Transhumanism – Using Child Volunteers For Genetic Modification

**WHERE are the 85,000 Children who came across the border unaccompanied?

Is the medical fetish of transitioning young children into a wholly different species, aka gender, really a massive trial for transhumanism?   The elite AI Movement is focused on transhuman perfection, altering a person’s genetics to produce a more favorable person.   Brain and computer interfacing.   And then inserting bionic parts to make them ‘superhuman’.   At which point they are – no longer Human.   What has been achieved is Human eugenics.

The new obsession with transitioning seems odd.   There are the ‘fake trans’; Dylan Mulvaney and Lia Thomas who have not had physical semi-permanent surgeries and appear to be using it as a means of success. There are the real Trans who just want to be left alone by the frenzy.  And then there is experimental transitioning for medical professional training.   For the experimental phase, children are the preferred volunteer because their bodies are nubile and their minds are so broadly indoctrinated they believe doctors are demi-gods.

Genetic editing is the first course for the Transhuman cult.   But of course they don’t want to be the guinea pigs for botched medical practices and have thus found a source of subjects for their Nazi like medical experimentation procedures .   Considered ‘atrocities’, Mengele was doing genetic research on living humans for the purpose of discovering a means for editing genetics.

Mengele’s research is today concurrently labeled apocalyptic and groundbreaking science for doctors to expand on further.  Tissue samples Mendel collected were sent to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Genetics, and Eugenics in Berlin.  Its director, Otmar von Verschuer, received funding for some of these activities from the prestigious Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.   Verschuer was an internationally recognized scientist, who, after World War II, was appointed professor of human genetics at the University of Münster.   A Nazi Doctor.

Otmar’s son went on to become a high ranking official in the European Commission.   They were saved because of the value they offered.   Mengele fled to Argentina and then Brazil after WWII evading capture thru a network of former SS Officers who had also fled.   He died in 1979.   Other scientists were provided new identities by the CIA and given housing and high security clearance in the US with the authorization and approval of president Truman.

Ultimately 1600 Nazi scientists were given clearance in the US under Operation Paperclip. Included in this ‘roundup’ were 11 scientists whose specialties included biological weapons, space medicine and chemical weapons.

One such Nazi was Richard Lindenberg a pathologist who testified before the Rockefeller Commission over the death of JFK. His testimony confirmed the false premise of the single bullet theory thereby clearing the CIA culpability.

Other Nazi medical scientists went to work for NASA or the US Air force.   Including those well versed in immunology, vaccination, and infectious diseases. And then there was Eric Traud, a veterinary virologist who worked for the Rockefeller Institute in the creation of vaccines, the Naval Medical Institute in Bethesda and – Fort Detrick.   At the time, Fort Detrick was the headquarters for biological warfare. Fort Detrick has been implicated in the creation and release of CoVid19.    Animal germ warfare was conducted on Plum Island with Traub leading the ‘science’.

The US has been involved in the mechanics of genetic modification of humans since WWII.   The obsession is the same as Mengele’s, to create an advanced human species.   Like Mengele, there are no volunteers for these trials, thus creative license is being taken via the indoctrination of youth for experimentation. The end product might be a species of human that is neither male or female but is a birther.   Elites have no intention of ‘ruining’ their elite perfectly genocized  bodies via the chore of birthing. Thus creating a species to do nothing but birth on command via injecting the appropriately superior sperm and egg into a species for controlled birthing could be a form of transitioning surgery.   Said species would be neither male or female – but a prosthetic of necessary organs.

Transhumanism requires test subjects, trials, human volunteers in order to assure the elite that their life will be ‘sustainable’ and not subject to pain, disease, or aging.   Manipulating genes may have been spun by Mengele and his famed Nazi physicians, but today there are roughly 1000 doctors whose primary focus is the plethora of surgical procedures for which a one year long fellowship training at Mount Sinai grants them certification.

Transhumanism is about ‘liberating humans from their biological constraints and destiny’.     It is still an unfinished bridge given the moral outrage but transitioning is the precursor to help humans accept.   Therefore Transitioning is liberating humans from their gender constraints.   Once Transitioning is perfected, the next phase would be the gene editing utilizing mRNA  proteins to alter appearances instead of hormones, testosterone and chemicals.

