President Trump: Loyalty to the Fall.

This past year we have focused endlessly on the major discrepancies in the reporting, testing, and fraudulent hyping of CoVid 19.   I must point out the vaccine and all the tests are created by Bill Gates and reference not CoVid 19 but SARS-CO2.   Secondly, despite being able to scientifically, mathematically, and virally prove that what we are being led to believe, and what is fact are divided by the Grand Canyon, no one cares.

And so, nothing changes.   The facts are ignored, swept away, considered conspiracy, and replaced with stricter lockdowns.   We could argue for a decade and they would not budge, and at some point we need to realize providing further proof is a waste of our time.  We’re just providing more fuel for the shredder.

We have spent months providing massive evidence of voter fraud, fought in liberal controlled courts, and punched in the stomach. Because they never had ANY intention of actually hearing, and instead have again – wasted our time. We are fighting battles that cannot be won and ignored the battles that could gain a wrung on the ladder.

And that is where Trump focused his energy for four years while instead of fighting alongside, we frequently fought in the lowlands.   One the tools of the MSM propaganda effort is and always has been about – distraction.   Make us see the one ball in the magicians hand while his sleeve holds 17.

Before it is taken down, there is a site that has been loyal to the Fall –   They update constantly providing all the accomplishments of President Trump during his very brief and very chaotic tenure. Take pictures, because it likely won’t last long in the liberal purge or genocide.

Now we are being completely distracted by a Capital Breach that is so filled with question marks, inserts, obvious incursions, and deceit, ordinarily it wouldn’t be worthy of anyone’s time.   Another protest gone astray amongst thousands in 2020! Thousands that no one cared about – and one they did.   All were the perversion of Antifa and BLM anarchists.

No matter how many facts we bring forth, videos, pictures, voice identification, and…, dang let’s just call Interpol and the CCP!   Surely they will be equitable in their justice given their respective countries are under a communist thumb.

We could spend a decade fighting for the truth in this and never move an inch on the board.   Because they don’t care.   Because LAW is an illusion.   No one will change their mind, or their infusion of a constant stream of propaganda.   No matter how much proof is presented.

That is the point, the point of illusion.   They are essentially telling us there is no law any longer but theirs.   Their law will be vetted upon us, and only us and We The People can be systematically removed justifiably in that law book.   Forever more.   The Lists. Schindler’s List.   How original.

By openly and blatantly censoring they are saying they are completely protected.   And nothing can penetrate that vault. They are saying – We Have won!

There is only one way to launch battle against such an enemy.   Offense.   Offense.   Offense.   Don’t even notice the prattle, just dig the dirty battle.   The most difficult part has essentially been accomplished. We are now well aware of every traitor.   It is as though they shred a mask and are beyond law.   A backdoor deal with Satan.  I would think it would be such a relief to not have to act any longer.   And thus they go cocky bold.   They can’t keep a secret – it is just too gidifyingly giddy!   No one is hiding behind the great red curtain of OZ.   There is no second guessing.

In the Art of War, that is a great opening.   Our real battle is – time.

President Trump does have some very fine men surrounding him and helping to guide what is best.   And while we likely won’t get our wish-upon-a-star for the grand declassifying, we have to accept that the decisions are for us to follow.   For now.

Everyone media entertainer, blogger claims they know exactly what is happening right now in the WH only to have their revelation quashed when it didn’t happen.   You know, if you don’t know, why pretend?   For 3 seconds of fame and then humility?   Which only intensifies the angst – because the number who know in reality is likely to be counted on one hand.   They have some plan – we just don’t know which they are going to pick.

And so, all we can do – is WAIT.

7 thoughts on “President Trump: Loyalty to the Fall.

  1. Hi

    “Do not engage an enemy more powerful than you. And if it is unavoidable and you do have to engage, then make sure you engage it on your terms, not on your enemy’s terms.” – Sun Tzu


    • I think Trump believed he was – I have been told he reads Art of War and is a fan of Sun Tzu. But this was ‘global’ and when your friends all turn their back on you…

  2. The Capitol riot…like everything else in this country, we will never get the truth. The last truthful fact we received from government was in the 1986 when Reagan stated with IN ALL HONESTY…government is not the answer, but the problem. Over the last 35 years, nothing but lie after lie and today it has reached a point where truth and fact is nowhere to be found.

  3. I sometimes wonder why Trump has done some really stupid things. Like appoint truly strange people, or pardoning murderers, or not releasing Assange. And currently, nor declassifying dirty secrets! And one could be forgiven for thinking HE might be one of the 17 other balls up the sleeve.?
    Anyway, thanks so much for this blog! It has helped me in retaining what is left of my sanity.

    • I think the appointments were difficult given so many proved to be fake swampers – and no one could realize the extent to which they would pretend to be something they are not. If you have ever been duped by such a person, it is pretty bizarre – imagine thousands! Pardoning murderers? No clue where you are in this one. Unfortunately, declassifications have not happened and I can’t answer why. But I am a person of faith and will not toss in the towel until Trump says it is over. In the end, I think too many look at what didn’t happen instead of what did which is why I posted the magapill.

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