Trump Wiretapping Vindicated

Obama and his spokesmen have adamantly denied that “Obama ordered the wire tapping of the Trump Tower”.

“Neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen. Any suggestion otherwise is simply false,” Obama spokesman Kevin Lewis said in a statement.

Okay… then who does the ordering, because the statement is obviously a legal play on words?

NSA, FBI and Attorney General. The Attorney General, in this case Loretta Lynch, may under certain circumstances bypass the FISA warrant request if they deem the request to be ‘urgent’. But warrant requests are rarely turned down – as in .03%. In 1979 there were 207 such FISA requests, in 2007-2008 during the election cycle there were 2370 and 2083 respective requests with 1 denied. In 2011 to 2012, the next election cycle, there were 1674 and 1788 respectively. The numbers for this election cycle have not been released.

In addition, in 2011, Obama secretly won permission to circumvent restrictions in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance guides that would permit the tapping of US citizens who might be a secondary target if the tap was initiated against a foreign person.

And while the Obama spokesman is blatantly wrong in his assertion that no US citizen has ever been targeted, is also a play on words – as in “White House Official”, which would NOT include the Directors of the FBI and NSA. James Comey is/was the Director of the FBI.  Most Wiretapping requests come from the FBI.

Further, it would seem that Comey is running a bit scared in attempting to cover his own proverbial butt this past weekend when he attempted to bully the Justice Department into blocking Trump’s wiretapping claims.

It could also be a double ‘back-stab’ as Hillary faulted Comey with her lost election. Fingering him in the Trump Tower wiretapping could be simple revenge. While this is a dangerous game of tit-for-tat, Comey most likely has information on the Clintons and Obamas that would not get them to Heaven.

Of course, there is always the possibility of an ‘illegal wiretap’, which could have just as easily been inserted via Beacon Global Strategies, a pro-Liberal DC organization spilling over the brim with IT and Cyber Security Experts aligned with and strategically tied to the Clintons.

Cancer and Diseases Rising in Young Adults!

Articles are suddenly sprouting about the rise in rates of colon and rectal cancer among our youth. The reason?  Diet and Environment. Which translates to the same place – chemicals/pesticides that leach into our food and our environment that are known toxins and yet still widely used.

There are 40 known cancer causing toxins being used in our school classrooms each and every day! They are associated with Kidney and Liver damage, birth defects, neurotoxicity, thyroid disruption, reproductive disruption and just – Cancer.

Do you think there is a connection?

Do you think there is any chance anything will be done?

While our esteemed FDA an d EPA are miffed that all their hard work in nationalizing our food and water and land they forgot about the real tragic pollutants that are decimating our youth.

There is a solution – Homeschool and Organic. But the vast majority of our population refuse to consider those options, and so they demand more vaccines, more prescription meds, instead of actually considering the death march that is assaulting us.

The pesticides are sold as household products to kill insects, weeds, crab grass, etc.., they are used on golf courses, in wood veneers, mosquito control, mold, algae, and used in the production of lettuce, alfalfa, hay, rhubarb, endive, berries, artichokes, legumes, Christmas trees, potatoes, and stone fruits (peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines).

For me that’s a big part of my diet. And for young people who think they are eating healthily, they are instead being poisoned.

But it doesn’t even stop there. BPA which came on the market in the 1950’s is used in plastic bottles, the lining of cans, plastic wrap and cashier sheets. The EPA says it is perfectly safe for humans … except it is banned from all baby products. In my world, babies are humans and if it isn’t good for them – it isn’t good for anyone!

Of course, not to be left high and dry, manufacturers created a substitute for BPA, BPS. But BPS is apparently just as harmful, affecting the hormonal and endocrine system and crossing from mother to baby via the placenta decreasing pre-birth growth.

