Syria’s Chemical Attack: al-Qaeda and why

Once again the media is coming to a conclusion without any investigative journalism whatsoever – and again this one took less than five minutes to find…

Chemical weapons have been cited in Idib Syria as killing over 70 people including many children. A horrific act of malicious warfare without any gain but civilian terror, pain and death.   So who is responsible, who committed this atrocity? That is the core question.

February 2017, Idib was controlled by two rebel factions who were initially working together against the Assad regime; Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (JFS) and Ahrar al-Sham.   JFS was formerly named el Nusra, an al Qaeda affiliated group that was originally backed by the US until alternate media pointed out the fact that they were actually the bad guys and the Obama regime’s support was a bit bizarre.

So, they were named a terrorist group.

In February, power struggles begin to shift and the two rebel groups started fighting each other. And because the international community was embarrassed at being outed for supporting an al Qaeda affiliate, they told other rebel groups to distance themselves from JFS. To the point that JFS was not included in peace talks led by the UN. So the UN requested JFS bee excluded – and they were royally peeved!

So what we have is two adversaries controlling parts of Idib – one being an al-Qaeda affiliate and yet the western, McCain cry is ‘It’s the government’!!  Hmmm.

Six different rebel groups consolidated to oppose JFS. They were not happy campers. As a result, infighting has been extensive since February – leading up to massive US drone strikes on JFS that have killed 100 of their senior fighters. At this point there are perhaps 20-30 different factions of rebels all splintered but holding to a loyalty of either ISIS, al Qaeda, or what we call ‘moderates’.

Commanders of one faction are routinely sought by other factions, and splits occur nearly daily causing the old faction to ‘rename’ itself.

Fast forward, a conference was scheduled in Brussels to decide the fate of Syria. It is to be held April 5th and 6th. JFS was not invited. Tuesday, April 4th, a chemical weapons attack occurred and the media immediately claims it was the Assad government. Why? Because it’s an easy story that requires no research.

In fact, twice before major peace talks chemical weapons attacks occurred. Once in 2013 and again in 2016. The motive? Destabilization. Keep the country in chaos. Create a false reality.

In 2013, the Khan al-Assal chemical attack using the same ‘sarin gas’ hit a government controlled area in Aleppo killing civilians and government forces. Each time there is a chemical attack the rebels blame the government and the government blames the rebels.

Given the new pressure to give Syria back to Assad, logically he would have no rationale to conduct an attack. However, no one can really know for sure as the fingers immediately point elsewhere – something like Madame Rice in the US…

In September 2013, OPWC oversaw the complete elimination and destruction of all declared chemical weapons then possessed by the Syrian government.

The notion that the rebels, aka al-Nusra, are incapable of making a chemical bomb are ridiculous at best. In 2013, CNN reported that it is a well known fact that al-Qaeda was producing chemical weapons as far back as 2006 and using them in Iraq. And according to the CIA, at the time, there was no evidence to suggest that al-Qaeda was pealing back its efforts to create more chemical bombs.

In 2013 it was also reported that as Assad had lost control of Aleppo, and bio-pharmaceutical infrastructure was destroyed, looting of these laboratories was witnessed and the suspected looters were al-Nusra.

This information was released via a report produced by bio warfare and terrorism experts Jill Bellamy van Aalst and Olivier Guitta.     In the report, they state:

“The fact that this looting took place in the Aleppo area where the rebellion—and in particular Al Nusrah—is very strong tends to confirm that AQ may potentially be in possession of biological agents.”

So. What we have is conclusive stipulation by the CIA and UN that al-Qaeda and al-Nusra both have had access to chemical weapons in Iraq in 2006 and again in Syria in 2013.   We have the OPWC claiming they oversaw the elimination of all of the government controlled chemical weapons in 2013. And we have multiple chemical weapon attacks – since.

These attacks typically coincide as occurring just prior to a peace talk. The latest peace talk stood to favor Assad.

Even if we conclude that Assad didn’t turn over all his chemicals, “Who has the MOTIVE?” It is insane to make conclusions like this without evaluating the truth and the evidence. But our Media feels impassioned and emboldened to do so thereby acting as Judge, Jury and Executioner.

