Biden, The US Constitution, Betrayal: You can’t win a battle you don’t even fight!

Here we are.   The world is no longer watching.   The world has tuned out America as the last bastion lost to The Cult.   Oddly, there does exist one more ‘bastion’ – the liberal demon – Russia.   You see, Russia and the US were the only countries holding off the totalitarian regime known as The Cult.   Russia was vilified by The Cult in every single space taking article shrewed by MSM.   And it quickly became apparent that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’.

But few listened.

Instead Russia took the hits, just like President Trump.   Navalny is The Cult divine insertion into the final Act of the Shakespearean Play.   When Putin goes – so goes Russia.   When Russia goes, the Agenda is ‘complete’.

Canada Free Press is hailing the insight of the ‘totalitarian experts’.   Really?   That’s really no different than citing weather experts to climate ‘experts’ who can’t accurately predict the freaking weather as it is happening much less 30-100 years in the future!   Or Science experts who haven’t practiced science since being anointed with a fake degree and rambling around a capitalist agency trying to spend more money on ‘research’.  Fauci?

Research.   An investigation so as to reach facts and thus conclusions.

Here we are.   And it ain’t pretty.   Biden has been ordered to rule by EO.   That would constitute a dictatorship.  And yet no one is objecting.   No One.   But It ain’t just the US – it is simply that all other citizens throughout the world confined to socialism and Marxism were looking to President Trump and us to save them.   Because they had already voluntarily – without a fight – signed over their country.

Now people are angry because Trump and America didn’t – save them!   Are you truly that daft?   Did you help? Did you fight? Or did you sit on your arses and hope that it would all simply be vanquished by one man?   Shame on you. And shame on those that are turning now on President Trump for failing!   SHAME!

Europe caved years ago – without a fight.   Farmers rallied briefly – and then were silenced.   Australia. Canada?  Canadians want Trump to win!   Yeah!   But the moment of defeat and the flight is disgusting!   Already detailing what Trump should have done, could have done, as though these pundits have ANY clue whatsoever!   SHAME.

Loyalty.   What does it mean?   For most I would suggest it is not a part of their values.   Loyalty means being faithful in the sun and in the storms.   What President Trump revealed that was MOST prevalent is this lack of  – loyalty.   It is prevalent in our government – the CIA – the FBI – the military – and in our homes.   And every one of us has that choice.   To be loyal – or to be a traitor.   To Betray.   I was raised by and thru loyalty – and that is what I taught my Sons!

Betrayal, as I have posted often, is a much more evil posture, it is an egregious descent into a world of evil.   And President Trump successfully revealed the extent of betrayal that we need to fight in our government.   Our government.

And suddenly, we witnessed ‘nonpartisan’ retail corporations launching their political betrayal on American citizens!   Do you understand the depth of that?   The usurping of freedom – we participated – we allowed – we financially supported – and we accepted.

And now they laugh hysterically as we further launch assaults on each other –

Do NOT fall into this Alice in Wonderland spiral.

This is NOT a time to find fault with the ONE man willing to sacrifice everything – everything – for us:

“ Ideological Alignment Pushing America Toward Totalitarianism, Experts Warn

“Pence skipped President Trump’s Departure Ceremony”



Shadow Stats – cited by MNBC.   John Williams would seem to cite that President Trump is responsible for the statistics released by the federal government – on everything.   Yet, this assertion has yet to be levied on any ‘previous president’.   Why is that?

So where do they get their estimates and data?   They create their own – based on their own determinations – for a fee.   Ah.

THAT – is a form of betrayal.   And I personally am NOT a fan.

One might focus on more revealing headlines such as:   COVID Hunger!   Czechs Question Germany’s CoVid Claims.   Wall Street is Now Betting on Water.   Vaccine Rationed Amidst Vaccine Supply Issues.   Government Announces CoVid Fines.   Abandonment of Exams for Universities. BOJO Declares Lockdown Won’t End by Summer.