According to The American Cancer Society, people born in 1990 have double the risk of contracting rectal cancer than people born in 1950 had during their 20’s and 30’s. While the rate of colon cancer has declined in recent years, the decline is not because the disease is less likely, it is because of early detections due to screening. But young people aren’t screened, so their rates have steadily climbed and are suggested to continue that trend.

In fact, nearly all cancers are rising, a footprint that can find it’s love-matc in the more and more expansive use of chemicals – pesticides and – herbicides leaching into our food, water and air.

When monitoring and evaluating a particular pesticide, a critical factor that the EPA does not consider is the effect of ’40 CHEMCIALS’.   One chemical may be deemed low, but add 39 more that are varied from low to high and you have a veritable Molotov cocktail!

It seems a natural consideration, but then the EPA is not a natural defender of humans, instead they have become a proponent of chemical manufacturers. Monsanto and Bayer and DOW and DuPont and Syngenta are the groomers.

And in a perfectly corrupt world, they would be working in collusion with the big pharma giants as one creates the disease and the other creates a drug for the disease… But no one considers a – cure.

NHS vs Obamacare… lose, lose

While the White House is tackling our bloated Healthcare system, comparisons are typically made to various EU Socialist countries, Socialist Canada, and Australia. Thinking a bit outside of the box, what if the problem was tackled from infancy, instead of middle age?

In other words, what if Medical Education was the port needing the overhaul?

In China and Russia, medical education is heavily subsidized costing about $3000 to $6000 per year. As a result, China has a growing population of doctors from inside as well as outside who can then not be laden with such astronomical debt, the care cost must be proportionate to their debt.

Because of the influx of students from around the world, China resolved to teach their students in ‘English’! A universal language!

In the US the incentivizing is based on making people sicker and more addicted to medication, so as to artificially increase earnings.   A more rational approach would be to revert to ages ago when the incentive was based on cure rates instead.

Hospitals in the US are a verifiable mess. If health insurance is a Federally mandated and subsidized institution, then there should be no ‘out-of-network’ at all, because the Federal Network is the United States.

Secondly, Administrative costs in the US are higher than any other country. Why? Salaries and coding are the predominant factors. Coding is ridiculously complex because each insurer has their own coding, and each plan within each insurer has a separate coding. This implies that each plan charges a different amount for the same service.  And today, there are hundreds of plans within each insurer.

It wasn’t that long ago that when you were insured by Kaiser, that WAS the plan. Now you are required to pick out of a candy shop assortment. While the insurers believe this will save them money, it ramps up administrative costs disproportionately.

Salaries? The Executive list is pretty daunting; CEO, COO, CMO, CFO, CIO, PCE, NSE, MCE, HRE, PSE, SSE, ACE, FE, LSE and ME. Whew!   Of course each of these executives have a staff to manage as well. Then come the doctors, specialists, nurses, PPA’s, Imaging, etc… etc… etc…

The CEO salaries range from about $600,000 to over $10million. A good place to start draining the swamp.

The Socialist methodology is not only failing, it has proven to be dangerous as well. In the UK, the NHS, government sponsored healthcare program has been in a death spiral for over a decade. Private insurers came alive but they were an added cost so they only benefited the wealthy.

Today, hundreds of thousands are protesting the proposed privatization of the UK health system. It is a definitive conundrum as organizers protest that privatization will increase costs… but of course deficient costs are what caused the spiral of the Socialist policy in the first place. In addition, the protestors blame the government for mismanaging the healthcare system – while simultaneously demanding that the government manage the healthcare system…

You can’t have it both ways – but that would seem to mirror our own political climate in the US.

And while the Singapore system is hailed as one of the world’s best, it is not without it’s own set of woe-oh-my-goshes. Apparently they had to institute a Safe Hospital Campaign with armed guards because relatives of patients were storming hospitals and killing the doctors for not saving their relation and demanding their ‘bribe’ money be returned. In 2012, assaults on doctors averaged over 27 per hospital per year. And a survey of 316 hospitals revealed that 40% of the staff planned to quit as a result of the violence.