Why do they need so many Mengele volunteers?   Botched outcomes. A Netherlands study found that transgender men and women had increased mortality rates from – everything!   The study noted suicides, infections, heart disease, cancer, HIV etc… as significantly higher ratios   During the study period 13.5% of the trans died.   Rates of suicide were 6.8 times higher than cis, and death from infection was 8.7 times higher.

What Fauci and the medical community taught us during the Pandemic is twofold;   1.   The human race was the trial,   and   2.   Doctors will murder for money.    

Given the Real Focus is on Transhumanism – this fervor  elevated around transitioning is just the beginning of chimera volunteers…   coming soon…

12 thoughts on “Transhumanism – Using Child Volunteers For Genetic Modification

  1. The ‘real Trans’ are mainly young adults who have been influenced by social media, the vast majority being women who have had unnecessary masectomies to become ‘male’. Each of these young women has been taught to despise her body and its reproductive capacity. I’m a middle-aged genuine, i.e. ‘cis’ male, to use the language of the ‘Trans’ cult, and what I see now is that the ‘Trans’ agenda is being used to erase women, including linguistically. For example, a headline and story in yesterday’s Guardian, about Eva Green winning a court case referred to her as an ‘actor’, not an actress.

    • I completely agree with the erasure attempts – allowing men to compete in women’s sports is a particular aggravation – and many young women are now choosing to quit because they have zero chance no matter how hard they workout – and because they are getting life changing injuries!! HOWEVER. I would also comment that the number of trans is still a tremendous minority spun out of control by the Media –

  2. I never agreed to be called “cis,” nor has anyone I know. – I perhaps am not familiar with you enough to know why you are using this word which is part of the indoctrination you speak of. Also never heard of the Fort Detrick theory. Other than that, I like your line of reasoning in this particular article. A lot to consider here. I checked the general facts you mention and you are spot on. Thank you for the informative writing.

    • I was quoting stats from a study which I noted – their verbiage identified trans vs cis. I have not known anyone to use the term other than on liberal media. If you do a search on my site I have mentioned Fort Detrick as being in collusion with Fauci and the source of CoVid… Thanks for stopping by –

  3. Helena have you considered the “No Virus” position. It appears to be correct from the evidence, past pandemics and Virology’s history of vaccine development. Are you familiar with the work of Drs Bailey, Dr Kary Mullis (deceased) Dr Stephan Lanka, Dr Kaufman et al. Further support is provided by the absolute avoidance and destruction by both MSM independent media and controlled opposition to this idea, although many alternatives are “allowed” to permeate the internet and public consciousness such as lab leaks, gain of function, unreliable pcr testing, destruction of alternative “treatments”.. the list is almost endless. All however rely on the existence of an unproven, never isolated infective particle in a human sample, without which the whole scheme collapses. Would you discuss this if not already.

    RFKJr involvement is marred by his involvement in the Childrens Health Defence. Although he privately agrees with the no virus premise he will not publicly support due to what he perceived would a step too far and damage to his now public stand for POTUS. I personally believe he has been got to by the deep state in an attempt to hold onto a democrat presidency not to mention his own wish to succeed. It must have been very difficult as part of such a powerful and successful family in terms of past failure due to certain addictions. It would be interesting to see who are the campaign main benefactors

    • I have written extensively about Mullis who died just months before the ‘virus’ was leaked. I believe most viruses are treatable – II believe HIV is fabricated – I believe Kennedy has NOT been compromised he has been quite open about the fact that the CIA killed JFK, his dad, and John Jr. This puts him in the CIA spotlight – which is NOT a good place to be…

      • True. RFK definitely not compromised. He’s suing Big Tech for censorship for heaven’s sake.

  4. So this must be the reason why so many illegals are allowed to disappear in the “U.S.”
    85000 children according to the NYT

  5. “What Fauci and the medical community taught us during the Pandemic is twofold; 1. The human race was the trial, and 2. Doctors will murder for money.” – Helena.

    True dat! And still are. And guess who pays these fraudsters? We do! Called Taxes. We are funding those killing us.

    In Floriduh those deaths are worth tens of thousands if killed and ‘correctly’ filed. Our ‘savior’ governor, now a presidential candidate, extended these murder for death Fraudci fake covid protocols for a year or two. Since they are especially after the elderly and the young, they (the elderly) now have to decide whether to risk hospitalization or just avoid the risk and hope for the best.

    The young they just want to sterilize. We’ll figure it out later on but it’ll be too late.

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