America vs China – A Battle Waged in Propaganda!!!

China’s National External Debt now stands at over $2.5 trillion – the highest it has been – ever and triple what it was a decade ago.   The majority of that debt is in Africa, although South America is likely a close 2nd.    

According to the World Bank, China is an upper middle income country.   The World Bank claims China’s per capita GDP (nominal) is $10,800, ranking 69th – 73rd in the world.   According to the UN, this ranking puts them on par with Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and Argentina.  

Minimum wage is $382.00 monthly, which is attributed to Shanghai as being the ‘highest minimum wage’.    Many regions are half that figure.      

Bernie Sanders quoted China as having eliminated poverty lifting 850million Chinese out of extreme poverty.

But in China extreme poverty is measured by earning less than $1.90 per day or less than $41 per month.   YEAH!   No more poverty…

China counts 57 million international tourists per year – mostly from Japan and South Korea.   But apparently, only 6.8 million actually stayed ‘at least one night’.   Meaning the other 88% were just passing through the airport.  Playing with numbers –

Only 7% of the Chinese population have a passport.   While the media flags this as a great opportunity for Chinese tourists in other countries, the absurdity is the reason Chinese don’t have passports.    Passports are issued by the CCP which won’t issue them because they are afraid of defection.   Of course, in a country bursting with over-population, one would think that the government would be buying one way tickets.   But no.   The CCP views emigration by citizens as being traitorous – and cause for immediate torture and execution.  Hence – only 7% of the Thousand Talent Program ‘scientists’ are actually allowed ‘pretend defection’.

It is like looking at a truly scary picture of some guy on and realizing this is his ‘best foot forward’.   These stats are China’s ‘best foot forward’.

China claims that 90% of the population own their own home.   In Wuhan, the price per square foot to own an apartment (there are no homes) is $420. US dollars   A 1500 sq ft apartment would thus cost $630,000.   The GDP per capita in Wuhan is stated to be $18,000.   Which means a person’s ‘home’ would consist of roughly 14 sq ft, or an ‘apartment’ which is 3.5×4 ft.   I am liberal in my numbers given mortgages in China are based on 20 years – not 30.

You see, in China, a shared dog cage is considered a ‘home’ for humans.   And that is in a upper middle income ‘lucrative city’.

China declares a GDP growth rate of 7% or more – per year!  

The World Bank describes China as a Socialist economy, despite referencing China being ruled by the Communist Party.   And while China views it’s ‘yellow citizen’s ‘ as the intellectuals of the world, their coronavirus vaccine failed.   Why? Because it didn’t include outside virology.   In other words, China depends on other countries to create – while China attempts to – copy.

While China claims South Korea is it’s largest trade partner, China actually ranks 3rd of South Korea’s imports with the US and EU topping.   As it’s greatest trading partner, Japan ranks 4x the GDP per Capita of China .   In other words – China’s  largest ‘asset’ is a massive population.   Outside of that, they have created little, done nothing, and accomplished nothing of value.   But according to liberal mania, they provide immense potential – simply based on capitalist consumerism potential.   Which of course, would be annihilated under a global communist regime.

Statistics can be funny ‘science’.   But science has become the new god.   Which allows us to ‘dissect’ that theory of philosophy to reveal the truth behind number manipulations.   While medical ‘persons’ decry science as the end all of proof positive, they ultimately reveal their inherent and decimating flaws, and sometimes the incredibly false purveyance that can only be defined as pure Fakery.

For example.   In order for China to overtake the US in true wealth would require their economy to rise by 500% today.   If we accept their ‘inflated growth rate of 7%’ that would take – roughly 50 years?   Assuming a constant, it would take 70 years assuming a non-compound.

China is NOT a true financial competitor threat.   They are a ‘Communist’ threat.    Period.   They don’t have the scientific expertise to create science. They don’t have the intellectual expertise to create – much of anything.   And that is truly their fear.   That is WHY they rely on the US.   Idiots in a bottle.   China require US expertise to have, to do, to create, to explore, to think – everything!

What they do parlay is: blackmail – first and foremost on their list of profit profiles, blackmail, second and foremost on their list of profit agendas, and third, blackmail is their only means of obtaining ‘science’ data.

What we do know?

The GOP will sell its soul under blackmail.

The Democrats have sold their soul – under blackmail.

And The People = are very, very angry and are ready to destroy both the GOP and the Democrat Party.

This is not relegated simply to US politics – it is the Will Of The PEOPLE globally!

Don’t be sheep!   The Media is parlaying a completely alternate universe in order to deflate the true VALUE OF THE US!   We Can Overcome – ONLY if we are willing to engage in the BATTLE!

2 thoughts on “America vs China – A Battle Waged in Propaganda!!!

  1. Hate China? :))

    A lot of folks do mainly because of jealousy that the US gave away its production and China took the ball and ran with it. I am not sure what Americans thought China should do with the gift they were given to increase American corporate profits and reduce US inflation but at the time it was said that it would be 2050 before China was a real threat economically. This being around 1975 – 1980. As usual the stats and guesses were wrong and China is now the production center of the world. With American tyrants coming out of the woodwork and locking it all down they’ll likely surpass America this or next year!

    Just about all the trade deficit is due to American corporations importing -freely- goods manufactured in China. For sure China copies some designs but it’s kind of silly to get upset about it as most designs are sent to China from America -and other Western corporations- in order for production at manufacturing plants. And we all know R&D usually stays very close to production plants to try out new innovations.

    In my personal opinion the US corporations and government are to blame. The corporations looking for cheap (slave) labor, more profit and the US Gov looking to cancel inflation caused by wars and giveaways everywhere.

    The future doesn’t look good for Americans. Without production many skills are lost which will take years to regain, if ever. Stocking shelves with foreign goods isn’t much of a skill. And the fact most now want their UBI and free everything else. The Chinese people seem to have a decent work epic and “seem” to be moving toward a more free market. The US eliminated the free market years ago and now “seems” to be moving rapidly to a fascist system.

    As an American I tried to fight it… purchased only American made products until very few could be found. I recently purchased a Harley Davidson. (American Iron!) Probably 50% or more is foreign made. It was sad watching Americans buy all the cheap stuff while American products sat on the shelf. Eventually this forced even patriotic Americans to move production offshore in order to survive.

    Now with new MMT (magic money tree) economics and the government spending 6 trillion dollars with the Fed buying everything knowing they’ll destroy the currency thus moving everyone to digital trash for absolute control of our lives, Americans will own nothing, do nothing and be happy until their not. True Dat if noting is done.

    Our new unelected president and her despicables (BLM / Antifa / media / corporations) will do everything in their power to kill anything left of the constitutional republic. The deplorables stand little chance as all government, law enforcement, military brass and corporations are united against them. So it’s probably all moot.

  2. $41/month…buys a few pounds of rice and a smartphone so the government can track you to death. Communist China changing for the better is as big a hoax as the fake pandemic. Forget the Commie Dems and RINOs..they are owned by either China or the Gates Gestapo…whichever pays the most.

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