Fox’s Fake News: Syria by Russia Design

Fox News has headlined an article in which it claims; “In Syria there are more war crimes, more peace talks and more radicalization by – Russia Design”.   Huh. Where’s the proof?   Their primary source citation is The Institute For The Study of War. Sounds impressive – right?   Until, unless one does a bit of research and it is easily disseminated:

The CEO is a Kimberly Kagan. The first, most obvious foul is the fact that her husband’s brother is married to Victoria Nuland. The same Nuland advocating for war with Russia. The same Nuland deciding who should run Ukraine after the coup – Nuland.

The second most obvious foul is that this obscure little non-profit, The Institute for The Study of War, claims it gets all it’s funding from Raytheon, General Dynamics and DynCorp.   As in no conflict of interest there!   So for all the call to arms The Institute will pass the arms contracts to their funders.   Nice tight package.

Third foul, Fox News is using the very credible Institute For The Study of War which had within it’s bowels, Elizabeth O’Bagy.   A registered Democrat, she lied on her resume that she had earned her PhD from Georgetown, and was used by war-mongering McCain and Kerry to assist in evaluating the need to go to war with Syria. After she was disgraced and fired from The Institute, 2 weeks later McCain hired her on his personal staff as a ‘legislative assistant’.   Another tight package.

Jonathan Maunter of The Institute was used as a source for another Fox article in which the author claimed – “Russia and Assad Bombing of Civilians Continues as UN Peace Process Staggers”.   According to the website for The Institute, Maunter doesn’t even work there???   Oops.  In this article they also reference the Syria Institute as a reliable source.

The Syria Institute is run by 33 year old Valerie Szybala and was formed September 2015. They apparently get their funding by asking for donations via Facebook…  They claim to be aligned with the ever famous – Foundation For Justice and Development. This non-profit is so non-profit it doesn’t even have to file a Form 990 because they don’t make enough money. It refers comments to Ismael Basha, who is an unknown.

The man writing these incredibly opinionated and flagrantly unsourced, propaganda/articles is George Russell, described as an “Editor at-large at Fox News”. Outside of that his bio includes a recommendation by The Economist, the Rothschild media outlet.

Good Grief Charley Brown – Is that the best you can do Fox?

In conclusion: We have an aging journalist with not much presence other than Fox since 2004 and a probable link to Liberal ideologies via The Economist, who utilizes as his sources for articles weak, Liberal, agenda oriented, Nuland connected, war-mongers, and organizations that barely exist and have just recently been formed by people that appear to by Syrian or Saudi…

Given that Fox is partially owned by the Saudi’s, the Saudi connection to discredit Assad and demonize Russia via propaganda that is easily shred by anyone with five spare minutes, makes the entire fiasco rather pathetically childish.

FOX – shame on you! What a Sham.

Soros Destabilizing EU brings US and UK Together

After bungling the US election, Soros is still brazenly active in world destabilization – particularly in the UK.   It wasn’t that long ago that he gained media attention when he began to demote and deride Merkel for her actions and non-actions, predicting that she would be impeached, replaced, and become a target of hatred across Germany and the EU.

But then she complied with Soros demands and all was good…

That same agenda is now being promulgated against Theresa May with Soros ‘predicting’ she won’t last and will soon find herself on the proverbial street having mismanaged the Soros UK.

In his dismantling, he notes that BREXIT will be hailed as the cause for all the ails and ills of all of Europe. He claims that the economy and the pound sterling will tank and the UK will find itself in deep distress.

In his rooster strut – Soros, via EU Commissioner Donald Tusk, has declared that Gibralter is no longer a sovereign part of the UK and belongs to Spain and the EU. This is of course on top of the UN claiming that as a result of BREXIT, the UK owes them upwards of $50 billion. And now, Tusk is attempting to micro-manage the UK by mandating their tax and trade rules even as they have relinquished their EU membership.

Control is a very destructive bedfellow.

However, the EU may have over-estimated its power.

