NETANHAYU Hires Disinformation Tzars For Israel PR

An article appeared today in the Saudi government media site ‘Al Arabiya English’ wherein Jennifer Bell of Dubai writes about the Israeli Hamas war thru the eyes of Rita Katz.   Jennifer Bell is a far left liberal well entrenched in the  antics of the Rothschild Economist, BBC (government owned), CNN and WHO among others.   The fixation?   Deep Fake coming out of Palestine.  The company tasked with mitigating the posts on ALL Social Media on behalf of Israel, Dubai, and Washington – SITE Intelligence Group.

SITE isn’t a group, and it isn’t much of a site.  What it is, is a propaganda tool hired by Israel and Dubai to manipulate and quash the massive pro-Palestine, anti-War sentiment.   Founded by Rita Katz, her goal is to root out extremist terrorists by investigating white supremacists and Jihadists.  Born in Iraq, her Jewish parents fled thru Iran to Israel after her wealthy father was hung for treason.

According to the article, Katz is a self-described expert on Islam and terrorism.   However, she would also be the designated Truth Tzar for this Israel/Palestine war.   Because, only she can see what is fake and what is real.   Of course, given that she is working for Israel, her ability to be unbiased is – well – zero.

However, META is apparently fully willing to delete any account that Katz deems a threat to the Israeli mantra.   Although Katz declares the biggest bully is X, it appears she has yet to woo Musk.

Fake Reporter is another propaganda tool working in conjunction with SITE,– created by Israel as a ‘disinformation watchdog group.   Except there is No Group – they are anonymous – and they are a project funded by The New Israel Fund based in New York with offices across the US as well as in Israel, Canada, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Austria and Australia.   The Fund claims it is working for human rights for the Palestinians living in the Israeli occupied areas…  Their goal is Israel.  Their funding primarily came from the Ford Foundation until 2013.

Fake Reporter’s entire propaganda agenda is to decertify media information coming out of GAZA and deem it all fake while ignoring fake Israeli media.

In 2018, Bibi, as he is affectionally known, claimed he made an agreement with the government of Rwanda to accept ‘migrants deported from Israel’.   Of course, those migrants were actually Palestinians.   Rwanda claimed no such agreement existed.    Clearly, calling the Palestinians ‘migrants’ is heinous enough – but to deport them would have been criminal.

When the world is supposed to believe that there was ‘no provocation’ of Hamas, Amnesty International has given a quite different impression of Israel’s 15-year war with Palestine:

“Israeli forces demolished al-Araqib village in the Negev/Naqab for the 211th time. A further 35 Palestinian-Bedouin towns in Israel were still denied formal recognition and residents faced possible forcible transfer. Authorities failed to process asylum claims for thousands of asylum seekers, and imposed restrictions on their right to work.”

Amnesty details instances of torture, collective punishment, restrictive freedom of movement, and war crimes, going so far as to call it ‘apartheid’.   That was In 2022.   “Through massive seizures of land and property, unlawful killings, infliction of serious injuries, forcible transfers, arbitrary restrictions on freedom of movement, and denial of nationality, among other inhuman or inhumane acts.”

Unfortunately, it does not appear that the Fake Reporter Group or the SITE Intelligence Group were able to delete Amnesty International’s report and make the claim it is all ‘disinformation’.   Tragic.

The Groups backdoor connections with the Saudi and Dubai governments is, however, interesting.

April 2023, both the UAE and Saudi monarchies declared they would be normalizing ties with Israel and extended trade.   However, both also declared that the treatment of Palestinians must be remedied in order for the relationship to proceed.   This would account for Netanyahu’s attempts to radically alter the reality of the Gaza situation – place the blame squarely on Hamas – and work magic with public relations, ie ‘disinformation Tzars’.

The UN Director is calling for criminal investigations into Israel.   The tension between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his two leading generals, Benny Gantz and Yoav Gallant, is historical.   Netanyahu’s hawkish dictatorial command is known to drive wedges between Israel’s relations with Arab and even Western nations.

Bibi is not well liked by Israeli’s begging a rigged election that put him in office once again December 2022.   The Likud Party within which Netanyah was president, had lost its support from Israeli’s back in April.   According to Reuters, three months into Netanyahu’s term, it looked likely he would be ousted.

It appears that Netanyahu had this genocidal elimination planned sometime last year as his last hurrah to finally rid Israel of the animals and take full control of all the Land.   He knew no one else had the courage or mania.   He felt that with a plastic puppet in office in the US, the time was ripe.   And might never present again.   He did not anticipate the fallout.   His response?   RAMP UP attacks.  WHY?   Because, he will be stopped, and his agenda will subject him to the International Criminal Court.  He is willing to kill all Palestinians before his goal will be achieved.

No amount of damage control will save Netanyahu now.   The 2500 ‘volunteers’ he hired to create PR campaigns and discredit Palestinian claims has fallen flat.   The lavish, well financed, Jewish NGO’s littering the US will be forced to remove their support and claim the entire escalation is on Netanyahu – not Jews.  And all of the Middle East – will remember.

AI DEEP FAKES: A Hologram Matrix of Future Reality

We are being warned that by next year AI Deep Fakes will be dominant and no one will be able to tell the photos or videos are fake at all!   Which takes us into the Matrix of Deep Fakes used by our intelligence agencies.   Deep Fakes used by media propagandists.   Deep Fakes used by Hollywood.