In Sweden, wait times can be upwards of two years… with many residents traveling to France and Germany for their care. In the UK they went to India. With the influx of migrants and diseases, the pressure on hospitals in these countries is set to split at the seams.

Providing free care to a million+ refugees, well, someone has to pay, because in real life – nothing is free.  Diseases being tagged?  Syphilis, gonorrhea, TB, leprosy, polio, measles, mumps, scabies, hepatitis, cholera, malaria, etc…  And while our dutiful ‘Snopes’ says no way – the CDC says otherwise.


Islam is the religion of Peace… except when it isn’t. Saudi Arabia police put two transsexuals into sacks and then beat them to death with sticks and rods.

In Libya, government forces are imprisoning migrant women and children trying to flee their African countries and make their way to Europe. While in prison they are raped, beaten, denied food and water, and crammed into cells like cattle.

Not very peaceful.

While the US is bombing al Qaeda in Yemen, Saudi Arabia is bombing all of Yemen.

But there isn’t much left to bomb, like Syria, the country is rubble and famine. So why are the Saudi’s bombing? Because they can – and still be on the UN’s Human Rights Council.

Not very peaceful.

Over half of Bahrain’s population is made up of ‘guest workers’ from India, The Philippines and Sri Lanka. ‘Guest Workers’ is really a kind label for “Slavery”.   The workers become the property of the employer and are denied certain rights, including; discrimination, wage equality, healthcare for their family, pensions, and the right to specific labor market integration. Routinely, migrants are deported and their back wages forfeited.

In 2016, 50 Pakistani workers were detained by the authorities after they filed a complaint with the Bahraini courts concerning a lack of salary payments. Even though the court ruled in the workers’ favor, they were still detained by the authorities for at least a year and were still imprisoned in January 2017.

Not very peaceful.

The new European Parliament president has warned that potentially 20 million migrants from Africa will be seeking settlement in Europe.   His proposal is for Europe to build detention centers in Libya and offer healthcare…

July 2017, a US backed rebel group fighting Assad in Syria beheaded a ten year old boy.   Video taping the incident, the rebels taunted him, then pulled up his head by his hair, took a knife and beheaded him. They claimed it was an accident…

Rape is now epidemic across Europe with the respective governments desperately attempting to cover up the crime, not prosecute, and deny the statistics.

Not exactly peaceful.

There is a difference between an ‘immigrant’ and a settler. Immigrants adopt the country to which they immigrate, the laws, the rules, the customs, the language, and the social decorum. Settlers don’t integrate, they create caliphates of neighborhoods, demand laws, religion, rules and customs change to conform to their belief system and colonize the city/state or region, as in be like us or ‘die’. It is a soft coup. Pew Research has estimated that Muslims will make up over 25% of the European population in fifteen years, and all of Europe will be majority Muslim by the end of this century.

When the Muslims move into neighborhoods in Paris and Brussels and Berlin, the locals move out.

Why do the Democrats demand Sharia Law and a Muslim conquest?

While there are some peaceful Muslims, open borders, without thought, without review, without medicine, without psychiatry, without teaching and training in values, ethics and morality – is just plain stupid!

California’s Flooding – $50 Billion…and counting

Massive flooding, uprooted trees, smashed cars and trucks, houses destroyed, roads torn to shreds, boulders tumbling into roadways, and sinkholes swallowing cars and people… Southern California is being pummeled, Northern California is facing massive evacuations, Governor Brown is nowhere, and Hollywood is partying and trumpeting anarchy…

Where’s the love? Where’s Meryl and Ashton and Rosie and Jerry and George and everyone else who talks the talk but can’t walk the walk?   Polishing their silver and gold?

Where are the political humbrits who have done nothing to mediate these flood – drought fests that occur like clockwork every 7 to 10 years?   Looking at the damage, who is going to pay?

