice system and prison over 42 times – is a known menace to society.  To protect innocent passengers, Neely is held in a chokehold until the police can arrive to apprehend an obvious mentally disturbed  vagrant who is now viewed as a martyr.   According to the same shadow militia that aims to insight a US Civil War the rallying cry is,  “He didn’t deserve to die” .   It is the MSM rallying cry as they engage BLM and ANTIFA to incite riots across NYC – destroying property of innocent persons, automobiles, businesses, and livelihoods!

Yet somehow there have been zero war cries to defend the white men and women assaulted, raped, businesses destroyed, lives upended by crime, and death – death – death.   The Christian students.  The two men who were shot execution style for being white.   Two women executed for being white.  The rumble rises!   This what the Cartel wants.   

A 29 year old white blond woman is knifed to death while on her morning run.   Stabbed fifteen times before she succumbs – the MSM yawns.  The perp was black with a lengthy criminal record that went unprosecuted. 

Somehow – the compassion dies.   And Hollywood newscasters reading scripts provided by Soros and Rothschild are – mum to the horrors perpetrated by blacks against whites who are INNOCENT of any wrong doing .   Their brains curdled milk.

Refusing to acknowledge that energy forces can alter brain waves, aka the Cuba Syndrome, aka, the Army veterans who decry their brains are being manipulated, the Agenda is gun confiscation – as though we too are brain dead and will go voluntarily to a death camp.

But we aren’t.  SO they now require a new three letter militia – the IRS.  

Having announced the IRS militia a year ago, no one believed the administration was capable of actually achieving the necessary number of Americans for indoctrination of this mercenary group.   A mercenary acts and reacts based on MONEY.   They are typically highly trained special ops who have no other skillsets.   As I have stated, mercenaries don’t have allegiance, or honor, they fight because fighting is a job.  These newly indoctrinated IRS Agents fight Americans for one thing – MONEY!  They must sign a document attesting to their willingness to kill Americans/

Of course, the ‘mafia government’ claims they vet these IRS mercenaries.   But likely that vetting is to determine which ones have absolutely ZERO conscience over their kills.

And the DISTRACTION would thus be the American historical military, those branches we call – Army, Navy, & Marines.   Those branches have been demeaned into infamy with shoddy training, a recruiting nightmare, horrific conditions and diseases that so transpired.   The focus is on the military we know and believe is our military.   Except it isn’t, our Army, Navy and Marines are instead dying of a mass execution drug called the CoVid Vaccine.

For over a hundred years the Federal Reserve has been building a shadow military of special ops elites.   They are tasked with protecting all things within the Great RESET, the Globalization Agenda, the WEF, and the Final Rise To The Throne.    This is the goal.    A throne.   A slab of stone.   A place of nothingness.   Yet for some odd reason there are a species of humans who envision their entire life within this unthread needle wherein 1% of the world is visible.

The distractions are to disguise this militia rise while we focus on a defunct Military Establishment.

But blind depopulation seems counterproductive.   Why isn’t the Mafia Cartel not seemingly scared?  Do they have an exit strategy that is of a classified means?   Over 50% of the globe is no longer aligned with the US, the West or its Cabalist Genocide.   Yet there are odd nuances:   When stratosphering the sky with toxic streams – why are they not concerned for their own health and that of their children?   That doesn’t make sense.  

Like vacancy rates in accounting for a building’s net worth.   The Mafia Cartel has ‘vacancy rates’ built into their analysis.   Some agendas will fail, some murder schemes will go awry.   But, Hunter Biden is a screw loose in the globalist schematic and has upended their plans.   CALL IN THE CLEANER.   But the CLEANER is overwhelmed with the sheer extent of corruption even The Cleaner is unable to get past the first layer of mud.   So he calls for the militia!   The militia is the FBI, CIA, NSA and the newly deviated IRS.  The extent of criminal activity is so vast that it envelopes some 7 members of the Biden Crime Ring.   And all agencies are needed to CLEAN the mess before the Agenda FAILS.   Again.

Mass Shooting PSYOP

The Kennedy’s were the prominent family across the US and GLOBE.   Until they were assassinated and the Mafia strut it’s strut and announced their authoritarian control – like a GANG WAR they claimed their territory.