Recognizing errors in current Deep Fakes has focused on hands, digits, teeth, and feet.   AI has yet to perfect the minutiae details.   As such, Deep Fakes typically present an unflawed face, no lines, no wrinkles, and a perfection of beauty.   Or they present as incongruent;  wrinkles under one eye but not the other.  Another give-away is facial hair.  AI paints hair on with a flat appearance or drawn lines.

Pictures can be framed and studied for inconsistencies, but videos tend to be much more difficult to discern setting up staged events with overlays and AI technology that can be used for propaganda.   Used to sway emotions.  Or to simply deceive.   As we approach the 2024 election, Deep Fakes are highly likely to emerge that confuse and scare populations to react outside of reality.

“Armed with the ability to make politicians and other public figures do or say anything, political bad actors can spread falsehoods quickly, potentially interfering with elections and public health initiatives.” ~Norton.  Some common mistakes a Deep Fake video makes today is a voice that takes no breath, eyes that don’t blink, a wandering eye, a mouth that is lopsided, NOT a lot to go on unless you study frame after frame.

But it begs the question – how much of war video is Deep Fake?    “Deep Fakes use footage, pictures and audio recordings of real people to create a map for a Fake video.”   Overlaying.  Underlaying.   Inserting sound.   And sometimes adding an extra finger or a backwards thumb.   For Example:  Recent Deep Fakes were released showing Michelle Obama pregnant.   But they used Michelle Obama’s face at today’s age, photoshopped, a huge baby bump, and exposed she had having six fingers.   Oops.  Everyone laughed.

A deep fake of Obama was released in which the voiceover was done by someone else who could mimic Obama’s voice and intonation.   Hollywood loves Deep Fake because they can alter an actor’s age, appearance, weight, and physique however they deem viable for their purpose.  Barbra Streisand could become svelte.  They can even resurrect someone who is dead and AI imprints mannerisms from being fed reams of old footage.

A positive usage is that Deep Fakes can be used in ads to promote the image of someone who is famous without paying them to act –  instead, perhaps they are paid an ‘image fee’.   AI can create the background, the sets, and Hollywood is now completely transformed and much less expensive.   The super stars no longer need to be paid exorbitant wages.   Artists are effectively eliminated.   Set designers and construction – eliminated.

Fine tuning the quirks – by next year, AI engineers claim those remaining quirks will be brushed out.   And reality will not exist.

How often has this technology been used to transport Biden to places he never goes?   To impose Zelenskyy in Kyiv when in reality he is snorting cocaine in his Italian Villa?   Body doubles will be out of a job in the political spectrum.   The point is the nefarious uses to mislead, to incite, and to deceive public opinion is MUCH more fearful than Hollywood glamourizing..

In their infancy, Deep Fakes were used in the Syrian War.   Poorly.   AI was not programmed for proper lighting.   The same faces appeared over and over in different rescue scenes.  It is highly likely Deep Fakes have been used in Israel’s war against Palestine.   Palestine doesn’t have the technology – but Israel most certainly does.   A Deep Fake photo of a ‘charred child’ was revealed – to be Fake.   The supposed interrogation of a Hamas prisoner was Deep Fake.   The obscurity is heightened when flipped and discerning Reality as Fake becomes a whole other problematic construct.

Supposed ‘Disinformation Tzars’ are in charge of making the call if something is Real of Fake – are they experts?  No.  There is no such thing as an expert person being able to determine fake vs real imagery.   We are thus left with an application that could literally foment WWIII and a nuclear response… Oops.

Some brain-flawed individuals have supported using authentication techniques instead of de-authentication.   Of course this has been WIDELY circumvented by ‘experts’ who create money, credit cards, identities, passports, etc…  ALL supposedly authenticated.   It is not unlike the security apparatus of computers is simply another challenge for the hackers.   Or the Modigliani’s sitting in the Louvre?   Are they real?   Why would Manet sign his artwork on the right of the painting and other times on the left?   Art critics – let it go.  Because the painting is hanging in the Louvre.  And art experts – well – make mistakes.

The Music Festival bothers me.   The video’s always focus on one or two particular images and everyone else is far away in the background.   Then there is the question – who is doing the videoing running backward 2-3 feet away from the closeup?   And why?   Where are the 200-500 parents grieving?   I think so far the media has presented perhaps 4…   Why don’t these young people have a social media presence?   I am not a Fake Video expert, I am barely an amateur.   But I do have valid logistical questions.

Because IF, the entire Music Festival attack was Faked, and used by Netanyahu as the impetus for emotional rage to seek vengeance and justification for the brutal chaotic bombing of Palestine while declaring them to be ‘animals’!   – This was a ‘test’.   For something much bigger.

Israel’s biggest failure in this genocide was anticipating the global alliance with Israel against Palestine.   Instead, the globe shifted to an ‘anti-war’ stance and an ‘anti-genocide’ stance that has leveled the entire West into cleanup mode on aisle 3, 5, 10, 15, 40, 10023…

Fatal Flaw – never overestimate your success.   Fatal Flaw –  In a 2001 video, Netanyahu is discussing his strategy for bombing Palestine; “To Strike Them Several Times So that The Strike is so Painful, That the Price Is Unbearable”.  This resonates with his mindset, his abject hatred, his desire for death so strongly, so discompassionately, he reveals a dark, dark soul, indeed.   Finding the ability to side with such a monster is core to the protests staged across the GLOBE.

“The Art of War Is A Road To Safety – Or, To Ruin.”