Apparently, the esteemed Governor Brown is begging for about half a million to fix the decaying dam in Northern California, despite his office claiming the real toll is expected to exceed $50 BILLION, while prostrating himself before Trump because California doesn’t have the money. Why?   Maybe it’s because Hollywooders don’t pay taxes because they’ve got all their cash sheltered in offshore accounts? And of course the illegal immigrants don’t pay, they just ask for more ‘benefits’.

So while the left/liberal/socialists are busily planning to orchestrate severing California from the United States, well, I imagine they are now busily buying sandbags and have put that agenda on hold.

Arrogance has a way of coming back to bit you. Some call it God’s Will, others Karma, and still others “bad luck’… but in the meantime, thousands are without power, crops are not even tallied in the destruction, and rice paddies are making a comeback.

Vineyards are swamplands, vegetables, citrus and nuts are nonexistent in many areas, while a spattering of farmers are rejoicing. Mold on vegetables could create the next wave of problems. And if you don’t think this will impact food and wine prices at the store – take a breath.

By far the worst part of this is the fact that it is a cyclical event. And each time the drought extends an additional year or so, the panic of doomsday overrides the hard fact that the government(s) current and past have done – absolutely nothing. The waters will ultimately runoff into the ocean, and the frame for a new drought period will begin.

No new reservoirs to contain the water for future droughts. And Hollywood will simply go back to it’s bashing and trashing, hammering and clammering in full arrogant regalia.

And while California is flooding – Somalia is in such a state of drought that food shortages are expected to contribute to hundreds of thousands of deaths this year alone. Where’s George?   The new government is asking for more aid, more food, more clean water, which is needed…. But it seems to be needed continually, there is no measure of anything being actually fixed so that the Somalians can support themselves.

And in the meantime, the terrorist group that is just a small faction of non-terror, has put over one half of Somalia’s population into extreme, critical malnourishment!  descending on major cities begging for food and water, …  where is the elite Hollywood?  Where is Rothschild?  Where are all those arrogant intellectuals who demand Globalization?  Are they sharing their money?   Where is the Clinton Foundation?  Gates?  Buffett?

And so, we continue to give them more and more fish instead of teaching them how to fish… and it still – isn’t working.

These are failed policies that we beat and beat and never fix… for decades. And then we wonder – why?

Canada’s Immigrants

Canada is suddenly getting nervous. Trudeau threw open the door to any and all immigrants, but he didn’t consult The People, he didn’t create a cap, and he didn’t implement the finances needed to pay for the added burden on resources and manpower to deal with the influx. He simply acted on a whim of his own making. Much like a child who has no idea of the consequences of their actions.

The ultimate result may parallel that of Germany, unprecedented attacks, and increased crime and sexual assaults.   The choice will most likely cost Merkel her position as Chancellor, and could evolve into a spiraling of Trudeau fame in the coming months and years.

Reality is setting in and The Canadian People are becoming edgy, nervous, fearful, and concerned.  Rightfully so!   A train without brakes.


The numbers are daunting – but they do provide an interesting reality check. The US typically receives over half a million illegal immigrants each and every year. The inflow of legal immigrants is roughly 1 million per year. By contrast, Canadians are suddenly questioning Trudeau’s dictum given that a surge is putting reckless abandon to law. In Canadian terms, a surge is measured in the ‘hundreds’. For example, one facility is bursting at the seams because it’s normal accommodation of 20 illegal immigrants is now – 50.

While Canada would have us believe they are a welcoming, friendly, open borders country, their numbers prove otherwise. Canada welcomed about 270,000 immigrants in 2015, a quarter of what the US embraces, with the vast majority, 38%, coming from India and The Philippines, not the Middle East and Somalia.

Their numbers are a far cry from the US policy that has strained the economy to the brink, and destroyed our healthcare system.  But still, we are hailed the demon for not wanting – more.

Suddenly, Trudeau’s policy o f open arms and open doors is being met with skepticism. Canadians are dividing much like they divided in the US and Germany. Much like the division in Hungary and Poland and Greece and Italy wherein the people suddenly said, WHOA!