They ‘eliminated’ the Kennedys.   Their name.  Their prominence .  Their Reputation.   Their fame.  Their wealth.   And they became synonymous with assassination.   Yet out of the derths and dungeons, Robert Junior decides now is a good time.   NOW – when we sit at the precipice of human species annihilation.   At a time when we come face to face with the Devil.

The Last Battle?

The sheer number of mass shootings under the Biden WH is being called a psyop.   The problem with counting shooting deaths is that MOST large cities that experience the worst crime have NOT reported crime stats to the FBI since 2019.     Most crimes in these cities go un-prosecuted.   Including the RIOTS – which were kept ‘off the books’.

Crime is chaos.   Chaos is the agenda to implement The Great RESET.   It is described Biblically as the work of Satan.   The Cartel is a Satan minion.   Until an offensive strategy is implemented we will continue to cleanup the aftermath of this psyop.  We can not rely on our military to defend us from assassination and genocide.    Making Gun Confiscation the Last Battle.  

CRIME AND CONSEQUENCE IN AMERICA – A Creative Depopulation Methodology

The cost to incarcerate one person has risen from roughly $19,000 per year in 2000 to over half a million on Riker’s Island.   In 2021 NYC spent $556,539 per each inmate – having doubled the cost from 2015.   Housing 10,000 inmates, Riker’s annual cost is $5.565 BILLION. The cost to keep someone in solitary vs with the general prison population is roughly 20% MORE.   Could these figures be the real reason cities are allowing crime?   They don’t want to ante up for the Cost?   Or maybe they don’t have personnel?   It is high time we re-introduce slave labor for prisoners.

In 2023 we house about 2.2 million inmates who sit idle while taxpayers foot the bills.

Here is Chicago’s Take on Prison Labor:

U.S. prison labor programs violate fundamental human rights, new report finds. Prison laborers are at the mercy of their employers. They have no control over their work assignments, are excluded from minimum wage and overtime protections, are unable to unionize, do not receive adequate training and equipment, and are denied workplace safety guarantees despite often dangerous working conditions.

They are Criminals!   They are NOT employees.   But maybe they could work off the cost of their incarceration via a standard minimum wage.   Varying by state, let’s use $150,000 per year cost to incarcerate, with a 7 year prison term earning $15 per hour.   At the end of 7 years they would have paid off (interest free) $210,000 on their $1,050,000 debt.   Somehow that is deemed an infringement of human rights.

But that doesn’t begin to address the cost of criminals.   What about ‘reparations’ for the victims?

Once a person is released they must meet with a parole officer, get drug and alcohol testing, and take re-education anger management classes.   All add to the pork belly of debt after prison.   Finding a job is nearly impossible and for many prisoners they are given an envelop with $20 and the boot!

According to prison data, 75% of the costs associated with a prisoner are security and healthcare.    Somewhere in the mayhem of critical thinking, the leftist liberals decided that charging a prisoner for his costs to stay in prison was disgraceful!   How dare they!   A welfare handout – free room and board was mandated –

Prisoner Rights Are More Important Than The Victims.

When advocating for prisoner rights, no one seems at all concerned with the losses endured by the victims.   How Dare They!    Human Rights For Criminals!   But human rights have now become a catch-all for the criminal – so what is the deterrence?   How many times have we heard of ex-prisoners committing crimes so they can return to the life of free room and board?   Saved from the loonies walking the streets!   Saved from the bigger loonies managing our country in what we call Congress.

If we were to imprison Hunter, Blinken, Clinton, etc…   how much do you think it would cost?   Certainly Hillary would demand that her NY State residence be reproduced on prison grounds… complete with pool, sauna, maids, etc…   Her pension is FAR LESS!

Ultimately that is the juggle – the cost to incarcerate vs the cost to commit egregious crimes.   When the local DA and mayor measure these offsets, this is what determines the value of imprisonment.   When a criminal commits crimes, the victim is usually a citizen – not the government.   Therefore allowing criminal activity impacts citizens – NOT the government wallet.   A deflection of cost.

Same Chicago:   What is the annual COST of crime in the US?   Answer = $4.7 to 5.8 Trillion – with a capital T.  

Today we have a black inner city population that is immune to consequence for crime.   Emboldened and egocentric, these persons are committing the most heinous assaults for NO REASON other than the high of adrenaline encapsulated within a universal hatred of everything.

