January 6th Political Prisoners IGNORED by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch

The MSM keeps posting grievous shock regarding a solitary traitor in Russia sentenced in court and imprisoned.   A critic of the government stands trial for fomenting dissent via ‘an undesirable organization’ which is not mentioned by name.   However, upon further research that organization is “Open Russia’ founded by Khodorkovsky. The board included Kissinger and Jacob Rothschild with a singular agenda of ridding Russia of Putin by any means possible.

In speaking of the recently sentenced, Kara Murza in Russia, the British Ambassador declared, “the verdict was an attempt to silence dissent in this country”.   Oddly, the 900+ dissenters rounded up by the FBI and sent to  DC Gulag prisons for walking around the Capitol is not addressed by Human Rights Watch.   Why?   Because HRW is a Soros organization that cherry picks violations and violators.

The COUP attempts in Russia have consistently been contained.   The US Coup is a stage of what the Cartel would do to Russia.   The reinstitution of communist/Marxist ideology and totalitarian rule, the nationalization of all resources and the confiscation of the world’s largest freshwater lake – Baikal.   Because in a depopulated world – Lake Baikal is prime sustenance!

In 2022 Goli Sheikholeslami was appointed CEO of POLITICO Media Group. Her previous experience is WAPO, Conde Nast, Public Media and Time Warner, earning her the label of CIA operative.   Headquartered in Berlin, Axel Springer has stated his goal of becoming the global number one digital media.  Politico has been front and center in demonizing all things Maga, Trump, and everything in-between – QUITE vocal in their hatred of the January 6th Protests.   WHY a German media outlet would operate under a different label in the US as a far leftist brigade is puzzling.  WHY they would tender an opinion on January 6th smells like collusion.

Axel Springer is majority owned by KKR, Kohlberg, Kravis and Roberts a venture capital firm headquartered in Manhattan. Starting in the 2000’s, KKR began hedging buyouts in collaboration with partners including;   Bain Capital, Goldman Sachs, Silver Lake Partners, Wellcome Trust and Blackstone.   The purpose is to gain controlling interest via shares for the purpose of monopolistic buyouts.   This leveraging schematic has worked quite well –

KKR Promote the ESG Credit scoring system established by the WEF which seems to have circulated across the board of all left companies willing to sacrifice their brands, their shareholders and their Balance Sheet – for Klaus Schwab approval..

In 2022 the Justice Department was pinky-swear investigating KKR for shared board seats with Blackstone and Apollo Global in violation of anti-trust laws.   That investigation would seem to have ‘stalled’.   Indefinitely.   KKR continues to Pac-Man every available corporation so as to attain Conglomerate Status within the WEF Golden Triangle.

Of course, prosecuting the ‘political prisoners’ in DC is much more important in the Justice Department given they are such a threat to society…

The shares of KKR, Blackstone and Apollo follow the exact same trend hitting ALL TIME highs in January 2022 and falling roughly 20% since.   The pattern would indicate a shared ‘leverage’ which in today’s circle is likely the Mafia Cartel.   Credit Scores – fake accreditations.   For example:  KKR has exactly 1 female executive and zero blacks.

Germany is now calling for the immediate release of all political prisoners… – in Belarus.   The US Gulag remains impenetrable.   Amnesty International is also oddly silent about the Gulag Dictators imprisoning the January 6ers.   The UN Human Rights Council is silent.   In fact, everyone is fearful of speaking up against the Global Cartel.   Including our own Congress. Despite these prisoners being tortured!

Of the over 900 arrested and the threat of another 1000 warrants, over a third January 6ers have been denied the right of a fair trial for over 2 years!

While DC Police have jurisdiction over DC, the US Capitol Police are a federal agency appointed by the Capitol Board.   Michael Stenger was the appointed Sergeant at Arms for the Capitol Police during the January 6th Protest – He resigned the following day and died of ‘natural causes’ June 2021.   Paul Irving was also House Sergeent at Arms during the protest – he also resigned the following day at the command of Nancy Pelosi.   Steven Sund was the US Capitol Police Chief at the time and resigned with Stenger and Irving.   Sund was also ordered to retire by Pelosi.   Sund has formally stated that he requested backup from the National Guard but Stenger and Irving denied the request.   It has since been revealed that Pelosi is the heavy weight behind the refusal to deploy the National Guard.

Sund subsequently was given a ‘book deal’ to write about his personal ordeal wherein hand-to-hand combat was valiantly used to defend the Capitol!    Sund’s book deal was for $1 million plus rights and released by Blackstone Publishing January 2023.   Blackstone was formed in 2015 and its CEO Josh Stanton won the Critics award in 2021 as judged by: NPR, USA Today, WAPO and the Minneapolis Star Tribune.   ALL Far Left ‘critics’.

The book portrays the Police and their actions as Courageous, Heroic, and worthy of Medal Accommodations including for the nonparticipants…   The book was turned over to Blackstone on behalf of Sund by Shane Salerno a prolific screenwriter and producer. Like Sund, Salerno is an avid hater of all things Trump and fought diligently in the 2020 election with Don Winslow to make sure Trump lost.   This would appear to be their one and only Political Fray – which most likely served them well financially.

Did Blackstone get paid by the CIA to run with Sund’s book?  How much were Salerno and Winslow paid to vehemently vocally demonize Trump?

A Conspiracy That is True Is Still Deemed A Conspiracy


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