Supply Shortages – A Corporate America Manipulated Agenda

Deutsche Welle is desperately trying to explain why the global shortages of ALL goods occurred this past year.   And they have come up with some doozies!   Apparently semiconductors are in need of masks and subject to ‘travel restrictions’:   even air freight, used to carry goods such as semiconductors, has struggled to keep up with demand due to travel restrictions.”   And people are just sitting around on their proverbial arses with money piling up: “Sitting on piles of forced savings, homebound people, unable to travel, eat out, or go to the movies, splurged on buying goods.”

WOAH BABY!   So VOILA – governments sought to extract all that savings from these bourgeoisie persons through high costs and inflation. How?   Through the same mechanism used to induce Pandemic.   Control. Oh, and profits…

What changed in shipping?   Containers were more than available in 2019 before the Pandemic:   Yang Ming, one of the largest shipping container operators saw profits increase by over 1500% this year.   Imagine?   Evergreen Marine – 987% and Wan Hai – 976%.   “WOW”.   Yang Ming is Chinese while Evergreen and Wan Hai are Taiwanese run by Chinese.

These shipping companies own ports across the US – most specifically LA where the supposed gridlock originated.

China has declared that trade with the US reached an all time high in 2021 of over $700 billion.

In a speech made in front of the Center For Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Katherine Tai explained:

“United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai outlined the Joe Biden administration’s approach to trade with China, and distancing the incumbent administration from previous president Donald Trump’s “de-coupling” efforts, she called for US-China “re-coupling”.


That’s odd because the Biden Handler Administration, the media, Canada, and the EU have ALL made statements regarding the ‘evil China’ that needs to be whipped into line with massive sanctions.

I wonder how they plan on handling that tidbit of information once it goes mainstream?  

Apparently, Washington and The White House are no longer included in any trade discussions given corporate America has already emerged as the ruling party.   It isn’t democrats or republicans, it is “Corporate America”.   The US-China Business Council claims 95% of businesses working in China made profits.

And Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street giants have held talks on capital market cooperation directly with the Chinese government, leaving Washington aside.

So, who is the ‘US-China Business Council’?

Corporately, the Chair and CEO come from Cummins, Inc.   Vice Chairs come from The Carlyle Group, Honeywell and General Motors. And Marc Allen, the Chair, comes from Boeing.   Other Directors bear such titles as: Ford, DOW, Pfizer, Abbott, Qualcomm, MetLife, Pepsi, Coke, Warner Media, Cargill, and Archer-Daniels – among others.

TO put it politely – We’ve Been Whacked!  Shitake Mushrooms!

So goes our food – our water (Pepsi and Coke) – our Medical – our IT – and our aerospace. Effin, effin effin!

China = slave labor

Why China?

Easy.   They have cheap labor = greater profits for executives, they have a consumer base 300% greater than the US, and the CCP is more likely to pass on costly regulatory issues.   Destroy the land? Sure!   Deplete the water?   Sure!   Pollute the environment?   Sure!   They can do whatever they want – with one caveat, a likely kickback to the CCP itself.   TO think that the CCP gives a damn about any citizen is hugely naïve.

And so, the corporate cabalists and the CCP share a common goal – Money At All Costs. Because living like queen Oprah sniveling over the dastardly, tainted, dirty servants, is appealing.   And the Chinese laborers have no unions, work 24/7, and if they complain – they are terminated from existence along with their families.   Quite an impetus.

No Fuss No Muss.

But.   These micro-wizards have yet to analyze the spending habits of Chinese vs Americans and Europeans.   With an economy that measures poverty as earning less than $1.95 per day, the consumerism is highly limited.   Annihilating your ‘consumers’ is likely to be rather ‘unpleasant’.   So reaping the benefits in a relatively short-term is paramount to the design.   Which apparently has an end date of 2030.

At which point, nobody will be able to afford or buy – ANYTHING. Except – themselves.   Meaning they will essentially be trading dollars amongst themselves.   A boring endeavor to say the least.   At which point they are likely to become the next extinction of Anasazi’s.