If the EU were to attempt to control and manipulate the UK through economic measures or even sanctions, there are ready, available and eager alternate markets drooling for a larger share of trade, including; Russia, China and the US.

With Trump and May declaring a Commonwealth relationship between the UK and US, with Trump looking to equalize trade deficits with China, with Trump leveraging the sovereignty of the US, the dramatic ‘shift’ in globalization control and manipulation is being tethered. And remaining members of the EU could find themselves in very dire straits as a result, with Germany at the helm as she is the only one left with any substantial funds.

It may be this is the true veiled threat that Soros is predicting when he says that the EU is staged for a fallout. The power and economic control of the EU is grossly misunderstood. While it exists, it is not without alternate competition. And the countries that recognize this trade potential are more than willing to comply with any shortfalls.

Soros game has relied nearly exclusively on emotion instead of wisdom or intellect. He preys on people’s emotions to drive their intellect, instead of vice-versa. Trump has shown amazing resilience despite the massive attacks from all fronts.   Theresa May has also shown a steady set course despite all the attempts to create gale forces and sink her tenacity.

The tyranny of the Global Protocol has never been so challenged. It is running and it is making Yuge mistakes. Under-estimating the power of knowledge, the alternate media has not censored the truth.

With the new WikiLeaks revelation regarding the ability of the CIA to camouflage hacks by diverting source code into a Russian, Chinese, Farsi or Saudi forensic – Marble 7 changes the entire evidentiary matter of the CIA. With the revelation by idiots verbally gloating about their role in manipulating intelligence on Trump, with the evidence piling high against the Obama administration in a conspiracy far far greater than Watergate – the Soros cabel is ramping up propaganda.

Stand fast Oh Captain, My Captain – our fearful trip shall soon be done.

Obama Intel Taps – Evidence Mounting

While the charges against Obama and his administration mount on evidence, proof, admissions and testimony, the craze against the Trump-Russia connection is still simply a bunch of unsubstantiated angry words. It doesn’t seem to matter how many Democrats continue the same rhetoric, each time, the empty words are taken as Gospel.

I think it would behoove the media to focus on more pressing issues, solutions and positives for a change.

For example: McCain’s infantile bully-bash of Kim Jong-un, was hardly diplomacy at it’s finest… but given he knew the effect his brash remark would have, we can only deduce it was made purposefully.

Example 2: With the EU Commission imploding financially after BREXIT, Juncker would be far more diplomatic if he wooed Trump instead of tossing about threats that he will instigate a Texas and Ohio secession… Really?

Example 3: Why won’t the press talk about Yemen? Could it be because Obama and the Saudi’s colluded in a completely illegal campaign to destroy a country just for funzies?

Example 4:  The fact that Germany is being asked to ante up the total sum they reneged on in their 2% military spending obligation for NATO has somehow missed much of the press.

Example 5: And then we have the UN suing the UK for lost wages and anticipated pensions and lost gifts and bribes and money they desperately need to payoff the victims of their peacekeeping sexual predators…

What ever happened to investigating Hillary’s Foundation? Benghazi? How do all these things vanish and no one has any consequence?   Hillary’s latest foul was apparently to maintain security clearance after she was no longer in the State Department thereby allowing her access to highly complicated and secure information. How come no one bothered to mention that three years ago?

Is our internal intelligence so daft that they never noticed, or is it that they were bribed, or is it that they colluded? Possibly – all three.

While the slime of the swamp is slowly being unearthed, fear is rising exponentially, and with fear the hope that chaos will create a diversion has taken hold.

But here’s a journalistic report worth the garbage heap: According to Reuters, the UN is tch-tching Trump for the US trend of curbing freedom of speech. They cite as evidence the ‘peaceful demonstration against the North Dakota Pipeline”.   Problem? The cost to cleanup after the peaceful protest cost taxpayers over $1 million, included abandoned dogs, and toxic sewage.   THAT IS NOT freedom of speech. That is a bunch of misaligned demeaning entitled malfeasants who obviously are not contributing to society via a JOB. This would also align with the peaceful protests of Black Lives Matter (also mentioned by the UN), or the Ferguson riots… that destroyed hundreds of private businesses and resulted in millions of damage.

