Statistics, Math, Science – Are the Fabrications…


Statistics ‘used’ to be the mainstay to prove statements by the media as false or true.  Citing a statistic gave credence to the statement.   And the argument was won.   But today, vast bodies of ‘statistical analysis’ are simply algorithms created with a desired end result.

It is April 2021, and yet the latest statistics that are issued by the FBI regarding crime are dated from 2019.   These numbers reveal that violent crime dropped significantly during the Trump administration.

And yet – somehow – the statistics released by the CoVid CDC are real time… How is that?   Because – NO OTHER statistic is ‘real time’ – NONE.

Even today the number of casualties and deaths from WWI, WWI, Korea, Vietnam, Syria, Iraq, and Ukraine are guestimates with a spread of +/- 500%.   And Yet, quite suddenly, we are led to believe that the cases, deaths, positives, negatives, are all absolutes – in the tallies.  When NO SUCH tally ever existed before?
Africa has NO universal tallying system. Neither does India, China, Pakistan, the EU or the US.   All tallies are contrived via an algorithm similar to the one created by Bill Gates which early on ‘predicted’ 2 million deaths in the US as a DIRECT result of Covid. Even the Gates funded CDC has been forced to backtrack on that perverse ‘crystal ball prediction’.

SO what happens when we are lied to by a singular node?   All nodes become subject to review and are likely determined to be equally – false and predictive.

Just as in Life.   When a person is found out to have lied to you – ALL statements are now on the table as possible lies.

As the CDC, WHO, Governments, Politicians, Health ‘officials’ are found to have continually lied and backtracked on those lies, it opens the Pandora Box and suddenly – nothing is truth. From the mouth of babes.

How do we determine that the case count is real? How do we determine that the test count is real?   How do we determine that the adverse reaction count is real?   And suddenly we are faced with the reality that ALL NUMBERS are created.   Statistics are a manufactured algorithm.

And the only reality we can visually accept is in our small circle of neighbors and friends.

For example:   I have knowledge on ONE death that was early on attributed to ‘with CoVid’.   One. I have knowledge of ONE person who tested positive for CoVid using the disreputable PCR adjunct.   One.   I have knowledge of a handful of vaccinated persons.

The Point?

What we have been privy to is the government pronouncements of overwhelmed hospitals and cataclysmic deaths – and yet despite numerous persons walking through empty hospitals, the government reaction is to prohibit that person from further videos…

Hospitals are empty. Hospitals are going bankrupt.

The determination of ‘numbers’ is a statistic that does not exist in ANY OTHER REALM.   And is LIKELY completely – fabricated.

I have always held to the ‘statistic. The number.   It was considered the ONE truth when everything was opinion, conjecture or prediction.   However, I have come to realize that statistics are simply crystal ball numbers fabricated like a poll to produce a desired end product.   And are thus, unfortunately, entirely, completely – worthless!

As such, Truth as we perceive it, believe in it, rely on it – no longer exists.   At All.

What a bizarre reality to understand that Truth is something obscure that must be researched and analyzed and determined because Lies are the dominant force.

Personally, I don’t handle lying well.   I do not understand the point, the purpose, or the ultimate outcome when Truth does reveal its face. How best to earn my scorn – than to lie to me.

While Europe has been the brunt of the most sever lockdowns and restrictions, it seems to odd that every government across the globe would have the exact same reaction to this “Pandemic”.   Wouldn’t you think that there would be ‘odd lots’ – the rebels – the ones who knew the Agenda?

And yet there were – NONE.

Doesn’t that seem ODD?
From a mathematical standpoint – the odds of 100% are not even calculable.

Which is virtually saying – that we are royally screwed.   There is nowhere to go.   There is no power.   But there is a story.   Because we are not a part of the story. We are outsiders. The story is between the Fascist Bankers and the Communist Politicians who vie for world control.   And then there are these ‘others’ you and me’ who are watching the battles and just – amazed!!!

These guys are NUTS>

It’s like they don’t really exist in this dimension, and they are bent on control.   Nothing else seems to matter. I see them.   I see them – all the time.   Weird thing.

And once again, I Find refuge in the music of Chad Lawson.  Although Brian Crain is equally seductive.  Dang, I am in love – with – piano…

11 thoughts on “Statistics, Math, Science – Are the Fabrications…

  1. There is likely a virus of some measure that is lethal to those with additional health issues like cancer, heart disease and lung problems. But the pandemic that was created is as fake as are the testing methods (PCr tests) and thus the relating deaths that have been catalogued even if there is no direct proof of a death bing caused by CoV-2. Now we have fake vaccines which are really RNA/DNA influencing therapies that could very easily end up as time bombs causing numerous ADE diseases that cause death (more succinctly murder). This is similar to the rise in vaccinations and the resulting numerous rising cases of auto immune diseases since the 1990’s.

    • Yes – apparently the paper done by Fauci even stipulates that H1N1 is only fatal to those whose immune systems are compromised. How best to compromise an immune system than fill it with chemicals from vaccines – As in paint thinner and gas lubricants –

  2. Tried to do a “like” for this article… sorry, I don’t do Google or Apple and WordPress doesn’t like me.

    But,,, a great article.


  3. A statistic has always been something that happened in the past. Nowadays, they make up algorithims to predict the future… based on supposed past causations that are really only correlations… with little, if any, statistical variance in the prediction algorithm. Does anyone mention Logistic functions in the plandemic algorithms? Nope! Look up Lanchester equations if you have the time and desire. Criminal Cabal just makes crap up and call it science so the usefull idiots and morons buy it all. Ethics in analysis no longer exists.

  4. Yes, it’s all lies, and even when studies are released that refute their claims – such as that masks work, it’s ignored. Masks are still pushed. And PCR tests are not diagnostic — ignored. Gaslighting to the extreme. I only wish more people would turn off their TVs and seek truth. People need to stop complying with these unlawful measures.

    • There has been no peer reviewed study that claims masks work – however there is one study from Denmark – peer reviewed – that shows masks don’t do diddly squat!

  5. I believe in a verb or two sometimes. Like “are” and “is”. I worked in the Patent Office and when I read articles in the Washington Post about the Patent Office, I counted the reports in the articles I found to be valid. 60% was what I estimated to be truthful.

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