Cities and states are doing nothing to mitigate the risk to innocent citizens – making them complicit in the outcomes.   WHY?   As cities implode in crime, more residents leave, less tax revenue received, more cut budgets, and more CRIME.   It is a Mad Max scenario of primal existence.

Yet in the end, the same Handlers pronouncing Human Rights defense will be the ones opening the gas chambers. Too Far Gone!

The purpose leans toward the WEF Agenda of only the Best 1 billion will survive –   Leaving us to speculate that the destruction and rampant crime within major cities is a siphoning of the elimination of the worst being set up for mass gassing of the ‘riff-raff’.

And their NGO Handlers will be the first in line to press the “Red Button”.

In order to effectively depopulate earth as per the WEF convention, one must first rid the planet of the weakest links.   Those that have no productive value.   IN order to ascertain exactly who those links are – the Cartel has devised a means of undivided animosity toward the criminal mindset.

The methodology worked when inciting a near 50% animosity toward Russia – built on fake Disinformation and Propaganda.   Now they are using this same tool to take out the predominant Black Communities from Large cities.   And NO ONE is complaining.   Not even Blacks!

When looking for military recruits – the same agenda is deployed – if you support drag queen special ops – sign here.   When looking for teachers – the agenda is to find the one most vacant and brain cleaved in order to isolate who is a droid with little – critical thinking. NOT because the military or Education Department have ANY initiative to enhance their agencies and AMERICA – but as a means of isolating the weak and most vulnerable to ‘depopulation’.

CRIMINALS do NOT have human rights because they have denounced those rights within their CRIME.   I fully support the ideology that ALL Criminals should work labor to pay for the cost of incarceration as well as the cost of their crimes to VICTIMS. ONLY when consequence is the Mantra will Crime fade.

Reporters Without Borders: The Media Cartel of Journalists

PRESS FREEDOM:   Everyone talks about it. Everyone points to crackdown on ‘opposition’ journalists.   And here’s a doozy – The Press Freedom Index Warns Disinformation Poses Major Threat!   Reporters Without Borders is tasked with the annual ranking based on its own ‘personal’ assessment of 180 countries.   According to their scrupulous non-propaganda platform they rank all western nations as ‘satisfactory’ and all other nations as ‘very serious’ – difficult – and ‘problematic’.   China, Russia, India, Pakistan and a slew of Middle Eastern countries come in at the lowest level.   SURPRISE!

There are seven criteria for ranking each country:   pluralism (measures the degree of representation of opinions in the media space), media independence, environment and self-censorship, legislative framework, transparency, infrastructure, and abuses. 

Reporters Without Borders is a French NGO whose aim is to guarantee ‘freedom of information’   – after prerequisite censorship.   According to their in-depth research across the globe they have determined that certain factors grossly contribute to press freedom failure:   “political control of the media, subjugation of news and information to private interests, the growing influence of corporate actors, online mass disinformation and the erosion of quality journalism.”

Prize winners hail from China, Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, etc…   Not one came from the USA. Funders of Reporters Without Borders include;   Open Society, MacArthur Foundation, EU Commission, the Ford foundation, the Rothschild Societe Generale, National Endowment for Democracy, American Express and others. Quickly they counter – but none of our funders impair our impartiality and independence…

Freedom of speech isn’t exactly free, it comes with caveats.   Those caveats are determined by a select group of people who determine what is fake, what is disinformation, what is misinformation and what is propaganda. Free is continually redefined.   Other more prominent words replace free – reliable, human rights, and ‘ethics’.

But the website frames something much more fearsome:

“a collective work spirit”

Instead of high-lighting collaboration and team work – they specifically chose the word ‘collective’ which typically embodies communist ideology as in ‘the collective good’.

The ranking system is equally bizarre when denoting self-censorship – infrastructure and media independence.   Given it is righteously known that nearly all MSM media outlets can be identified as a subsidiary of the five major non-independent Media Conglomerates.   The ONLY Media Independence comes from ‘nonaffiliated journalists’.  Government Speak.   Government/CIA/MI6 sponsored BBC, DW, CNN, WAPO, NYT, NPR, the list is a dirt laden, pothole extension, of a back road leading to nowhere.

The FEED – is dependent on your ability to pay for subscriptions.   The Feed is regurgitated across visuals and will soon be an intravenous feed based on your predetermined class and social credit ranking. Your position in society will determine the information feed extent.   Some may only receive 5 minutes of the FEED, while others will be privy to the 2-3 hour opaque version.  The purpose?   Inequality.   Non-inclusiveness.   And inequity.

