Fox’s Fake News: Syria by Russia Design

Fox News has headlined an article in which it claims; “In Syria there are more war crimes, more peace talks and more radicalization by – Russia Design”.   Huh. Where’s the proof?   Their primary source citation is The Institute For The Study of War. Sounds impressive – right?   Until, unless one does a bit of research and it is easily disseminated:

The CEO is a Kimberly Kagan. The first, most obvious foul is the fact that her husband’s brother is married to Victoria Nuland. The same Nuland advocating for war with Russia. The same Nuland deciding who should run Ukraine after the coup – Nuland.

The second most obvious foul is that this obscure little non-profit, The Institute for The Study of War, claims it gets all it’s funding from Raytheon, General Dynamics and DynCorp.   As in no conflict of interest there!   So for all the call to arms The Institute will pass the arms contracts to their funders.   Nice tight package.

Third foul, Fox News is using the very credible Institute For The Study of War which had within it’s bowels, Elizabeth O’Bagy.   A registered Democrat, she lied on her resume that she had earned her PhD from Georgetown, and was used by war-mongering McCain and Kerry to assist in evaluating the need to go to war with Syria. After she was disgraced and fired from The Institute, 2 weeks later McCain hired her on his personal staff as a ‘legislative assistant’.   Another tight package.

Jonathan Maunter of The Institute was used as a source for another Fox article in which the author claimed – “Russia and Assad Bombing of Civilians Continues as UN Peace Process Staggers”.   According to the website for The Institute, Maunter doesn’t even work there???   Oops.  In this article they also reference the Syria Institute as a reliable source.

The Syria Institute is run by 33 year old Valerie Szybala and was formed September 2015. They apparently get their funding by asking for donations via Facebook…  They claim to be aligned with the ever famous – Foundation For Justice and Development. This non-profit is so non-profit it doesn’t even have to file a Form 990 because they don’t make enough money. It refers comments to Ismael Basha, who is an unknown.

The man writing these incredibly opinionated and flagrantly unsourced, propaganda/articles is George Russell, described as an “Editor at-large at Fox News”. Outside of that his bio includes a recommendation by The Economist, the Rothschild media outlet.

Good Grief Charley Brown – Is that the best you can do Fox?

In conclusion: We have an aging journalist with not much presence other than Fox since 2004 and a probable link to Liberal ideologies via The Economist, who utilizes as his sources for articles weak, Liberal, agenda oriented, Nuland connected, war-mongers, and organizations that barely exist and have just recently been formed by people that appear to by Syrian or Saudi…

Given that Fox is partially owned by the Saudi’s, the Saudi connection to discredit Assad and demonize Russia via propaganda that is easily shred by anyone with five spare minutes, makes the entire fiasco rather pathetically childish.

FOX – shame on you! What a Sham.

2 thoughts on “Fox’s Fake News: Syria by Russia Design

  1. Excellent research Helena. Thanks for running this down. I don’t know where you get this information, though the “five minutes” gives me a little hint. Keep on sharing.

    Napoleon said he feared the press more than he did any enemy’s armies. Keep it up.

    • Sometimes… the sources are the same media source that is writing the article – their position has simply flipped with a bit of time – or prodding.

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