2030 is a mere eight years away.   Soros will be dead.   The Rothschild family will fade.   The Rockefellers and Morgans and such will devolve as money is no longer relevant .   And the entire diaspora of the human species will suddenly become a forefront quest.   Slaves don’t bear children.   Or, those that are born die prematurely.   And these brainiacs of Cabalist reformation will be groveling for slaves as the mechanism of natural environmental evolution dies.

I remember a documentary I watched decades ago that portrayed the incredible support system that is our environment.   When just one domino in the frame expires, the entire ecosystem begins to fall apart exponentially!   The Dung Beatle!   It would appear, that these Satanist Cabalist have not been made privy to this Godly EcoSystem.

I imagine these elitists that attest to their intellect are supremely devoid of Critical Thinking.   The ability to see, preserve, and expound on the best that was given this Earth.   And instead, are wholly consumed by self.   I see it in individual persons.   But can’t imagine the asteroid of doom that this narcissism reveals.

I am – personally what has been referred to as a ‘free spirit’. I don’t like to be bridled, controlled, or manipulated in any way.   I make this fact freely known.   And yet…. It is viewed as a challenge instead of an asset.

The Cabalists are such – they are short-sided, and ultimately will fail immersed in their ego and pool of narcissism.

Manipulating markets, enmeshed in human trafficking, child porn, abortions, whoring, and the ultimate – child sacrifice – these nonhumans are temporal – they will destroy themselves.

In the periphery their exist two anomalies: 1.   President Trump espouses the dreaded Vaccine that is a deal breaker, and, 2.  Elon Musk emerges as a younger version who questions rather than dictates.

Next BLOG.

Wind Turbines & ElectroMagnetic Radiation: No Place To Hide

Despite a mixed account of the cause of the electric grid failure in Texas that resulted in an exchange of barbs between Bill Gates and Governor Abbot, wind power and solar power remain controversial as any long term alternative energy source.

The fact remains that the wind turbines did freeze and fail.   The fact remains that the solar panels went black as they were covered with snow.   Whether these failures could have been mitigated is NOT the fault of the governor – but is wholly the fault of the for-profit companies providing the turbines and the Council that contracts with these companies – ERCOT.

Deflecting that fault reveals a much larger picture.

ERCOT is a non-profit committee formed to oversee and manage the flow of electricity in Texas which is provided by a number of for-profit sources.   ERCOT and its board are entrenched in moving Texas toward more wind and solar projects and thus initiate contracts and investments to this end.   The CEO, Bill Magness and the Chair of the Board, Sally Talberg, have extensive relationships with companies selling wind turbines and solar panels.

IN ERCOT’s 2019 report, the analysis of deficiency in wind during peak summer months was considered a primary event of concern for 2021.   In particular along the east and southern portions of Texas.   The report found that transmission transformers of solar and wind to these regions was creating instability and congestion. In fact, the primary discussion of most of ERCOTs studies regarding supply and demand revolved around risks of wind and solar disparities.

According to ERCOTs latest report December 2020, the retirement of all fossil fuel usage is anticipated to occur by 2030. In addition, load factors for the replacement of all gas powered vehicles is considered.   Wind and solar are the primary assessed means within what they reference as a “Renewable Mandate”.

In other words, without Governor Abbot’s knowledge or the citizens of Texas, ERCOT is adopting the UN World Economic Forum 2030 Agenda wherein Corporatism will reign and governments will be defunct and nonessential.

It wasn’t that many years ago that the idea of a, ‘Corporate run America’, was envisioned by the liberals and democrats as an evil takeover.   Yet somewhere along the way, this agenda was embraced by both democrat and republican politicians, thus forming a uniparty system.   A conspiracy theory concept – became a reality.

Of the top ten wind projects envisioned for 2020, 4 were in Texas commissioned by ERCOT.   There are eleven offshore wind farm projects in various stages of completion by for-profit companies: Dominion, Orsted, Avangrid, Eversource, Con Ed, Equinor, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, National Grid, and US Wind. Orsted is involved in 5 of those projects.

Founded in 2019, Orsted is a Danish conglomeration of First Wind, D.E. Shaw & Co., and Ospraie Management. Ospraie Management is a NY Hedge Fund investor group partnering with Soros Fund Management and General Atlantic.

