CALIFORNIA ON FIRE! West Coast Going, Going, Gone…

Black Lives Matter and Antifa have so consumed the media that the terrorist threat of Islamic Jihad has been ignored and tabled.

Wildfires are exploding across the west coast and once again instead of preparing to mitigate, knowing this is an annual occurrence, Governor Newsom has instead chosen to scream, “The Sky Is Falling” in his best imitation of Chicken Little.   For the past fifty years the fires have grown in girth and intensity taking land, human life, livelihoods, wildlife and animal life with them.   Each year the fires are said to intensify, each year the state does absolutely NOTHING in preparedness.

And in the meme of blame, denial of responsibility, Governor Newsom has declared they are ALL a result of Climate Change!

But that statement would go directly contrary to what the fire department has claimed each and every year – 95% are human caused.   Some arson, and some unintentional stupidity. Each time I hear these rabid excuses I am reminded of the Mark Twain quote, A lie can make it half way around the world before the truth has time to put its boots on.

Or worse, Goebbel’s infamous statement, “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.”

These quotes represent the new norm, the mantra of our liberal politicians who fear for fear itself that truth might be revealed and their power usurped.   TO what end?   The entire west coast is on fire.   And despite all the history, all the reality, Governor Newsom would have us believe they were ALL started by lightening as a result of Climate Change.

In the German Deutsche Welle, an opinion piece by a female scientist lollygaggled along claiming the bushfires in Australia last year were a result of Climate Change.   But that was an outright lie. Reality is they were all arson and Australian officials caught and prosecuted over 200 youth who joked and laughed about their exploits – finding it all rather ‘fun’…

I suppose given the stretch of absurdity, the author could attribute Climate Change psychosis as the culprit. Climate Change given pandemics are now being cited as an escalation caused by Climate Change.   In that very scientific theory, apparently given that bats are a primary source of pandemic viruses, and people are having more interactions with them, pandemic viruses will escalate just like wildfires…

Personally, I can’t recall the last time I interacted with a bat. Just sayin’ for a friend.

While there have been in place means for helping to prevent wildfires through brush and litter clearing environmentalists have been opposed because it isn’t natural, and thus states have bowed to the result – absolute destruction.   Given that 95% of fires are not naturally started would seem to go over the heads of these proverbial environmental theorists.   And so instead – they burn.

August 4, 2020 a video was uncovered whereby ISIS called for arson as a Five Star terrorist tactic and showed California in flames. The video explained that guns are unavailable, but fire is much more destructive, not just in its death toll, but also in its economic devastation.   Far be it for ISIS to consider animal and wildlife deaths as anything but a consequence of jihad against the infidels.   A graphic in the video specifically draws a line between San Francisco and Sacramento as an area that would be most effective given the heat and density of flammable land.

At the end of the video ISIS suggests forest fires in the western United States, factory blazes in Canada, burning buildings in Europe, and agricultural fires in South America.

LA Times provides a blistering parody of reality in assuming that this years implosion which is five times greater than any other year past, is indicative of Climate Change and the author refuses to even acknowledge facts reported in each previous year in which arson is considered the primary cause.

Despite evidence, despite facts, Gruesome Newsom still argues Climate Change!   And does – nothing.   California, Oregon, Washington, your states are being decimated while Nero Newsom laughs at your expense.   These are the politicians that protect you, secure you, and provide for your livelihood…

4 thoughts on “CALIFORNIA ON FIRE! West Coast Going, Going, Gone…

  1. There is a blog post by Jon Miltimore on website that elaborates on how the government’s fire suppression strategy has made the wildfire problem worse (See WHY THERE ARE SO MANY WILDFIRES IN CALIFORNIA BUT FEW IN THE SOUTHEASTERN UNITED STATES).

  2. On the Lew Rockwell website, a post from David Stockman’s Contra Corner Blog highlights forestry mismanagement as the cause for California going up in flames, not climate change (See THE PLANET’S NOT ANGRY, BUT THE PELOSI/NEWSOME/HARRIS CLIMATE HOWLERS ARE TRULY DANGEROUS).

  3. The current round[s] of fires in the US [and Australia] have been shown to not only be arson, but arson conducted by extreme left marxist organisations like antifa and black lies matter adherents. This has been proven and the ‘officials’ that dare point this out have immediately been ‘relieved of their job duties’. This is war.
    Ammo up.

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