Obama Intel Taps – Evidence Mounting

While the charges against Obama and his administration mount on evidence, proof, admissions and testimony, the craze against the Trump-Russia connection is still simply a bunch of unsubstantiated angry words. It doesn’t seem to matter how many Democrats continue the same rhetoric, each time, the empty words are taken as Gospel.

I think it would behoove the media to focus on more pressing issues, solutions and positives for a change.

For example: McCain’s infantile bully-bash of Kim Jong-un, was hardly diplomacy at it’s finest… but given he knew the effect his brash remark would have, we can only deduce it was made purposefully.

Example 2: With the EU Commission imploding financially after BREXIT, Juncker would be far more diplomatic if he wooed Trump instead of tossing about threats that he will instigate a Texas and Ohio secession… Really?

Example 3: Why won’t the press talk about Yemen? Could it be because Obama and the Saudi’s colluded in a completely illegal campaign to destroy a country just for funzies?

Example 4:  The fact that Germany is being asked to ante up the total sum they reneged on in their 2% military spending obligation for NATO has somehow missed much of the press.

Example 5: And then we have the UN suing the UK for lost wages and anticipated pensions and lost gifts and bribes and money they desperately need to payoff the victims of their peacekeeping sexual predators…

What ever happened to investigating Hillary’s Foundation? Benghazi? How do all these things vanish and no one has any consequence?   Hillary’s latest foul was apparently to maintain security clearance after she was no longer in the State Department thereby allowing her access to highly complicated and secure information. How come no one bothered to mention that three years ago?

Is our internal intelligence so daft that they never noticed, or is it that they were bribed, or is it that they colluded? Possibly – all three.

While the slime of the swamp is slowly being unearthed, fear is rising exponentially, and with fear the hope that chaos will create a diversion has taken hold.

But here’s a journalistic report worth the garbage heap: According to Reuters, the UN is tch-tching Trump for the US trend of curbing freedom of speech. They cite as evidence the ‘peaceful demonstration against the North Dakota Pipeline”.   Problem? The cost to cleanup after the peaceful protest cost taxpayers over $1 million, included abandoned dogs, and toxic sewage.   THAT IS NOT freedom of speech. That is a bunch of misaligned demeaning entitled malfeasants who obviously are not contributing to society via a JOB. This would also align with the peaceful protests of Black Lives Matter (also mentioned by the UN), or the Ferguson riots… that destroyed hundreds of private businesses and resulted in millions of damage.

According to the UN – those are the examples of the US shutting down freedom of speech. And while articles continually quote ‘the UN experts” they never quote a name or names or exact quotes. In fact, the ‘quotes’ are most likely Soros related given he has a post at the UN. Or maybe they come from the ever bastion of human rights activists – the Saudi’s…

Given the media – and even the conservative media – instead choose to have journalistic freelance to condemn and betray their own President, or give an entire feed to Pence’s marriage values, it would seem that the referendum of chaos is quite busy indeed.

It would be really nice – if someone just told us – what the heck is going on. For real.

Because, this is beyond Fake News – it is Dead News!

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