Soros Destabilizing EU brings US and UK Together

After bungling the US election, Soros is still brazenly active in world destabilization – particularly in the UK.   It wasn’t that long ago that he gained media attention when he began to demote and deride Merkel for her actions and non-actions, predicting that she would be impeached, replaced, and become a target of hatred across Germany and the EU.

But then she complied with Soros demands and all was good…

That same agenda is now being promulgated against Theresa May with Soros ‘predicting’ she won’t last and will soon find herself on the proverbial street having mismanaged the Soros UK.

In his dismantling, he notes that BREXIT will be hailed as the cause for all the ails and ills of all of Europe. He claims that the economy and the pound sterling will tank and the UK will find itself in deep distress.

In his rooster strut – Soros, via EU Commissioner Donald Tusk, has declared that Gibralter is no longer a sovereign part of the UK and belongs to Spain and the EU. This is of course on top of the UN claiming that as a result of BREXIT, the UK owes them upwards of $50 billion. And now, Tusk is attempting to micro-manage the UK by mandating their tax and trade rules even as they have relinquished their EU membership.

Control is a very destructive bedfellow.

However, the EU may have over-estimated its power.

If the EU were to attempt to control and manipulate the UK through economic measures or even sanctions, there are ready, available and eager alternate markets drooling for a larger share of trade, including; Russia, China and the US.

With Trump and May declaring a Commonwealth relationship between the UK and US, with Trump looking to equalize trade deficits with China, with Trump leveraging the sovereignty of the US, the dramatic ‘shift’ in globalization control and manipulation is being tethered. And remaining members of the EU could find themselves in very dire straits as a result, with Germany at the helm as she is the only one left with any substantial funds.

It may be this is the true veiled threat that Soros is predicting when he says that the EU is staged for a fallout. The power and economic control of the EU is grossly misunderstood. While it exists, it is not without alternate competition. And the countries that recognize this trade potential are more than willing to comply with any shortfalls.

Soros game has relied nearly exclusively on emotion instead of wisdom or intellect. He preys on people’s emotions to drive their intellect, instead of vice-versa. Trump has shown amazing resilience despite the massive attacks from all fronts.   Theresa May has also shown a steady set course despite all the attempts to create gale forces and sink her tenacity.

The tyranny of the Global Protocol has never been so challenged. It is running and it is making Yuge mistakes. Under-estimating the power of knowledge, the alternate media has not censored the truth.

With the new WikiLeaks revelation regarding the ability of the CIA to camouflage hacks by diverting source code into a Russian, Chinese, Farsi or Saudi forensic – Marble 7 changes the entire evidentiary matter of the CIA. With the revelation by idiots verbally gloating about their role in manipulating intelligence on Trump, with the evidence piling high against the Obama administration in a conspiracy far far greater than Watergate – the Soros cabel is ramping up propaganda.

Stand fast Oh Captain, My Captain – our fearful trip shall soon be done.

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