SAFE SPACES: Cultural Segregation

Remember bullies? They have existed since the beginning of mankind. They know no race. They know no gender. They can be subtle or they can be malicious.   They exist in schools, businesses, churches, and neighbors.   They have been portrayed in movies for decades. And as the rise in bullying ran amok in schools, prevention became the mantra.  

Until ‘safe spaces’.

When my kids were growing up they frequently were the target of bullies.   Why? Because. Bullies target whoever they can and if their victim does nothing, they become their dodge ball victim for life.   The solution?   Fight back.

Of course, schools were called in to mediate bullies because often it happened on school premises.   But the problem was never erased, eradicated, or even smudged, because the school solution didn’t work. Bullying as a core is an inherent reactive learned from one’s parents.  Teachers applied bandaids and the bullying evolved into –

Safe spaces.

Today, instead of bullying, we call it “a place intended to be free of bias, conflict, criticism, or potentially threatening actions, ideas, or conversations … student volunteers put up posters advertising that a “safe space” would be available for anyone who found the debate too upsetting.”

For a society bent on tolerance and inclusion, a safe space is literally the extreme opposite.  In an article by VOX, a black woman states that she just wants to sometimes be around only other black women because it’s easier and there is no ‘translation’.   That used to be called ‘segregation’.   But integration changed that.   Forced integration of cultures was seen as the State Solution.   Everyone just needs to get along.   Diversity training arose.   While the Liberal mantra continues to assert that demand, voluntary segregation became the reality.

Wealthy people hang out with wealthy people. Military families hang out with other military families. Blacks with blacks, gays with gays, Christians with Christians, etc…   Exclusively?   Not necessarily.   Neighborhoods are the prime example.   Chinatown in San Francisco.   The Polish community in any given city. The Italian neighborhood in Lakewood.   Safe spaces.

And yet, safe spaces is now embraced by most universities, and a spattering of businesses. It has also given rise to a new burgeoning business model whereby evaluation and training are offered – for a price. Workshops are available to teach ‘respectful behavior’.   There are “Codes of Cooperation”.   The pictures portray happy employees of every diversity sitting together in a boardroom, planting a tree, analyzing reports, etc…

California has made it a law that all companies must have at least one female board member.  Diversity.

Starbucks recently came under fire again because a customer stated they felt unsafe when six police officers came in to order coffee. The officers were ejected because of the ‘one’ complaint.  Safe Spaces.

Nike nixed a shoe that they likely spent millions to create because Colin Kaepernick said it offended him.   A shoe offended him and thus Nike’s CEO scrapped the product line to the detriment of their shareholders.   Segregation.

Diversity: by definition means the inclusion of different types of people having differing elements and/or qualities.   But safe spaces means – exclusion.

Within this hypocrisy, a business can’t win.   Lawsuits have become a cost factor that ‘trickles down’ to the product cost. And the ultimate loser is the consumer. So businesses play the racket and hire diversity experts, provide training workshops, and document with fear lest they miss a box on the new 20 page HR requirements manual.

But it isn’t enough because those that demand diversity, also demand workplace segregation in the form of safe places. The absurdity is laughable when one considers that might mean a separate safe place for each group; women, gays, transgenders, liberals, binary, Hispanic, black, Muslim, Asian, etc… , ultimately transforming an office environment into a clone of complete isolation.

As Google and Amazon attempt to build business cities to accommodate their employees, it will be interesting to see how they create safe spaces for all the diverse diversities. Of course, will Google rent these apartments to its IT PhD’s only, or will the menial laborers have equal digs?   Will the laborers live in the basement?   Will executives live in penthouses?   Will there be separate cafeterias to accommodate safe spaces?

But then Google is well known for its anti-diversity politics, liberal only social morays, as well as its Big Government surveillance of anyone and everyone… The Orwellian vision is quite real.   The Boogeyman is Real!

In essence, segregation is culturally preferred.  But it isn’t politically correct.   So we pretend to want diversity inclusion while promoting safe spaces exclusion and hope nobody figures it out.  Shhhh – don’t tell!

DIVERSITY – A failed communist agenda

Every year Notting Hill England holds a ‘diversity festival’ . It is attended by a million people each year and spans two days of music, costumes, dancing and diverse fun! Or not.

The premise of the carnival is to celebrate all cultures without prejudice, embracing the fact that we are a very diverse world and should just get along with one another… be nice.

Apparently, the attendees would seem to have a different agenda altogether. For each year, the police are called out to deter the riots and stabbings and sexual assaults and assaults on police, hospitalizations and deaths that have also become a part and parcel of the annual Diversity festival. So much for peaceful diversity.

At a cost of 6 million pounds for police alone, the carnival saw 450 arrests and five stabbings in 2016.  So much for diversity.

For centuries we have dabbled in diversity issues – and it has never worked. Islam’s diversity says join us or die. Chinese come to the states and form ‘Chinatowns’. There is the Italian community, the Polish community, the Korean community, the white community, black community and even the Christian community. Why? Because people inherently prefer to hang with like people. It’s instinctual. It’s societal. That does not mean to the ‘exclusion’ of all others, it simply means that similar cultures hang with similar cultures.

The ‘Diversity’ movement is attempting to force something unnatural and the obvious response is violence because people detest being forced to do – anything! It is coercion. It is Communist doctrine. Karl Marx advocated the single cooperative unit where no one was different and all societies were relinquished of their uniqueness and ordered to act as One.

Diversity creation is a forcible communist agenda. It has nothing to do with the people and everything to do with conformity in order to rule within a Dictatorial stance.

Today our youth are hypnotized by the media telling them that diversity is for ‘the greater good’, it is kindness and tolerance and we should embrace it in all it’s dimensions. The youth are the target because they haven’t the experience yet to know they are being manipulated and led against their very own natural consciousness.

Force diversity on society and chaos will be the result.

Georgetown University has announced that it will put descendants of slaves on their priority entrance list. Is that diversity? Or is that racial profiling? Anti-white profiling has become an accepted agenda – but it will only succeed in promoting an agenda that is not about skill or intellect or competence – but race. The agenda should be competence – making it color or race or slavery or anything else is a communist agenda. Period.

Diversity also encompasses – classes. If we are to embrace the vast mass of variable cultures, we must also embrace the vast variable of money. It is an impossible task to make everyone ‘equal’. Equality can never be attained within the environment of freedom – they are diametrically opposed. In that line, peace and freedom can never co-exist either, they are impossibly opposed streams because one embraces differences while the other denies them within the vein of free will.

Marx decried the equal distribution of wealth. Marx decried that the equal sharing of resources was tantamount to a society without poverty – for the greater good. But communism has always been a short-lived failure! Socialism has always been a short-lived – failure. Capitalism has created a vast distributed wealth, but has failed to obliterate poverty. But is poverty even curable?

Poverty exists in every nation. Under communism, poverty expanded to engorge even the uber wealthy.   Socialist nations have experienced similar defeat as poverty merely expanded to include those who used to have wealth.

Sweden, a nation of ‘tolerance’, of ‘diversity’, and of ‘socialism’ is experiencing what the UN describes as its final fall. The UN predicts that Sweden will be a third world nation in just five years.

That’s the model. Learn from it – don’t mimic it.

So while Merkel and Theresa May and Obama and Soros and Hillarygate, and Hollande all hold to the premise that diversity is the answer to a world of peace, they are either stupid or evil.

In either case, it does not bode well for us.