The tongue tied version of press freedom also likens itself to the role of punisher and censor when these self declared Cartel Members determine what is truth and what is a lie.   Even when the lie they assault later is revealed to be true – aka. CoVid, PCR tests, inflation, supply chain, oil and gas… every aspect of our daily self analyzed critical thinking dispersion is an activated algorithm in the determination of ‘FREEDOM’.

For Example: The Soros/government owned Deutsche Welle headlines states that:   Zelenskyy didn’t attack Putin.   Blinken claims the US had no involvement and did not encourage assassination.   Both men routinely lie.   But Reporters Without Borders doesn’t mention DW, Blinken or Zelenskyy in their Pinnocchio nose rantings!

Today there are 538 journalists imprisoned~ Per Reporters Without Borders.   Of those roughly 100 are Russian journalists in US prisons ~ according to Russia.   But the Report claims there is only 1 detained journalist in the US… ; 111 in Turkey, 88 in Russia, 49 in Saudi Arabia, 160 in Myanmar, 121 in Egypt, 192 in China, and 227 in Belarus, among others.  Who are they targeting?   Obvious.

There are two rather largess problems when assigning oneself as the Monarchial Ruler over Global Journalism… 1.   It’s none of your business and, 2.   Reporters Without Borders is lying.   

ONE lie obliterates all supposed truthisms.  

Who is Fact Checking Reporters Without Borders?   Soros?   Personally, I am not a fan of fact checkers or polls – they are both rooted in emotional response, opinion, bias, and fake algorithms.   EXAMPLE:   When ranking changes in press freedom, Ukraine was given +27 points compared to Germany -5 and US -3.   So while Ukraine has imprisoned the Orthodox Priests and shut down ALL Media with the exception of their Kiev Post owned and operated by the Nazi government – its freedom index ROSE 27 points!


The annual report of Reporters Without Borders pointed to Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter and his “arbitrary, payment based approach, to information to the extreme, showing that platforms are quicksand for journalism.”   So subscription news is considered communist suppression now.   What news outlets require a subscription?   MOST:   Bloomberg, NYTimes, WAPO, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Atlantic, The Economist, etc… ALL Left wing disinformation campaigners!

Amazing how even the annual report by Reporters Without Borders is mired in disinformation and slander while claiming to support Freedom…   Most of us are weary unraveling the constant drivel of hypocrisy parlayed by western media, which is now synonymous with Soros and The Great RESET.   The drivel embedded in eating worms and crickets.   The drivel that trees cause climate change…

Transparency is the bulwark of Reporters Without Borders. Transparency would indicate they are proficient at lying and bias, while funded by Communists and Marxists, and inescapably DEVIANT in their attestations. Yet like every other hypocritical Gob Speak lying is the new normal of MSM.

Nikola Tesla: 700 Patents including a UFO…

Nikola Tesla has captured my interest to a great degree!   Born 1856, every major technology advancement that we have today can be attributed to research and patents attributed to Tesla.   A fascinating man emerges who is given little credit despite over 700 known patents –   WHY?   Because the vast majority of his patents were literally ‘stolen’.   And then distributed like contracts to the largess buyer by his friend and partner –  JP Morgan, and by the FBI via the Justice Department.

At the very least, Tesla can be compared to Da Vinci for the creation of concepts and technology he contributed.   Including the electric vehicle, smartphones, wireless internet, and his oscillator – an earthquake machine.   But his downfall would seem to be his trust with funding partner – JP Morgan.

Interviewer said to Albert Einstein, Sir, how do you feel about being the smartest person in the world? Albert replied, I don’t know, you ask Nikola Tesla the same question.

In 1900 Tesla created the first global free wireless tower with funding from JP Morgan – $150,000.   Morgan scrapped the project and burned the tower to the ground before creating his own version years later which operated at a profit plus.  Free energy was NOT an option.

Tesla created and patented the first radar.   George Marconi, a silver spoon elite who used his status to edge him as the founder of radar gained the royalty rights while Tesla was pushed aside.   Ultimately, the courts recognized Tesla as the founding creator – years after Tesla died.

But it was Tesla’s earthquake machine and death ray that caught the attention of FDR.  