General Atlantic was founded by Charles Feeney who joined the Bill Gates Giving Pledge. Bill Ford is the current CEO and Chair of Atlantic. He also serves on the board of BlackRock, National Committee on US-China Relations, McKinsey Advisory Council, and – Endeavor.   Endeavor CEO Linda Rottenberg co-chairs the World Economic Forum.

WHEW!   Agenda 2030. Follow The Money.  

Wind and Solar are hedge fund owned and operated industries promoted within the WEF 2030 Agenda.  This is the $55 trillion industry espoused by Kerry in his doomsday for all unless he get’s his portion of that $55 trillion…

Wind Turbines life cycle is roughly 20 years although components fail far earlier and require replacement as part of the annual/daily maintenance requirement.   Load factors also play a part in determining the overall lifespan of a turbine.   At the end of its life, the turbine is cut into three pieces and – buried.   The current cost of each commercial turbine is $3-$4 million installed.   Decommissioning is an additional cost. As of 2019, it was estimated that decommissioning would cost roughly $530,000 per turbine.   These costs are ultimately born by the consumers while the profits are hedged for the elite.

While offshore turbines have gained providence, they come with their own set of issues:   destroying bird habitat, destroying fishing industries, interruption with Navy requisites, and the sheer added cost of infrastructure.   A proposed solution would be to create ‘floating’ turbines’ in deep water. The obstacles entail extensive radioactive transmission lines, transformers, maintenance operations, maritime disruption and security.   In addition, because turbines emit electromagnetic energy, they can potentially disrupt electromagnetic signals in telecommunication, radar and navigation.

While the effects of EMF on humans is definable with fertility and cancer as prime issues, the impact on marine mammals such as whales and dolphins is considered a significant reason for inadvertent ‘beaching’.   It has also been found to be one of the main culprits in our dying population of bees; altering their character, changing their behavior, and impacting reproduction.

It isn’t just wind turbines; cell phones, cell towers, power lines and wireless all expose vast amounts of EMR into our environmental field. This radiation effect is not deflected by our earth’s atmosphere or ozone.   Thus it is absorbed by people, animals, oceans and plants.   In small amounts the damage to DNA is relative, in large amounts it can be deadly.

As such, are the technological innovations which cause a plethora of artificial electromagnetic radiation increases adding to or even wholly responsible for the ‘global warming’ theory?   Will this poisoning be more deadly than a Pandemic?   While killing off human populations, the tenuous balance of our eco-system will also fail creating an even faster spiral.   This is what going GREEN entails.   It is the alteration of our planet, our DNA, and all life forms herein.

It isn’t a liberal vs conservative issue.   It is an AGENDA. 

And there is No Place To Hide.

CHINA: Conned by The Deep State

Corporate America would seem to be either ignorant or intellectually compromised as we watch the Communist Leaders in America destroy livelihoods, businesses, and lives.   Without money, without a middle class, who is going to buy their products?   Ultimately, those corporations will also be absorbed as is the classic Communist Protocol through nationalization.   Corporate America will thus be owned by a select few.   Executives will become nonessential and gluttonous buffoons. But everyone believes they will be a part of The Club – the elite, because that illusion fits the means to the end…

‘China is gaining traction when the US cripples production with lockdowns’ – so the headlines read   But in reality China loses traction when the US cripples businesses and purchasing power tanks. The US still remains China’s largest export partner, without the US China stands to revert to levels from 2000, 20 years ago.

But numbers are difficult to come by in the illusionary world of China.  Differentials report skews of as much as 200%.    Statistics become only as good as the base numbers being real.   Which is why Science is also an illusion!

In 2018, the US trade deficit with China peaked at $418.9 billion.   As Trump’s trade tariffs began to take hook, by the end of 2019 the deficit had fallen to $345.2 billion on par with 2014.   Significant!   And that was unacceptable.   Thus democrats were told to enforce business closures to devastate production via a propagandized pandemic.  Surely this ply would help China achieve its goal of being #1!   At least that is what they were told.