According to the UN – those are the examples of the US shutting down freedom of speech. And while articles continually quote ‘the UN experts” they never quote a name or names or exact quotes. In fact, the ‘quotes’ are most likely Soros related given he has a post at the UN. Or maybe they come from the ever bastion of human rights activists – the Saudi’s…

Given the media – and even the conservative media – instead choose to have journalistic freelance to condemn and betray their own President, or give an entire feed to Pence’s marriage values, it would seem that the referendum of chaos is quite busy indeed.

It would be really nice – if someone just told us – what the heck is going on. For real.

Because, this is beyond Fake News – it is Dead News!

Sanctuary Cities – Are you One?


I wonder how many people registered in cities and counties across the US are even aware that they are classified as a ‘Sanctuary City’? Of course, the pins are concentrated throughout California, Oregon, Washington and the northeast. In addition, there are quite a few pins in Colorado and Illinois.

As a resident of Colorado, I don’t recall a vote on whether I agreed to label my state, city or county as a sanctuary city? I think I would have noticed that voting block on my ballot. But oddly, it wasn’t there. Which means that our government here in Colorado is making a blanket choice as my representative that I hugely do not agree with. Do not financially support. And worse, now have put our People’s at peril for less Federal support – without even asking if we – agreed.

Such a massive decision – should arguably, absolutely, be put forth to The People.   And it seems to me that a politician who makes such a decision on behalf of the People, has grossly over-extended his Powers.

Apparently, Denver and Aurora are Sanctuary Cities and stand to lose Federal Funding Big time unless our government representatives decide to ‘represent’ the People – instead of a select few.

So how much does Denver and Aurora stand to lose? About $200 million. Adding in Boulder which has announced it’s sanctuary status – that amounts to an additional $10ish million. Where will these cities rap these losses? Why our pockets of course through increased taxes.

Sorry – no one asked me…

While Denver mayor Hancock claims that Denver is compliant – the fact remains – it is not. And actions are more substantial than whines.

Are you a sanctuary city? Don’t rely on the whines of your local government, check out the Federal response – because they are the ones holding the purse strings…

If you live in California, Oregon, or Washington, if you live in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and anything north – chances are – you are a Sanctuary city. Anything inside Illinois – you are a sanctuary city.

For the Feds, there is absolutely no incentive to alter what is – it is cha-ching – money in the bank. For you – it is cha-ching – money out the door as now you are not only responsible for the lost funding, but the lawsuits, the increase in inmate prison costs, and the insurance losses that raise rates that WE PAY.

Angry? You should be. This is a policy/stance adopted by your state and city and county representatives without – a popular vote.

A Soros Coup in Russia – Alexei Navalny

For Putin, Alexei Navalny is something of a Hillary/Obama headache.

Navalny is the grandstanding activist who routinely voices opposition to Putin, has attempted to impeach Medvedev, and routinely holds unsanctioned protests in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The western media hail him as a demi-god in much the same fashion as Hillary and Obama.

While Navalny’s background as an activist is lengthy, starting in 2000, however, in 2014 a worthy connection was made:

In 2013, Navalny ran for mayor of Moscow pegged under the party RPR-PARNUS. PARNUS (Peoples Freedom Party) which is a liberal, social political party led by Mikhail Kasyanov, and is an associate member with the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats For Europe (ALDE)- an extreme Socialist organization. Navalny pulled out of the race after he was sentenced to prison for embezzlement and fraud.

In 2014, Boris Nemtzov, a co-chairman of the Russian “Peoples Party”, worked on a project of coalition between Navalny and Khodorkovsky who headed The Open Russia Foundation. The Open Russia Foundation is a parallel organization to Soros Open Society Foundation. The original board members of Open Russia were Henry Kissinger and Lord Jacob Rothschild.   It is referred to as a philanthropic NGO, and after being shut down in 2006, it relaunched in 2014 creating an activist platform against Putin headed by Navalny and Khodorkovsky.

