REFUGEE NGO’S: Where Is All The Money?

Greece harbors approximately 50,000 refugees.   To service these refugees, there are over 400 different NGO’s plowing billions of dollars into their medical, social, child care, infant care, psychological, housing, food, airfare, local transportation, clothing, education, and other care needs.

Yet, oddly, the migrant camps are still despots of tent cities hosting abysmal living conditions.   How can that be with literally billions in aid and assistance?

One of the largest re-distribution organizations is the International Committee of the Red Cross.   With an annual budget of nearly $2billion, ICRC is predominantly funded by governments, including the US which contributes about 25% of its entire funding. Expenditures allocated to the US amount to roughly .5% of funding.   The UK is the second largest contributor at roughly 11%, then Germany at about 10%. The greatest pool of expenses are spent in the Middle East and Africa.    And a whopping $1.5 billion is held in an employee benefit account which currently has a deficit of about $400 million.

ICRC Annual Report is audited by Ernst and Young, however, there is a disqualifier given the Financial Reports are NOT audited and are prepared internally. Interesting…

Another NGO is Doctors of the World. One of their funding partners is USAID.   More US taxpayer dollars.   Another is Publicis North America which has a charity rating of one star. Partners and sponsors include vodophone, if you ever wondered how come refugees always have phones, mac Cosmetics for glam lipstick and makeup, and VISA which provides them with debit cards.

Medecins Sans Frontieres is also a major refugee delivery service. They have been instrumental in helping refugees across the globe including Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. They provide assistance for illegal entry into the US and elsewhere, as needed. With a budget of roughly $1.6 billion, like the Red Cross, their annual report is audited, but their financials are not. It would appear that of the $1.6 billion in expenses, about 14.8million was spent on actual humanitarian aid, the rest supported the business administration of that aid including personnel, benefits, office expenses, etc…   That would amount to .8% spent on refugees.

Many of these NGO’s receive donations of items that sit in warehouses.   The Red Cross boasts 93 million ‘volunteers’!

Refugees International is an organization with such associated names as George Soros, Matt Dillon, Mark and Lady Malloch Brown, Brian Atwood (former Administrator for USAID), a spattering of UN Ambassadors, and Harvard perps, etc…. It’s Net Profit nontaxable for 2018 was roughly $2.5million.   Payroll and expenses were about $2.5 million, and Overhead accounted for the remaining $1.3 million in expenses.   In addition, they spent about $500,000 on Lobbying. They disbursed $-0-. While their Balance Sheet as of 2018 shows total Assets of just $7.1 million, including investments of nearly $4 million.


Eric Schwartz, the President of Refugees International served under both Clinton and Obama working for humanitarian and refugee issues in Africa, Haiti and Indonesia.

What we are seeing is a swale of NGO’s created to support NGO’s under the guise of refugees utilizing funds provided to the UN, funds from governments, all essentially taxpayer directed, that pay no taxes, accumulate vast sums of wealth, while giving the appearance that they are rectifying a situation that shouldn’t exist, while the respective governments of the refugees pocket foreign aid.

It is double taxation – on The People who pay taxes. It is wealth re-distribution. It is the cause of the decimation of the middle class.

On the island of Lesbos in Greece, NGO’s demand residents hand over their property to be used as tent cities.   They don’t pay for the property, they threaten to burn it down if the residents don’t comply.

It is a tactic employed by the Mafia – give me your assets and I won’t kill ya…

Only the Mafia organizations are funded by US taxpayers, EU taxpayers, Japanese taxpayers, Canadian and Australian taxpayers…   And the migrant situation worsens as the refugees revolt, riot, rape, and destroy because the NGO’s are not providing what they say.

In Greece, the government is claiming the NGO’s foment the refugee riots and assist in the smuggling of migrants.   And now the locals want their homes back, their orchards, their vineyards which have been confiscated by the NGO’s.

Sweden too is crumbling under the socialist regime of Prime Minister Stefan Lofven which now registers over 60 no-go zones and reports fire bombings 3-4 times per week.   In 2019 Sweden reported 230 bomb attacks.   Trying to censor the media, news is scant to report the truth about the crime. In 2016, 20 men raped a girl for four hours – they were set free. The stories abound. Swedish women quitting their jobs at a mall because of harassment by ‘foreign men’ – they cannot say Muslim because that would be racist and subject them to jail.   In 2018, the Swedish government banned veils and full Burqa’s in schools. In response, Non-Muslim teachers began wearing the coverings. Swedish women are emigrating at an alarming rate given their complete lack of representation by the government.   They go to Norway, UK, US, and Finland. They are escaping their homeland because it has deteriorated into a propaganda censorship of immigration.

Where are the 84,000 NGO’s that purport to spend billions on refugees?

It is the largest Ponzi scheme ever perpetrated – NGO’s.   Tax Free.   Audit Free.   Wage Flush. Pension Flush.   Asset Flush.

It is the Clinton Foundation times 84,000.  It all ends up in Africa…

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