CoronaVirus – Perspective!

Coronavirus in Perspective in Reality:

Our less than wonderful CDC has published an estimate of flu cases in the US.   The estimate utilizes a variance of +/- 41%, because they don’t have actual numbers they are all estimates stipulated to an algorithm each year.   This season the CDC has offered the flowing: 29-41 million flu cases in US, and 16,000 to 41,000 deaths.   These numbers would seem to carry little weight given they occur each and every year despite the flu vaccine which has an efficacy rate of 12-36% depending on age, given a random sample of between 574 and 1497 individuals tested.

And for that bit of knowledge we pay the CDC $12 billion+ per year.

While it is not specifically known, it is estimated that roughly 130,000 people die from the flu each year in China utilizing the same CDC algorithm. , which has an accuracy rate of +/- 41%.

Since December when the Coronavirus was acknowledged in China, they have had about 77,000 cases and 2715 confirmed deaths.   The deaths seem to be specific to east Asian ethnicity.   In addition, like the flu, many of those deaths can be linked back to people who have heart disease, diabetes, or some other radical health issue.

SARS also affected east Asian’s predominantly and is thought to be the result of a lack of a particular enzyme in their lungs, ACE2.

The cases in Italy began with three Chinese tourists who arrived from Wuhan in January. Italy has the highest number of Chinese tourists in all of Europe. More than 300,000 Chinese live in Italy.

While manufacturing in China did slow – in part it was the annual two week Chinese New Year and in part it was the coronavirus scare.   But business as usual has already begun and production, although not at full capacity, will likely be level within a week or two. The Chinese are – resilient.

The last virus pandemic was the 2009-2010 H1N1 which was labeled as such by the media and targeted obese and pulmonary patients.   In the US, this ‘pandemic’ was estimated to be the cause of 10,000 deaths in the US.   While the CDC initially recommended that the ‘limited supply of the vaccine’ be given in two doses to ‘at risk’ individuals, it was later determined that one dose would have been just as effective and the vaccine would have been in supply to twice as many people.

After this ‘pandemic’ that resulted in 10,000 deaths, the CDC decided that henceforth a universal flu vaccine for all US citizens over the age of six months should be administered.   The death calculations gave a caveat that the death could also be ‘related to’ and not caused by the virus.

I’m sure the pharmaceutical companies were ecstatic!

Obama declared the H1N1 a national emergency and in 2011, the CDC declared that by their estimates, giver or take 41%, they had saved 300 lives due to their quick action.

The last actual pandemic was in 1918 – 1920 wherein it is ‘estimated’ 17-100 people died as a result.   So what were the circumstances?   WWI, trenches, dirt, malnutrition, malnourishment, cold, hygiene, chemical attacks by the Germans, and lack of medical care.   It was believed that the mass transport of nearly 100,000 Chinese who were immune to the virus to the front lines of France and Britain, set in motion this true pandemic.

We are in in 1918 and we are NOT at war.

So why is the CDC so bent on creating a pandemic where none exists?

It was just recently that we were all going to die of Ebola…   All pregnant women were going to give birth to children with encephalitis…

There have been exactly eight cases of Ebola in the US – and one man died who was from Liberia. The likelihood of a US citizen contracting Zika was nearly 0.

What both these falsified pandemics did create is a need for a vaccine that was not needed previously or presently.   It supported the pharmaceutical need to create a market.   A market that Pharma’s thrive on for their profits.   Today, there are at least half a dozen Pharmaceuticals eagerly creating a vaccine for the newest epidemic that has been described as a pandemic despite it’s relatively nominal proportions.

And despite the fact that it’s death and ‘pandemic illness’ would seem to be specific to east Asian peoples, With 45 cases in the US, I imagine everyone will be required to undertake this new vaccine.

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  1. This reveals what I had suspected – since the Obama “Ebola” scam that saw total cooperation with the CDC in the ultimate creation of an “Ebola Czar” who basically engaged in money laundering between the US treasury, African countries – and the DNC.

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