The New York Times and Washington Post have both supported the work of Open Russia as well as Khodorkovsky.  That alone should be proof positive.  But there is more.

In 2015, Russia banned two of Soros NGO’s; Open Society Institute and Open Society Foundation. CNBC refers to these organizations as ‘pro-democracy’ and their work in Russia as simply aimed at helping Russia transition from communism.  Hmmmm.

The founding members of ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats For Europe) included The Free Democratic Party of Germany which supported the SS and Nazi’s. Other founding members from France to Luxembourg and Britain are politically far left Liberal Socialist. Which coincides with the Rothschild/Soros agenda for a One World Open Society.

So, while Trump has to swat the annoying buzz of Hillary and Obama like flies attacking sheep in the summer, Putin is busy with the likes of Open Russia and a particularly annoying fly named Navalny.

Today, Navalny is making the US media headlines, including Fox News, for the fact that when he organized an illegal protest in Moscow, he was arrested and jailed with a sentence of 15 days.

While the headlines from The Guardian, Newsweek, Chicago Tribune, BBC and New York Times, all very liberal and aligned with Hillary gate, all declare this arrest to be a further denouncement of Putin’s ‘thugocracy’ in censoring free speech!   Lest we forget, a) We have no right whatsoever to make any statement with regard to Russia’s politics or laws b) Their government is sovereign – as is ours, c)   Remember the DC Women’s March?,   d)   Remember all the Anti-Trump protests – that have resulted in numerous arrests?

The Russian protocol for arresting protestors is governed by law and involves taking them downtown, confirming and noting their name and address, and then immediately releasing them.   They are not formally arrested. However, Navalny is an instigator, and that is different, so his arrest is completely lawful.

The State Department Spokesman, Mark Toner, has denounced the arrests…   Why?

Toner is a hold over from the Obama administration having served with Victoria Nuland, a Bill Clinton patriot. She is best known for a phone conversation she had with Geoffrey Pyatt in which they discussed who they felt should be appointed to government positions in Ukraine after the US backed coup, adding an expletive with regard to the European Union.

Mark Toner is a part of the “Swamp”.

Navalny represents the world of Soros. He has received unprecedented funds for his candidacies as mayor and president all of which point to the potential for a classic Soros backed coup attempt in Russia.

Sadiq Khan – London a Beacon of Islam

Sadiq Khan, elected London’s mayor May 2016, has been quite a verbal orator when it comes to denouncing Candidate Trump and President Trump. He made no bones about his public support of Hillary Clinton, stating that he knew she would be the victor.   Sometimes, when a politician opens his/her mouth to deride the accomplishments of another, it opens the Pandora Box and all the diseases are released.

And so, during his tenure as mayor, exactly what has Khan accomplished? While running for mayor, the following were his platform points:

  1. He was anti-Brexit
  2. He promised that he would provide 50,000 new homes his first year, 50% in affordable housing wards.
  3. He would freeze all rail fares for Londoners.
  4. He said he would impose a daily fee on higher polluting vehicles entering London.
  5. Encourage businesses to stay and more to come to London as an open city.
  6. Promised to stop neighborhood police from being fired.
  7. Rent freezes.

How many affordable homes has he provided? None. In fact, he has now declared that the funds that are stipulated for the project, 3.15 billion euro, will be disbursed sometime before 2021. Problem? The mayoral term is 4 years, he could be out in 2020… Problem? His promise was ONE year. But it isn’t his fault – it is the fault of all the greedy developers…

Obviously BREXIT occurred.

After he was elected he declared that he changed his mind about rent control.

The daily fee on high polluting vehicles?  Shhhh.  Not possible.

He altered his promise with respect to railway fee freezes and redefined what that would look like – it would apply to single and pay-as-you go fees. Most Londoners buy travel cards which won’t be respected in the freeze.

In fact, he has actually done very little to nothing during his nearly one year tenure with the exception of pronouncing himself a feminist and participating in an LGBT parade. Which shows he has all the same real political capabilities as a Trudeau or a Macron.