Nikola Tesla came from Croatia, a small east European country.   He was gifted with a complete ‘photographic memory’.   Tesla envisioned what others said was impossible and created what others wished they had.   An eccentric, Tesla was surrounded by three good friends including Mark Twain – and a host of greedy foes who wanted the profits of Tesla’s mind without paying for the property rights.

Shortly after Tesla’s death in 1943, the FBI under the auspices of FDR, seized all his papers, notes, documents, and files and transferred them to the Alien Property Custodian Office.    Many of the documents were then turned over to MIT professor, Dr. John Trump, to disseminate their worth.   Trump’s response: “primarily of a speculative, philosophical and promotional character” and said the papers did “not include new sound, workable principles or methods for realizing such results.”  

The official FBI stance is that the reason they confiscated all of Tesla’s papers, documents and patents was because they feared his sister Marico Kosinovic would take them for enemy purposes?   She died in 1938, five years before Tesla. Ultimately portions of the confiscated documents held by the US Treasury Department were given to Telsa’s nephew, Sava Kosinovic. Of the 80 trunks the US government claimed held all Tesla’s work, only 60 were returned to Sava.  The remaining 20 disappeared…

Although the Alien Property Office was established to confiscate only ‘foreign property’ such as German assets during war – they illegally extended their reach into Tesla’s patents and then held them for over a decade.  Of course everything was copied and the contents held under the auspices of the Justice Department.

Despite the declaration that Tesla’s documents were of little value, his hand has been in many interesting developments without proper credit.

It was the height of World War II, and Tesla had claimed to have invented a powerful particle-beam weapon known as the “Death Ray,”   In 1989, the U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative developed a neutral particle beam to be used as a weapon in outer space – they called it a Death Ray.   James Melcher, John Trump’s lab director, is quoted as saying: “John, over a period of three decades, would be approached by people of all sorts because he could make megavolt “beams of ions and electrons – death rays…” 

Electron Beams are particle accelerators.   Meaning both the US government and John Trump used Tesla’s documents to create their own ‘death ray’ – without authorization by the rightful owner of the documents, Sava Kosinovic.   Trump did declare his particle beam accelerator was used for positive applications and not as a weapon.

CERN is the largest particle accelerator in the world – established in 1954.   In 2001, the DESY Laboratory in Hamburg announced plans to build a ‘linear electron collider’ as a compliment to CERN’s Large Hadron Collider – TESLA.   The basis or core of nearly every major scientific invention can be traced in some manner to the genius of Nikola Tesla.

It was Tesla’s EV patents that the CIA much later gave to Elon Musk for his introduction into electric automobiles.   Tesla’s wireless patents were likely given to Apple founder Steven Jobs,  One patent is the Tesla Flying Machine or the Magnetohydrodynamic Propulsion Device which resembles what we call UFO’s.   The concept is a method for propelling vehicles using only electric and magnetic fields with no moving parts.   Could the ‘Alien UFO’ encounters actually be Tesla’s propulsion methodology 80 years later concealed by our Military?

In the mid 1960’s, the first prototype of a magnetohydrodynamic was developed by Stewart Way while ‘on leave’ from his job at Westinghouse.   Westinghouse was one of Tesla’s employers in 1888 where he worked to develop various patents including AC current.   The US Government, FBI, CIA, and Department of Justice have illegally used Tesla’s patents and documentation to create multiple advances in technology.

The making of billionaires on the back of a genius who died penniless, Nikola Tesla is considered the inventor of the 20th century.  

FDIC Cash Balance Covers 1.27% of ALL Insured Deposits

Before helping to Bailout SVB Bank and Republic Bank – the FDIC had $128 billion cash on hand representing 1.27% of all insured deposits.   Still think your money is insured?   Not if the FDIC has no more funds.   They are funded by banks – when banks are no more, their funding takes a dive.   The Rothschild Economist declared a few weeks ago that the largest banks needed to absorb ALL other banks to recreate a banking Cartel of just 3-5 mega banks.   This is the only means to CONTROL via social credit scores.

Today, The Economist is suggesting that mining companies begin the same absorption process.   Lauding the agenda as the creation of a super commodities group or “Cartel”, the industry includes green metals as well as coal and other minerals such as lithium. Monopolies are the end goal.

Within this western trend, newly crowned King Charles has altered his coronation to add a ‘pledge’ that all Brits are called to recite in unison proclaiming their obedience to the King.   Not to the Land. Not to the Constitution.   But to Charles the man who intends to expand his Kingship duties so as to fully indoctrinate the British Empire that was and isn’t.  Hail Britain’s Totalitarian Rule!