Biden issues 25 Executive Orders in first day and ½.   And the Constitutionality of those orders is not questioned. BY Any Government, by ANY People.

Executive Orders are a privilege – that do have some guidelines the foremost of which is that they must support the US Constitution.   The President is NOT given dictatorship rule authority – all authority is relegated to federal design according to Article II Of the Constitution.   Anything outside of that is subject to Congress or Supreme Court authority before it can be enacted.

Today, none of Biden’s EO’s have been registered wit the Federal Registry as a valid EO.   And that validity is a recourse.

I do realize that all of this is based on a rule of law that may or may not exist any longer.   But until we as The People declare that law no longer exists – it does.   And Congress does not have the authority to make such a declaration unless they institute their version of Martial Law.   Which would devolve into a totalitarian regime.

People.   Of The World.   It is NOT a US fight, it is a global fight.   A fight that has devastating consequences whether we win or lose.   But a battle that has no warriors – is hardly a battle at all.   And so – it is up to you. Not our President Trump.   The choice – is ours.   The battle – is ours.   The Fight – is ours.  

You can’t win a battle wherein you don’t engage.

3 thoughts on “Biden, The US Constitution, Betrayal: You can’t win a battle you don’t even fight!

  1. “The President is NOT given dictatorship rule authority – all authority is relegated to federal design according to Article II Of the Constitution. Anything outside of that is subject to Congress or Supreme Court authority before it can be enacted.” Helena

    Pretty much correct but….

    The governors and mayors, councilmen and what have you have been dictating little tyrants for a year now without any pushback whatsoever. 90% or greater here in Florida are wearing the holy rag even when there is no mandate.
    Nowhere in the Constitution does it say ‘these amendments do not apply during a emergency’ Nor does the constitution mention martial law. We’ve just been led to believe these things are necessary when in reality they are not which is why they are not in the constitution.

    I highly doubt today’s Americans will even question Biden’s self declared authority. A few, like you, will but the general population on FB and Twatter will never get to read it. They will be censored.

    Yes Article 6 requires all law and treaties to abide by the constitution:
    “This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof;…”

    The problem as I see it, is US courts use precedence and not the constitution. Edwin Vieira, a great constitutional lawyer, said the constitution was never mentioned when he was taking a constitutional law course. The Supremo’s could care less about the constitution – that’s been obvious for decades – and use precedence to decide constitutionality. The constitution REQUIRED them to listen to the Texas case but they decided to not hear it. No one is pushing them on that. Who do you go to find the Supreme Court decisions unconstitutional… lol.

    Another problem is when Congress makes a unconstitutional law. Someone has to go to court and work their way up to the Supreme court to find it unconstitutional if the DOJ refuses to. None of law passed by Congress is vetted before becoming law. Personally I’d wager 90% of laws passed in the past 100 years are unconstitutional.
    The Patriot Act, NDAA are pure unconstitutional but still stand.


  2. I was thinking last night . . . remember how Trump said “The best is yet to come.” And at one of his last speeches when asked about the 25th amendment said “Biden should be careful what he wishes for” (something like that)?

    Maybe the pentagon got a FISA warrant to listen to HIS calls and maybe they plan to trap him and Harris and others and Biden will be brought down via the 25th amendment. Election fraud is exposed, Trump is in. Scotus does have some cases scheduled I believe. Part of me doesn’t believe those in the know would allow this takeover. We’ll know soon I suspect.

  3. As much as we want to fight against Democrat party terrorism, we have few allies with any power. Who in the DC Swamp can we rally around? Perhaps million of people doing small things can make a difference. The world is extremely lacking in leaders or anyone with power that cares about anyone but himself. Our government is now filled to the brim with arrogant self-serving ass wipes. The media is the voice of spoiled children who know how to lie better and anything else they could ever do. The population is too complacent and only care about I phones, TV and cowering in fear. They have no guts to question anything.

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