The same questions always arise. What about the thousands upon thousands of our own homeless and children in poverty? If we can’t take care of them, how can we take care of more immigrants, illegal and legal?

According to the OECD, Canada has one of the highest poverty rates among the world’s wealthiest members ranking in the bottom for children. Because Canada does not measure poverty there is no official calculation and numbers have to be extrapolated.  But it is interesting that they ‘don’t want to know’…

For its aboriginal population, it is estimated that 40-50% of children live in poverty, while the ‘average child rate’ is considered to be 17%. It is estimated that 200,000 Canadians experience homelessness each year. A full 25% of Canadians spend over 30% of their income on ‘shelter’. British Columbia’s poverty rate is estimated to be 13.2%.  And yet, instead of tackling this problem, the government is manufacturing a Social Agenda of self glorification for their charity in taking illegal immigrants from the US…

Instead, Trudeau was more inclined to become excited at the prospect of teaching Hillary how much of a feminist he is.  Trudeau was even more enamored with Obama, with reports calling it a ‘Bromance’.  So, I imagine, when reality changed gears and Trump became the US President, the bromance feminism was replaced with a bit of fear.  But arrogance won out as he instead attempted to ‘warn Trump”, and give him advice, and act with a bit of disrespect…

Backed by the Soros cabal, Trudeau has assumed the attitude of the twenty-something invincibility, basking in his power given 89% of Canada’s land is owned by the government, aka The Queen.

Reality Check:  Mining is Canada’s primary source of revenue, with the US representing 80% of its exports. It’s next largest trading partner is the EU which imports about 10% of what the US spends.

So for all its arrogance and bravado, Canada is completely joined at the hip dependent on the US, and by default, Trump.  

FYI:  The media continues to talk of people ‘DETAINED’ at US airports.  My son was ‘DETAINED’ and harassed and demoralized by Canadian Border Guards for TWO HOURS.  Where’s the outrage? 

Townhall Nightmares – Paid Pro’s

A trip down memory lane – Obama’s Press Conferences!

The first one he gave wasn’t until February 9, 2009. After giving a rather lengthy discourse in which he blames everything on Bush, vows to create 4 million new jobs, save homeownership, and make sure the financial system is ‘working again’ – whatever that means.

Obama job creation was right in there with George Bush for his first term, second term numbers not finalized.

Home ownership dropped by about 4-5%,

and Banks are posting enormous losses…

  1. His first appointed question came from Reuters about Iran relations. Obama’s response was to state that the previous president built up a lot of ‘mistrust’, and he was going to fix that.
  1. The next from Chip Reid, a liberal who had recently been appointed to CBS by NBC. He asked about Bipartisanship. Obama’s response? “There have been a lot of bad habits built up here…”.
  1. He then called on Chuck Todd, asking where he was, because he didn’t see him but knew that the question was most likely already staged. Chuck Todd was the iberal from NBC and MSNBC. He asked about the financial stresses of credit. Obama answered by blaming the banking institutions for tight money and claiming his solution was to loosen credit restrictions.  Which he never managed to do.
  1. His next question came from Bloomberg – a liberal publisher. The question was also directed at the financial crisis. Obama claimed to have averted the worst by passing TARP, which was actually passed by Bush – and Obama’s claim to WE was misrepresentational. He then deferred the questions to the Secretary of Treasury.
  1. Jake was the name of his next questioner, no reference to last name or news outlet. CNN was searched out, “Ed Henry, Where’s Ed Henry, CNN?
  1. Then Helene Cooper of the New York Times, who he also ‘searched out’, “Helene Cooper, where’s Helene?” Deferred the question to Secretary of Treasury.
  1. Major Garrett, whose affiliation is broad having worked for CNN, Fox and MSNBC. He too was “searched out for a question”. He asked about some secret conversation Obama had with Biden and would the President come clean. He said he didn’t remember the conversation.
  1. Then there was Michael Fletcher of the Washington Post who asked a question about steroid use by the Texas Rangers …what?