The problem with going forward with the World Economic Forum Agenda is too many countries have sabotaged the global outcome.   Without a global response, with waning allies, and with awakened populace across the globe, the Cartel will need more than simple monopolies doling out rations.

In the event the Mafia Cartel manages to obliterate the western economies who will they govern?   Exodus from major cities will cue chaos should the chaos puppets choose to invade suburban and rural communities.     Which is why the importance of gun confiscation becomes a pre-eminent need to solve before the wave moves outward.  Their timing is off…

In nearly all mergers, employees are the first casualty.   Employees who reap benefits, lucrative salaries and whose job is largely a stage effect go first.   But in every restructure the slashing is crisp and finale.   There is no begging.   There is no mercy.   Thus the mergers being ordered by the Cartel will have an unemployment fallout.   Given all statistics are now algorithms, we have little ability to scrape together facts from the dung pile.

Unemployment is already a side show of fraud – operating on the same ideology established by Communist China.   We used to laugh at how China manipulated its GDP, its employment, its death rate, its wealth, its stock market, all DATA.   It is relatively easy once the government is onboard.   Now we know that all western DATA is forged.   We also know that Yellen, sobbing over a looming debt default, has the mind of a slug of jello and she will do whatever she is told without – a thought.   Literally.

When Jerome Powell told the Russian pranksters that he planned to raise interest rates two more times – he was admitting that DATA had nothing to do with the hikes.   He was laughing at his gamut and gloating with triumph…   Powell also felt close enough to “Zelenskyy” to divulge that the US was most definitely going to go into a recession this year likely attributable to the rate hikes…   hahaha isn’t it funny…

Having this degree of cordiality and insecure dialogue with Zelenskyy seems rather cozily prepped.   Powell wouldn’t express this much honesty with his own American counterparts, but feels it is discussable with a corrupt, fraudulent war monger.   On key – Michael Bloomberg announces that rates are still too high because inflation just won’t be tamed until we spiral into abject twallette water Recession – with a capital R.   The same Bloomberg who is working his Everytown lawyers into a frenzy as they weed out the smaller gun manufacturers with lawsuits in preparation for collapsing gun ownership.   Via – ammunition shortages.

But wait,   CSIS claims that the US military already has ammo shortages due to supplies shipped to Ukraine while Ukraine says it has ammo shortages because no one shipped them enough ammo – who cares about jets when you have no ammo?

For EXAMPLE:   CSIS states that the US military sent 1 million rounds of artillery shells to Ukraine – but only manufactures 2300 per MONTH!

When asking why this is international news – aka giving our ‘enemies’ specific information about our military hardware shortages – we need look no further than the Pentagon announcing the exact date of the Spring Offensive that will be Ukraine’s WIN!   Powell talking to Russian Pranksters.   Our CIA Director having multiple ‘meetings’ with Epstein while claiming he didn’t actually know who he was…   These are the Experts.   LAWYERS.  

Lawyers have the largest ego of nearly any occupation.   They routinely graduate from ‘expert law schools’ with ‘expert degrees’ and ‘expert accolades’ embellishing expertise in Everytown Everything.   Somehow, Lawyers run Economic Events, Pharma and medical decisions, all while determining Bills and Procedures for Congress.   Lawyers run our education system, our Banking Cartel, and our agriculture.   LAWYERS…

Today, Lawyers are determining how AI advancement could annihilate Earth.   And of course, by the time they actually use analytic and critical Thinking that is NOT fed to them – their brains will explode from the exertion and they will retire to Fiji.

Watch The Mergers.   This will determine their next Play Act on the Stage of the “Global Bust” as written by

~ The Protocols.

EVERYTOWN USA – Bloomberg Taking Your GUNS, Supreme Court & Constitution

As summer approaches NGO’s are already busily staging student protests against guns – all guns – as in they demand the confiscation from all legal legally authorized citizens.  The NGO paying the students o puppet their script is Everytown For Gun Safety founded by Mike Bloomberg.   One of the Back Room White House Handlers.   Everytown is composed of lawyers and lawyers of lawyers and directors of lawyers.     These guys could likely grind up Ghandi.

