Democrats: The War Mongers Demand War

When did the Democrats become the War Mongers?   The short answer might be – they always were.

Woodrow Wilson was President when we entered WWI.   Franklin Roosevelt was President when we entered WWII.   Kennedy and Johnson engaged us in the Vietnam War. Obama sent us into the Syrian conflict.   And it was initially Jimmy Carter that engaged the US in the Middle East. Today we are witness to a Republican President literally ‘fighting’ to keep us out of war while hawks from both parties rally around the bomb cry! Remember the ‘red button’ propaganda being wrestled by the Democrats when Trump was elected?

How is it that the Democrat Party, the party of peace, has been the progenitor of War?

Money.  Follow The Money.  Or more aptly, follow where the money flows.

The bets were on defense stocks when it was thought Hillary was the sure win in the 2016 Presidential race.   Not so much to defend our country as to ravage war.

Syria:   Listening to hawks from both sides of the party planks, the grand call to arms is about how the US provides stability to the region – and any withdrawal will only cause an escalation of ISIS.

The US has been actively engaged in the Middle East for roughly 40 years. During that time we have witnessed: The Gulf War involving Iraq and Kuwait, the ongoing war in Yemen, Syria’s destruction, wars in Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Iran-Iraq war, Jordan, Cyprus, and Afghanistan-Taliban.

How’s that stability working for ya?

This is why President Trump rightly states that the US has no place in the Middle East – period.   The Middle East has been rife with war for thousands of years. Nothing the US does will ever temper that reality. It is a consequence of ideology. Regime changes, coups, have done little except to redistribute assets.

Money: Since 2001, the US has spent nearly $6trillion on wars in the Middle East.   There are 141million taxpayers in the US – that means each taxpayer forked over $42,500 – so far.   The top five companies in the world profiting from war are predominantly US: Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, BAE Systems, and Northrup Grumman.

The value of Saudi Arabia’s arms purchases from the US is nearly double Australia which is ranked 2nd in the last ten years.   Value of the top ten importers of US arms over the last ten years is roughly $57 billion.

Where did the money go?   Are we better off?  

The entire Syrian escalation was created during the Obama administration to oust President Assad and bomb the country into oblivion thus allowing the infiltration of ISIS.   It was the US assassination of Iraq’s Hussein that allowed ISIS to infiltrate throughout Iraq – also under Obama’s reign of terror.

Troops throughout the US, Canada, and Australia have attempted to bring to light what these choices have truly cost, lives; death, casualties, unmentionable horrors, the destruction of valuable artifacts, refugees, lost civilizations…

Today, the same Democrats and war monger hawks, including Mattis, demand that the US counter attack Turkey for the affront on the Kurds on the Syrian border.   Assad demands all US troops withdraw.   Erdogan threatens to release 3.5 million refugees into Europe.   Europe is divided.  Our allies are not our allies.   And war has erupted in Lebanon. Again.  This is The Middle East.

The liberal propaganda machine known as the New York Times ran an article, “Trump invokes War’s Human Toll to Defend His Policies”.   “Trump’s Withdrawal From Syria Prompts Rare Criticism From Military Officials”, Washington Post.   And CNN, “The Largest US Troop Withdrawal From Syria Underway”.

In 2013, at the direction of Obama, the CIA was put in charge of arming anti-Syrian government forces, although intelligence revealed the CIA had begun arming rebels as early as 2012. Later, it was shown that many of the rebel groups facilitated by the CIA were in fact affiliated with ISIS and/or al Qaeda. In 2012, David Patraeus was head of the CIA.   Disgraced, he was replaced by John Brennan, who has been a central figure in the treasonous document, “The Trump Dossier”. Brennan was also accused of financial gain through the use of his security clearance.

These are the provocateurs that engaged us in the Syrian conflict, the Liberal war mongers who allowed the rise of ISIS and Al Nusra throughout the region.   These are the peacemakers who criticize Trump as he withdraws our troops to safe passage. All 1000.

IN 1980 the price per share of Lockheed Martin was about $13, today it is worth nearly $400 per share.   In 1980 the price per share of Raytheon was about $8, today is is worth roughly $200 per share.

6 thoughts on “Democrats: The War Mongers Demand War

  1. do you think Tulsi has a chance? I sent her a donation. I know she won’t win, but OI wanted to help rile up up the dempcrats

    • No, she won’t win – they have already begun tearing apart her time in the service as a glorified gofer – and she doesn’t have the conservative base at all – she’s also a practicing Hindu so Christian base…going going – GONE

  2. Two more things:
    1) Be sure to Pray for our leader – we are blessed to have him. I do the Diamond_and_Silk 11:21am daily commemoration of when Don came down the escalator. It does seem that “God showed up”. He’ll not be able to fix it all, but he certainly has/is trying to restore positive beliefs and values. He did not have to sacrifice himself, and it is amazing that he continues.

    2) Asma Assad (Bashar’s wife) had, at one time, a beautiful initiative to preserve ALL historical and religious artifacts in Syria. I believe that her health has waned, and the wars have certainly darkened things for her. I have suggested to The White House that Melania should meet with Asma, and Donald should meet with Bashar. If you watch Charlie Rose’s interview with Assad, you may form a different opinion of the man. “Justice” in that part of the world can be harsh and dramatic (to us), but them’s their rules.

    To whom do we give trust? Pretty much no one. Your analyses seem accurate, Helena. Thank you for that.

  3. It threw me for a loop when you said “Ghadafi” and “Iraq” in the same sentence. Now, murdering “Mr G” may have contributed, and the chatter says we’ve armed many of the wrong people for sure. Did you mean Sadaam HJussein (not to be confused with Barry Hussein)?

    I worked with a guy born in Damascus, who came to the USA over 40 years ago because his “reliability Engineering Analysis” methods predicted bad times in his native country. During his colorful younger days, he’d actually met Hafiz (over his analysis of the root cause of grounding some airliners). Interesting fella, and he certainly was not representative of any threat to our country (though I did drop a dime on his angry feckless son who insists on hanging around “christian” Georgetown U). He mourned the devastations of Syria whilst criticizing how crooks accuse you of what thEY are doing – because that’s how their minds work. He felt that the USA was slave to Israel and had actually created the violemt Mohammadan groups.

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