There was a question from Helen somebody, then the Huffington Post, “Where’s Sam”? His question related to setting up a ‘Truth Committee’ to investigate Bush. And last from Mara Liasson of NPR who asked ‘again’ about bipartisanship to which he ‘again’ deferred.

Hardly a snappy performance – and obviously a staged one in asking specific journalists whose question were most likely previously agreed to and thus staged answers.

And while it’s true that we have known for decades that politicians pay actors to show up at their events as rallying supporters, the dimension of the targeted attacks at the recent Townhalls is truly unprecedented and over-the-top. Hecklers are a dime a dozen, but it used to be fair game to also ‘have them removed’.   Sometimes forcefully, if necessary.

It is also interesting to note that in 2009 and 2011, The Washington Post and Huffington Post labeled these hecklers as “evil conspirators staging scenes for UTube”. They went on to say that these hecklers were crazies exploited by the elites during the bloom of liberal ascendancy.

Even more interesting is a report by The Washington Post in which it comments about the hecklers as being more ferocious and gang-like – at Republican Townhalls. So even when Obama was president, the voices were most vociferous at Republican events. Of course, WAPO suggests that these hecklers are more a nuisance and political theater, and we should not pay attention.  That was then – now, it is quite different…

It’s always fun to toss words back in the face of a media source that flip-flops it’s indignation so righteously.

Of course let us not forget all the times Obama went out on a limb to diss Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, and Republican’s on CNN, via the State Department, Politico, CNBC, and all major networks via his numerous appearances on late night television!

The BULLY just got BULLIED – and is whining…no fair.

Doomsday Seed Vault – Comedy Relief

Has anyone considered the idiotic comedy of having our planet’s ‘doomsday seed vault’ located in the Arctic?

Today the vault holds nearly a million seeds intended to be available should earth experience a catastrophic event leaving our planet decimated of organic life… Of course if that were the case, then any remaining soil would be contaminated, there would be ozone and pollution at levels that could not sustain life, and waterways would be minor streams filled with various contaminants.

So where are they planning to plant these seeds? And if they are all housed in the Arctic, how would someone get there? How would they transport the seeds back to an area supporting life? Where are the greenhouses? How will greenhouses function if there is no power? Who will tend the ‘seeds’?

The idea seems a bit comical when considering the events that would trigger the need.

The vault is located on an Arctic island where access is considered ‘secure’. It’s funding comes from the Norwegian government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.   It claims to have ‘robust security systems’ in case anyone is thinking about looting their seeds.

To their credit, they adamantly state that no GMO seeds will be stored.

Lufthansa offers an expedited flight from Seattle to the Svalbard Airport, 49 hours, should Bill Gates need to make a quick getaway to grab some seeds. Of course he would still need to rent a boat to get to the island and once there, given there are no roads, transportation is via a snowmobile. All during massive global crisis…

So in a global crisis, hundreds of snowmobiles would trek across the terrain hauling seeds to waiting boats that would gruel through a raging ocean to Norway where planes would be waiting at the airport to evacuate the seeds all across the world – as the planet is dying…

But then they chose the island because for its balmy temperatures ranging from about -20’ to a high of 39’, not factoring wind and humidity which drop the ‘feels like’ 10 or more degrees.

Good intentions not withstanding, due to the cost of the structure, Norway has a law that provides artwork must be present and thus commissioned an artist who created a stunning light display on the face of the vault.

Just a little comedy relief for the day – Smile!

Harvard’s Fabian Society – Socialism Regrouping…

Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau, was an avid diehard Socialist. Prior to being a Socialist he dabbled in Marxism and Communism, educated in these philosophies at the same place and at the same time as Mr. George Soros;

The London School of Economics.

Whether his Communist roots simply morphed is debatable, but it would appear he adopted all three philosophies into one big Gumbo Stew. His legacy was considered a disaster site that took 30 years to clean up.