What Sadiq Khan has done is attempt to demean President Trump by claiming he would love to ‘educate him on Islam and its compatibility with western values”. It would appear that this education in Islam might be reversed…given this latest terrorist attack by Islamists…

Khan gave multiple interviews in which he called Trump ‘ignorant’. In contrast, Trump was more dignified toward his comments about Khan. Perhaps Khan should consider respect classes…

Backed by Ken Livingstone, the first mayor of London, who advocated for Marxist ideologies, Socialist doctrine, anti-Semitism, and pro-Fabian Society rhetoric (like Justin Trudeau’s father), the pool of Rothschild influence is thick with blood and oil.

In 2012, when speaking to a group of worshippers at a mosque, Livingstone was quoted as saying, “if elected I would educate the mass of Londoners about Islam, and turn the capital city into a beacon of Islam”.

In fact, the creed of The Islamic Forum of Europe is “from ignorance to Islam”. Sounding like the denouncement made by Khan against Trump? The Islamic Forum was originally a Bangladeshi group. Khan’s heritage is Pakistani and Indian.  The Forum’s aim is to move London away from secular left politics and replace it with Islamist politics.

And so full circle, enter Sadiq Khan, who embraces Islam. As of 2011, the percentage of Islam followers was pushing 13% in London although some neighborhoods are well over 50%.  And lest we forget, the London election was riddled with controversies including; tampering with ballots, falsified ballots, falsified registrations, closed polling stations, and outright fraud. And it wasn’t – the Russians.  Who could it be???

South Africa – Ethnic Cleansing of Whites

There is a less publicized parallel story happening right now that seems to mirror the black on white atrocities our media fails to report. South Africa has been under siege and the reports can only be found on ‘alternative sites’, the same sites the media wants to censor.  And the crime is ethnic cleansing of whites.

It’s called xenophobic genocide and it’s being perpetrated against foreign nationals across South Africa. The chant advocated by South Africans and President Zuma is “Kill the Farmer! Kill the Boer!” The Boers were Dutch farmers who settled in South Africa in the 1600’s to escape British persecution.

Since the ANC Party took control of the government, 70,000 white people have been brutally murdered.   The ideology is to kill the farmer, and rape his wife and children for no other reason than a genocidal retaliation. Whites are hacked to death, tortured, burned, gutted, and shot. In addition, during the reign of the ANC Communist Party, unemployment rose, poverty among whites rose significantly, and immigrants are considered a threat and the target of attacks, rapes, and murders.

The tactics seem to mimic the cries heard quietly across the US, where one such case occurred in Mississippi wherein gangs called for the rape, murder and torching of all white women. In 2014 a 19 year old white girl in Mississippi was douced with gasoline and torched – alive.

According to statistics released for 2013, the average number of murders in South Africa each day is 47, burglaries is 714, 394 vehicles are broken into daily, and rape, well that is at crisis levels. Instead of reporting rape to corrupt authorities who will likely do nothing, the families ask for retribution in the form of a monetary bribe. Still, despite the non-reporting, South Africa has one of the highest rape statistics in the world.

Gangs in South Africa are prevalent and vicious. They no longer perpetrate their violence against other gangs, but target anyone, particularly whites. Routinely, shops are destroyed, shop owners murdered, businesses shutter and the economy has begun a severe contracted spiral.

Gang members pretend they are taxi drivers, pick up women, rob them and rape them.

In the US, blacks offenders are equal to white offenders according to FBI statistics, despite the fact that the black population in the US is roughly 12%. The disparity is not politically correct, but it is Truth.  It would seem that blacks everywhere are angry, and whites are their targets.

And while the past, history, has prevailed as the underlying cause of this anger, there is a wholly lacking logic.  While it rose in South Africa during the Mandela and ANC Party rule, in the US the Obama administration created a catastrophic hatred not seen for over fifty years.  The focus – white colonization.

In South Africa, whites make up less than 9% of the population. Colonization is history.  It has been quashed.  Ethnic cleansing is the rule. But South Africa is certainly not alone. Zimbabwe, and President Mugabe, set the rule that killing whites was “Godly”.