Each group of protestors is made up a small committee of trained script readers.   A hierarchy of three is all that is necessary to lead the paid crowd and deal with reporters.   And suddenly you have a bunch of teenagers protesting for – money and wearing their logo shirt to proclaim their alliance with Everytown.  Every media runs with the story…

Behind the distraction of children protesting, this hefty group of lawyers at Everytown are working on ONE issue – targeting Gun Control via courts and laws and judges.  They work alongside the ATF.   The purpose?  To take every conceivable court action against all the small dealers and bleed them dry of money so that they go bankrupt.   When the Big Five are left with control over all sales the CEO’s and Boards will be instructed to consolidate to three.   They will not have a choice – they have a directive.   Once each industry is monopolized they will be able to inflict the Control necessary to achieve their Agenda – limited to the US…

Everytown’s website states:

“30 percent of guns recovered by ATF in California have no serial number on them, making it impossible for law enforcement to trace.”

~Everytown Law

Meaning 30% of guns recovered in California belonged to criminals.   And another unknown percentage of guns also belong to criminals who have stolen guns with serial numbers.   The statement is a stumble bumble down into Alices Wonderland and is a filler.

Some of the lawsuits Everytown has litigated include:  victim lawsuits against gun manufacturers in Texas and Illinois, a victims settlement against an online ammunition seller, and working in Ohio to scrap the Stand Your Ground law.   This is the same method of usurping independence and freedom of rights that has already overtaken our judicial offices, DA’s, and courts.  The intention is to quirk the system to have hearings before prejudiced judges and wipe out the Gun Industry.

And the Supreme Court?  The conservative judges are being verbally, illegally, and physically assaulted to force intimidation.   But Everytown lawyers are working to eliminate the Supreme Court entirely.   IF there is no Supreme Court, when gun manufacturers lose a case, there is no higher court to overturn the injustice.    Any trial would be severely trampled without the Supreme Court apparatus to provide an unbiased opinion on a federal ground.

Simultaneously, The Cartel is attacking the Electoral College as another avenue to manipulate control to a singular entity.   And so the web is expanding.   Guns are certainly the largest hurdle for them to be able to Win.

While it appears Everytown is currently concentrating their legal crackdown in cities and towns this is not a federal directive – YET.  Without a Supreme Court there would not be any purpose or means for a Federal Constitutional appeal because there would no longer be a Federal Constitution.   Another domino – elimination of The Constitution since we have no Supreme Court.

As states became the sole means of judicial consequence – Reds would not survive in blue states.   Red vs blue division would force the redrawing of new lines and borders as the entire US territory is recreated and states are demolished.

Meaning the Reds have all the guns – and I’m missing something… 

The World Economic Forum has calculated that AI will replace 85 million jobs by 2025.  While exclaiming that millions of new jobs will be created with the advent of mass AI – WEF failed to define what those millions of added jobs would entail.   The vast majority will be to take care of the machines and AI bots.   Humans will become their maintenance workers, their servants, their slaves.  Work for the BOT.   Amazing transformation of humanity.

Humans will willingly agree to become slaves of AI given AI now controls war, air, water, sustenance.   Was this the real conversation between Musk and Schumer this past week?   How would this play out?   Are they ready?   Can the agenda survive with only a fraction onboard?   Russia?   China?

Seems like the Cartel is still stuck on a two dimensional war stage while the opponent is playing 3D.   Seeing the Big Picture – before the next Act instead of booing at the conclusion is only a small aspect of a good offense.    What we lack is a republican base that aggressively supports the The People.  Instead, our uni-government has joined the ranks of a rogue CIA and we have no representation.   Without representation all the illegal actions will continue without consequence.  

Talk is just…   TALK.      

POPE FRANCIS; Religious Morality Disqualified

WHY doesn’t Pope Francis say anything about the rise of Legal Pedophilia via UN Demands?   Why doesn’t Pope Francis comment about the Jesuit Churches helping illegal immigrants invading the US?   Why doesn’t Pope Francis express contempt for the Ukraine Nazi’s?   Why doesn’t Pope Francis announce the truth about degenerative Biden?   Why doesn’t Pope Francis reveal the value of the Vatican and Vatican City?   WHY does the Vatican hide documents of historical value?