While Soros modeled Karl Popper, at The London School of Economics, Trudeau’s mentor was even more dubious – Harold Laski. Laski’s own legacy from 1946 to 1950,(when he died), was considered incoherent, and marred in contradictions. Raised a Jew, he denounced God, embraced eugenics, and claimed to identify with Zionist Jews and the Bolsheviks who conquered Russia giving rise to Marxism under the Lenin regime. Not exactly a soft sell…

Last was considered a prominent member of the infamous, Fabian Society, as was Pierre Trudeau later. The circle that aligns the school and the Fabian Society is intertwined given that in 1895 four members of the Fabian Society pooled their intellect into the construction of the London School of Economics. Their philosophy is rooted in Socialism, the Keynes view of Economics, and most importantly, the ‘control’ of the production and supply of money and credit, which in the US translates to The Federal Reserve.

Additional factions were called The Milner Group, The Royal Institute of International Affairs and eventually, The Council on Foreign Relations (whose founders are a who’s who of banking and oil). They considered themselves to be superior, gifted, the intellectuals who held a common belief in the Empire of Britain which was destined to become the global empire – with their influence.

They produced dossiers upon dossiers on how to create that power through manipulation of belief, through manipulation of Truth, through manipulation of the media and through the illiteracy of their subjects. In addition, control of the world’s resources was preeminent; gold, silver, oil, diamonds, etc…

Mass immigration was a necessary component as a modern day replacement of slavery, and a centralized global government was convened to maintain control – the shadow government. Indoctrinated throughout Europe, the Middle East and India, this Socialist reform ultimately levied war in a massive coup within Russia with the Bolshevik Revolution which ushered in Marxism under Lenin and Stalin – Dictators that were initially embraced by Churchill, Rothschild, and Roosevelt.

Today, The Royal Institute, or more commonly called, Chatham House, is alive and well, and is considered the 2nd most influential NGO in the world supporting a Liberal Progressive agenda. Headed by Stuart Popham, former vice chairman of Citigroup, in 2013 they honored – Hillary Clinton for her great contribution to society – Benghazi massacre.

When Russia broke free of Communism, the Fabians lost control over this country,.  Unable to reroot, their NGO’s expelled by Putin,their need to demonize and discredit Putin, Russia and everything associated with it became paramount.

Trump taking the US from their Socialist agenda has been a tremendous blow that put a massive dent in the machinations of their dream. Brexit further alienated their carefully crafted plan, leaving Canada, with their groomed, suave, mini-me Obama, Justin Trudeau. He is a charmer, much like Obama.

In France, Macron is the groomed charmer.

Back to the drawing table, ‘charmer’s work better than bitter screaming ladies.  But charmers typically are interchangeable, they wear masks, they love the camera, they are glorified by self, and they are easily manipulated by dangling an audience.

Taking back the US in 2020 means these Progressive Socialists will be rooting out a new ‘charmer’. Which would obviously exclude Lizzy Warren, took an ax and gave her father 40 whacks, charmer.

Julian Castro is a frontrunner; young, ambitious, groomed within the Soros cabal, sporting a big smile, wearing his cockiness like a brooch, and sporting an infinite desire to be the main man on the Big Screen!   Oh, and he’s a diehard Socialist. Interestingly, like Obama, despite his meager funds and upbringing, he managed to go to both Stanford and Harvard… hmmmm.

There are a number of schools that fit into the Socialist craft, Harvard is one of them. It is considered the core unit, the stepping stone, the building block and the catalyst for Socialism/Communism and Fabian philosophy. Oxford is another, and of course, The London School of Economics. Why? Because they convey prestige and quite simply because they were bought out a century ago.

Like Socialism, the tentacles of education are far reaching, creating and shaping the new generation of elites and superiors, as the dust settles on the aged – Soros, Kissinger, Clinton, Rothschild, Albright, Powell .. the grooming is essential.

