HPV VACCINE – Statistical Truths

Cervical cancer and the HPV Vaccine Stats:

It is estimated that 1, 665,540 cases of cancer occurred in the US during 2014. Of those, cervical cancer comprised 12,360 or .7%. As of the 2010 census, there were roughly 157million women in the US. That means that .008% of women in the US get cervical cancer. The rate of incidence has declined 70% from the mid 1950’s to late 1990’s and has continued to decline 2% each successive year – without the vaccine. The reason for the decline? The advent of the Pap-smear. Still, the CDC and WHO heartily push for massive vaccination. Some states are adopting mandatory vaccination and many more states are being pressured to follow.

Proponents of the vaccine argue that cervical cancer is the second highest killer for women. But let’s take a look at perspective: In 2012, worldwide there were 588,000 cases of cervical cancer. The US portion would thus represent 2.9% of the world total. Eighty five percent of the cases occur in less developed countries, the resulting death rates being somewhat the same at roughly 30-50%.

Why the massive push in the US?

In 2006, the FDA fast tracked Gardasil, an HPV vaccine. Merck, the manufacturer, petitioned heavily to make the vaccine mandatory for public school enrollment. Although this was shot down, it continues to be lobbied.

Merck claimed that Gardasil would prevent HPV, a virus that is said to affect 50% of women in the US and worldwide. The claim was that incidences of HPV and deaths would be reduced to zero. But, as with all vaccines, there are risks. Some of the more serious side effects reported after the Gardasil vaccine include; Multiple sclerosis like symptoms, seizures, paralysis, speech problems, blindness, Pancreatitis, ovarian cysts, Guillain Barre Syndrome, and short term memory loss.

Two ingredients in the vaccine are considered toxic: 1) Aluminum, which is known to cause brain damage, nerve damage and cognitive dysfunction, and 2) sodium borate which is an insecticide. These adjuvants are added to ‘stimulate the immune system’. The vaccine alternative to Gardasil is Cervarix. It includes aluminum as well but also includes ‘viral proteins’ which are derived from animals and aborted fetuses. In order for protein to be broken down, it must pass through the digestive system. Injected directly into the bloodstream can create an autoimmune response. Autoimmune diseases include; thyroid issues, MS, food allergies, celiac disease, Graves disease, rheumatoid arthritis, etc…

As with every medication, side effects are an issue. (I wish just once side effects would include; increased muscle, increased flexibility, reversal of aging, etc…) Sigh. Proponents argue the potential for side effects is considered minor compared to the potential positives. And they pressed on, succeeding with their mandate – for a while. Still, most, if not all, cancer organizations continue to emphasize that the greatest way to prevent cervical cancer is through pap-smears. Period. In addition, they state that those who are at greatest risk for getting cervical cancer are women with HIV, AIDS or drug users. Which would explain why the highest rates occur in undeveloped countries, particularly Africa where HIV and AIDS is most prevalent.

According to The American Cancer Society, in addition to HIV and AIDS being major risk factors, they conclude that other risk factors include; smoking, multiple sex partners, genetics, long term use of contraceptive pills, and woman with a previous history of STD’s (syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia). So why don’t we address risk factors first? Stop smoking, have sex with your husband only, and stop taking the pill. In addition, they have determined that black and Hispanic women and women between the ages of 65 and 69 account for the highest incidence of cervical cancer – that’s the genetic issue that we can not change. Of course – again – safe sex = no virus.

So, if the decrease in incidence rates is due to pap-smears, why get the vaccine? If the predominate risk factor is a compromised immune system with HIV and AIDS, then why vaccinate the entire population? If the total number of cases in the US represents just .00008 of women, why are we making this an epidemic crisis?

HPV Vaccine:

According to Kaiser, there are over 140 strains of HPV, 40 can cause cervical cancer. The new Gardasil vaccine claims to mitigate 4 of the 40 strains.

Merck – Gardasil 9:

  1. approved in 2015, is recommended for girls 9-26 and for boys ages 9-15 to prevent against anal and penile cancer. It is currently not covered by private insurance but this is anticipated by 2017. The previous vaccine was only deemed effective for 4.5 years.

  2. 90-99%% of HPV infections resolve on their own without any treatment

  3. The effective rate for the vaccine drops the older the teenager

  4. In the US, cervical cancer in women under the age of 25 is ‘rare’. Most cases occur in older women

  5. If you already carry the virus, which CDC claims 50% of women do, the vaccine is not effective

  6. Hispanics, Asians, and those living below the poverty line have the highest vaccination rates in the US they also represent the highest incidence rate

  7. The incidence rate has remained relatively constant for the last ten years, although the death rate has declined due to early detection

  8. The vaccine costs about $400 and is administered in three shots.

  9. No tests have been conducted by Merck to evaluate the potential negative reactions Gardasil may pose when taken with other childhood vaccines

  10. There are over 3000 side effects reported, including death

FYI – what the heck are we doing vaccinating 9 year old’s against a sexually transmitted disease? Ewwww!

HPV infection can change cervix cells into pre-cancer

cells. Pre-cancer cells are not cancer, and they don’t

cause changes that you would notice. Most cells with

early pre-cancer changes go back to normal on their

own. If they don’t, they can be treated. Sometimes,

if they aren’t found and treated, the pre-cancer cells

can turn into cancer. Cervical cancer can also be

treated if it’s found.”

Statistically, most women who die from cervical cancer have never had a pap-smear or have not had one for more than five years. Statistically, most women who die from cervical cancer have a compromised immune system from HIV, AIDS or drug use.

While no one wants cancer – perspective might help to mitigate over-whelming, consuming fear propagated by the media. While some people are at risk – that risk is .00008 of women in the US and of those only 32% will die, and of those 20% are over the age of 75, and of all incidences those who are already compromised due to HIV or AIDS are at the greatest risk. That leaves a very very small portion of the average population.

Perhaps it would be much more logical to immunize only those people who are at risk, while continuing to ramp up prevention through a completely non-invasive non-dangerous – pap-smear that has a proven record of dropping rates over 70%!

But then, there wouldn’t be much profit in such a scenario.

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