The cry was echoed by Obama when he declared whites the perpetrators of slavery and colonialism – when in fact Muslims have always been the largest slave owners, and colonialism is rooted in every century under the guise of slaughter, rule and power. Few, if any, ethnicities have not participated. Colonialism is simply another word for attack and rule. Phoenicians, Mycenaeans, Babylonians, Sabaeans, Parthians, etc… This concept of conquer and rule, is not a white ideology, it is a mankind ideology.

Still, I am appalled that Liberals ‘claim’ we today are at fault, we must be punished, we must pay for ‘history’.   And in so doing, by default, are perpetrating the same colonialism that they decry as heinous.  Only the colonialism is by the blacks.

The only way to stop it, is to recognize it. Murder is not recognition, it is the continuation of the exact same agenda you claim to detest.   But there seems to be only a single sidedness to the concepts embraced by the Liberals;  tolerance, love, compassion, equality, etc… these terms are only so good as they benefit one agenda only.  How can they be so BLIND?

The Guardian – Trump Impeachment!

The Guardian is headlining a Trump Impeachment story that is rife with pathetic sources and unproven allegations.

  1. They quote an “influential, 13 term Democrat Congresswoman”. This unnamed influence is none other than Maxine Waters, a disgraced Congresswoman who was involved herself in allegations of corruption wherein she and her family gained monetarily as a direct result of her actions in Congressional decisions, including TARP.

She had a close relationship with Fidel Castro, thanking him for helping people who needed to flee political persecution.

In 2011, Judicial Watch named Maxine Waters as one of the ten most corrupt politicians.

A video of her slamming Shell Oil CEO at a hearing reveals she is a Liberal Socialist stating; ‘This Liberal is about taking over and the government running all of your companies”.

She is continually quoted as demeaning Trump, and stating that she will initiate impeachment proceedings because he ‘doesn’t have good values”, he “is acting in this manner”, and he’s “the most outrageous and ridiculous President”.

This is The Guardians prime source for a Trump Impeachment.

  1. Their second reasoning source is the FBI Bombshell announcement. And who do they source? Why the esteemed, Dan Rather.  Rather claims that the Trump-Russia allegation is going to be bigger than Watergate… Of course, Rather was the main character of the Rathergate Controversy in which 6 documents critical of George Bush’s tenure in the Air National Guard proved to be forgeries. Much like the Trump Dossier…

Rather was fired along with his story producer Mary Mapes. In 2007 Rathers initiated a lawsuit claiming wrongful discharge of employment, while still claiming the forged documents were true and that CBS was simply using him as a scapegoat. The suit was dismissed by New York State Appeals Court in 2009.

This is The Guardians secondary source for a Trump Impeachment.

  1. Their third choice is John Bonifaz, an attorney who has created numerous ‘non-partison’ Liberal organizations aimed at election reform. He also attempted to find grounds for the impeachment of George Bush for misleading statements that led to the Iraq War.

His statement that is used to convict Trump is, “I think there are many members of Congress who are deeply troubled.   I think it’s only a matter of time before a resolution gets introduced in the United States Congress that starts this process of an impeachment investigation in the House of Representatives.”

He then states that Vice President Mike Pence will be the one initiating the process.

This is The Guardians third source.

This isn’t the first time the Pence rumor has floated and it is sounding more and more like a deliberate fakery in order to ‘divide and conquer’ at the very core. Only the Liberal media have run this line – without any evidence whatsoever.

But then The Guardian has a trail of tears from laughingly calling for the assassination of Bush, to hiring a Muslim terrorist to write copy for them. While they claim they had no idea he was a member of the Hizb ut-Tahrir terrorist organization, that doesn’t exactly bode well for a new organization claiming they are the best and most trusted and most in-depth reporters and journalists…   They hired a terrorist knowingly.

They have been labeled anti-semite, have had gag orders placed on them for releasing confidential information, and if that isn’t enough:

“The Guardian and its parent groups participate in Project Syndicate, established by George Soros.”