Biden is representative of the US and the reason countries are afraid of the US.   The Biden headstone is a warning to all countries that unless you comply – this US monstrosity is exactly what we will do to your country too…   Pope Francis has a religious moral obligation to speak with honesty and integrity or disqualify himself as a Pope.   The longer he refuses, the more aligned with the false gods beneath the earth he becomes.   And the closer he pulls every Catholic into the bowels with him.

Where are the over 85,000 unaccompanied children that Pope Francis helped escort into the US?   Silence. Instead, Francis wants to repatriate Ukrainian children from Russia.   Kyiv has estimated there are 19,500 children who escaped the conflict and fled to Russia.  Zelenskyy wants them back in time for the Spring Offensive.   Why? To use as shields?

WHY isn’t Pope Francis condemning Zelenskyy’s imprisonment of Orthodox Priests?

How many children have been repatriated to Poland, Germany, UK?   WHY is this something that the Pope needs to address?   Did he address the Syrian children as Obama bombed city after city to rubble?   Did he address the children maimed and murdered by Ukraine and the Azov Batallion?

How can the entire Vatican do and say nothing about these immoral inconsistencies?   Are the Bishops mute?

Yesterday, Zelenskyy’s military minions bombed a bus in the Donetsk region killing seven including a child.   Is this where Zelenskyy plans to relocate the 19,500 Russian children?   Why target a bus? The logic is amazing – Zelenskyy wants the region returned to Ukraine – the same region that his government has been bombing and shelling for 9 YEARS killing over 15,000!  Pope Francis – silent.

In visiting Hungary today, Francis warned of the rise of nationalism across the EU.   Calling for the “European Soul”  that rose after WWII, Francis lectured Orban about the grave injustice in not accepting whatever migrants the Vatican wants to deposit everywhere but – Vatican City!

Pope Francis has insisted that migrants fleeing poverty are a priority and should be embraced.   Migrant crime should be ignored.   Migrant’s social and cultural disparities should be ignored.   And countries should all alter their own culture in order to embrace African migrant culture.

Time and again the Liberals provide pinky swear statistics declaring the US religiosity has declined by 20% to 30%!   Have they considered why?   According to the church the reason is because parents are choosing to not raise their children with any faith.   Parents are simply not giving their children the experience to choose.   It is a fallout from the 1960’s .  The Youth market.

The Vatican claims its basement filled with ‘secret archived documents’ is not really secret it is just private and thus not available to the common man.   In the 11th century, all secret documents were stored at three separate facilities. Between the 11th and the 13th centuries, a large part of these archives vanished.  It wasn’t until 1612 that Pope Paul V declared that all secret archives must be housed at one location.   Today, housing 16 million pages stretching over 53 miles of shelves, the accumulation of history is massive.  But we are Not Allowed to view it.

The fallout of religion is exasperated by the abject silence of Christian churches across the country.   Nary a word with few exceptions.   Evil will go away if we just don’t talk about it…   Lifeway Church states that the pulpit is silent because they are afraid.   Afraid that if they speak they will lose their tax status.   For example: Bayside Community Church in Florida reports nearly $80 million in assets and annual receipts of $27.4 million – Clearly a church deserves to have a nestegg to offset expenses in times of hardship, but the accumulation of millions tax free is NOT the intent of charitable status.

While many largess churches have become burgeoning sources of greed, their counterpart, NGO’s, are far worse hording $Trillions of untaxed profits.   Vatican City pays -0- taxes.

It was The Revenue Act of 1917 that established the charitable deduction and tax exempt status.   The purpose of the Act was to raise more money for WWI, a European War, paid for by Americans. The purpose of the charitable deduction was to make sure those who gave the most could reduce their income tax levy. Despite this, after WWI, the government took control of welfare, education, and scientific investments which were previously funded by private citizens.

These institutions became American Taxpayers charity when our government usurped charity and decreed it a government expenditure.   Education K-12:   $800 billion annually.   Welfare Budget – $1.215trillion.   Scientific Research = $708 billion.   Those charities translate to $2.72 trillion annually divided by working citizens is $20,600 per taxpayer. This does NOT include charity we pay toward other countries thru such agencies as USAID, NED, CSIS, etc…  

But this does reflect what happens when a rogue government is given charge of citizen money to use AND overuse at their discretion.   In the recent prank call to Federal Chairman Powell by the Russian’s, Powell jokingly stated that he has his own private printing press for whatever amount of money Ukraine needs…  

Powell may work for the Federal Reserve but he answers to his other employer, Bank of International Settlements.