US Coups – Failed Regime Changes

Once upon a time, Iran was our friend, our buddy. It was when the Shah, the Monarch was in power that we cooed and wooed. And then we changed our mind, instigated a coup with the help of the UK and it went terribly array. Khomeini came into power, hated the US and the UK, and history was changed. Kissinger led the revolt against his ‘dear friend the Shah’ and what was a prosperous if not somewhat corrupt monarchial regime was decimated.

Once upon a time, Syria was our friend, our ally, our good buddy and Assad gave the US valuable intel. And then we changed our minds, and decided he had to go. A coup was instigated with the help of the UK, war broke out, the entire country was devastated and taken over by rebel factions and ISIS. What was a prosperous, if not somewhat corrupt regime was decimated.

After the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in which a coup was attempted, a pro-western President was ultimately elected, Victor Yuschenko. He served two terms and was defeated by Yanukovich. But Yanukovich was not pro-western and a coup was instigated with the help of the US and UK. It went terribly wrong, massive fighting, brawls, devastation, annexation of Crimea by fearful people facing annihilation by Keiv forces. And a new President is appointed who is – pro-western again. Only they continue to fight, brawl, squabble and act like degenerates while portions of their country have been decimated and tens of thousands killed and wounded.

Egypt. A 2013 coup deposed Morsi and put in power el-Sisi, a pro-western who trained at The Army War College in Pennsylvania where I was born. So not only is he pro-western, he is in fact western. He also trained at the Joint Services Command and Staff College in the UK.   Obviously, he is ‘our man’ and the Morsi coup – well most likely a collaboration of US and UK intelligence.

Turkey – failed coup as Erdogan’s alliance becomes questionable and his lean toward Russia appears threatening. The man we wanted in? Fethullah Gulen, who is currently resting in his massive compound surrounded by hundreds of security guards in Pennsylvania. A former CIA agent secured Gulen’s green card application when he immigrated to the US in 2001.

Two coup attempts in Libya in 2014 were said to be initiated by Khalifa Belqasim Haftar, a pro-western officer who aligned himself with the National Front For The Salvation of Libya, a US supported opposition group.   August of 2016, he refused to support the UN Security Council leading to the US proclaiming his influence a threat to the stability of Libya. November 2016 his allegiance seems to have changed as he looks to Russia for alliance.

A Pattern?

I guess so!

You are only our friend as long as you do our bidding, and become a puppet of the US shadow government that operates outside of The People, our knowledge, our truth, and our rule. Because it would seem that US government is not about The People, it is about a shadow design, agenda, whose aim has nothing to do with The People. And everything to do – about something we are not privy to. But most likely is rooted in power, global dominance, and One Open Border Supreme Power.

The good news? Time after time, these coups have been failing miserably. Time after time, the truth has emerged that forces working outside of The People are making decisions and acting on agenda’s outside of The People.

In other words, this isn’t the US.   This isn’t the UK. It is a growing power force that has usurped our countries and our values and through propaganda created a false reality of fake news, fake video’s and even fake protests. Even the most recent protests that the US would have us believe include hundreds of thousands in Iran claiming death to America – are faked.

In fact, one photo includes a singular woman holding a sign condemning the US while the background shows passive people shopping in a market. Yet the headline reads ‘Hundreds of Thousands Protesting Wishing Death to America’. Ummm, noo.

The problem? The pictures don’t support the verbiage. In fact, they look rather sad when we try to disseminate fact from fiction. And the anti-trump effigies look amazingly like cut and paste fabrications – and not very professional ones at that…

What is the agenda?  Russia was an ally during the Napoleonic Revolutions, during WWI, WWII, and most other conflicts during the 18th, 19th 20th and 21st centuries. And yet, they are demonized as the ‘bad guy’ today.  Isn’t it time we take a hard look at why? What is reality? Who has consistently had our back? And what is the Truism Agenda?