Aw shucks…  He does have the fingers of a million Octopi!

Politico, another Soros spearhead for ‘independent news’, continually derides Trump.  An impeachment article they ran April 17, 2016 calculates that such impeachment proceedings will be initiated by McCain, Graham, Pelosi, and Ryan. 

Nothing new here given they are all Soros wolves.  But the Pence allegation is clearly a shadow stab to derail and divide.  Not his style.

Fake News? Liberal’s Elementary School Curriculum

Teaching Kids News… is the Newest Big Money Agenda.  Given our era of fake stories and biased stories and inaccurate stories, and un-researched stories, it would appear that the Liberals are not content to manipulate our Big People media, and have begun a mind manipulation of public schools – beginning as young as age 3.

The concept is that media focus should be cued to reputable, approved sites that have been culled to frame one particular point of view. Theirs. The claim is that they are providing an unbiased vision into the current event news stories and rewriting the content to fit the dumbing down to different levels of understanding based on age.

So, I thought I’d take a look at the curriculum content provided by one such site that offers it’s news tabloids to school curriculums: “Teaching Kids News”. While their claim is that they believe in choice and truth, they also seem to want to censor alternative news sites stating they are most likely to convey fake and false news, while the top tier are the most valued; Washington Post, New York Times…etc.

A story they published concerning newly appointed NSA Michael Flynn, was ripe with innuendo, bias, propaganda, manipulation, and was nearing if not on target to making false and misleading statements, aka lies.  Partial points of one story include the following (although the entire story read like a Hillarygate email):

“When one of Donald Trump’s advisors (National Security Advisor Michael Flynn) was asked if he had talked to the Russian government before the U.S. election, he said no. But that was a lie. He had to resign (quit his job) because of his lie.”

“But in this presser, Trump seemed more interested in complaining about the media and bragging about his own accomplishments. For more than a year, Trump has been saying that certain media tell lies. The news organizations he doesn’t like are usually the ones that are not saying good things about him.”

This story was geared for sixth graders.  At the end of the story, they state that they are ‘biased’ but that other reporters don’t admit to that and so they are bad and they, TKN, are ‘good’…WHAT???

The entire point of their supposed program is to provide Truth, not bias garbage! The most important lesson is lost – teaching a child how to make their own informed opinions. Instead, this one woman show, Joyce Grant, is simply a fake/false/biased news feed.

Common Sense Media is another organization heralding their version/vision of what media and news children should be made aware of given the bias of the editor. With a whopping $25 million annual budget, a former Board Member by the name of Chelsea Clinton, and a CEO, James Steyer, who was a partner with Hillary Clinton on the Too Small To Fall initiative, their Board of Directors are a Who’s-Who of Democrats with affiliation or allegiance to Bill and Hillary Clinton.


Their grants include two very small amounts to a school in Omaha, and one in Denver. Otherwise, their entire expense budget of $16.1 million covered salaries, rent, and travel. Their Balance Sheet reflects nearly 100% in cash or equivalents hording to the tune of $20 million.  Sound familiar?

They attest to ‘the best books’, ‘the best news sources’, ‘the best movies’, ‘the best TV, websites, best blah, etc…’   For example, for teens, the best news is Huffington Post Teens (Full disclosure, Huffington Post is one of the funders). And ‘the best for character development’ included 99% television movies and other movies, only a spattering of books.

Having been hailed by Chief Obama as the best source of media censorship available for children, the company is funded by NBC, Comcast, DirectTV, Time Warner, Nickelodian, Google, Best Buy, AT&T and NCM. What do all these company’s have in common?   1.   They all supported Hillary Clinton. 2.   And they all will likely profit significantly as their television, web search, and movie channels will be pivotally promoted!

In essence, what we have in our public education system is classes beginning as young as 3 years old in which the news, the media, and information is completely controlled by Democrats, Hillarygates, and Liberal propaganda dictating to and molding the very core belief system of our children, all the while promoting the very same companies profit margins. As in – CHA-CHING.

Quite a YAK!

FYI  – The Bible got 3 stars.