US trade deficit with the EU is also down to 2014 levels. During Obama’s reign, exports to the EU remained relatively constant, but imports rose dramatically, rising nearly 50%.   The lockdowns have collapsed much of that.

US Trade with China in 2020 is running about 55% of committed levels for both imports and exports, according to the Peterson Institute. 

While China is reporting record trade – the numbers bely that classic – China False Narrative.   Lockdowns have not only hurt US exports, but imports as well.   And while retailers face losing a massive portion of their sales as holiday lockdowns are escalated, those retailers are large – and small and many were buying their products from – China.

Capitalism pulled China out of its worst poverty, and instituting a global lockdown will only serve to exasperate a global meltdown.   For all China’s illogic in imposing a Deep State agenda, they failed to understand that they would also become victimized.   Production is only as good as a market buyer.   How much inventory is China now sitting on without a buyer?

Today China is boasting that it shipped $268 billion worth of goods to foreign markets, the largest since early 2018.   Assuming the mythical numbers parlayed by China, who was buying?

Apparently, while trade has decreased significantly with most countries, China claims their trade expansion in November was due to increased demand in ASEAN countries.   Those countries would include: Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Vietnam trade with China typically produces an annual deficit of $30 billion.   This year, that trade increased by $3 billion adding 3% to trade and 10% to their deficit.   While these ASEAN countries have always been trading partners, absorbing the US is quite another thing.  US import value for China goods is roughly $540 billion annually.   Comparatively, these ASEAN countries contribute on a low end millions, to a high end of $85 billion.   Putting China – in the twallette relatively quickly.

The real China story isn’t their GDP or their trade – it is their GDP per person.   Lagging significantly behind developed countries, China stands at roughly $10,200 or less than 1/6 of the US.   Behind the proud CCP party is poverty.   Media parlays the lack of income inequality in China while evading the obvious – poverty.   Their ego was fed, their pathological lying was ignored, and a global shrinking was embraced.   Twenty years ago China’s GDP per person stood at just $1000.

While the Bernie Sanders of the world like to claim China elevated 600,000 people out of poverty, it bears a looksee what that means.   China measures poverty by those living on less than $1.90 per day which equates to $352 – per YEAR!

Is that the ‘basic guaranteed income the New Green Deal Communists propose for the US?

Given the US quality of living index states the US is roughly 25% more expensive, that would correlate to a person in the US living on less than $2.37 per day.   At the high end of New York it would correlate to someone living on $2.68 per day.   A correlation that does NOT exist.

But the media lavishes praise on China for reducing poverty from 88% to .7%.   The ‘success’ of this reduction can be attributed to two distinct means   1.   The US trade,   and   2.   Capitalism.

However, when measured upward to a poverty line of $5.50 ‘per day’ – the poverty rate rises sharply to over 27%.   That would translate to a poverty rate in the US of $1750 per year. Today, the poverty line in the US is $12,760 per year per person or 730% higher than China.

Xi Jinping is aware of this reality vs illusion and constantly reiterates a desire to renegotiate trade with the US before their economy completely cracks while attempting to diligently hold to his ‘EGO’.   China was played by the Deep State – and that revelation is only just beginning to be understood by the CCP.

If China overtakes the US in total GDP it is meaningless unless the GDP per person increases six fold. That can be achieved by either mass depopulation of China – 78%, or a take over of other countries so as to absorb their GDP while eliminating their population.   Neither of these events is feasible.

Eliminating the US only means an even greater spiral for China given the US literally supports China’s growth and current level of GDP. While the Deep State likely fed China mythical projections, at some point Xi Jinping needs a wakeup call!

In other words – China got conned.

They can even take over Africa while slaughtering their civilians – and the resultant impact will have little effect or impact  – because if the US isn’t buying China loses. If countries across the globe are in lockdown and income is diminishing – China loses.   If Gates depopulates the US – consumers are gone and – China loses.   China got fed a line by the Snake Oil salesman.   They were allowed to steal US scientific research, US weapons research, intellectual property, and they thought they were winning.   These things were a distraction to keep China puppeted.

In the end, China may come to realize that President Trump was actually the least of their problems. Trump wanted fairness, Jinping chose the Deep State and got The Swamp.