Syria’s Chemical Attack: al-Qaeda and why

Once again the media is coming to a conclusion without any investigative journalism whatsoever – and again this one took less than five minutes to find…

Chemical weapons have been cited in Idib Syria as killing over 70 people including many children. A horrific act of malicious warfare without any gain but civilian terror, pain and death.   So who is responsible, who committed this atrocity? That is the core question.

February 2017, Idib was controlled by two rebel factions who were initially working together against the Assad regime; Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (JFS) and Ahrar al-Sham.   JFS was formerly named el Nusra, an al Qaeda affiliated group that was originally backed by the US until alternate media pointed out the fact that they were actually the bad guys and the Obama regime’s support was a bit bizarre.

So, they were named a terrorist group.

In February, power struggles begin to shift and the two rebel groups started fighting each other. And because the international community was embarrassed at being outed for supporting an al Qaeda affiliate, they told other rebel groups to distance themselves from JFS. To the point that JFS was not included in peace talks led by the UN. So the UN requested JFS bee excluded – and they were royally peeved!

So what we have is two adversaries controlling parts of Idib – one being an al-Qaeda affiliate and yet the western, McCain cry is ‘It’s the government’!!  Hmmm.

Six different rebel groups consolidated to oppose JFS. They were not happy campers. As a result, infighting has been extensive since February – leading up to massive US drone strikes on JFS that have killed 100 of their senior fighters. At this point there are perhaps 20-30 different factions of rebels all splintered but holding to a loyalty of either ISIS, al Qaeda, or what we call ‘moderates’.

Commanders of one faction are routinely sought by other factions, and splits occur nearly daily causing the old faction to ‘rename’ itself.

Fast forward, a conference was scheduled in Brussels to decide the fate of Syria. It is to be held April 5th and 6th. JFS was not invited. Tuesday, April 4th, a chemical weapons attack occurred and the media immediately claims it was the Assad government. Why? Because it’s an easy story that requires no research.

In fact, twice before major peace talks chemical weapons attacks occurred. Once in 2013 and again in 2016. The motive? Destabilization. Keep the country in chaos. Create a false reality.

In 2013, the Khan al-Assal chemical attack using the same ‘sarin gas’ hit a government controlled area in Aleppo killing civilians and government forces. Each time there is a chemical attack the rebels blame the government and the government blames the rebels.

Given the new pressure to give Syria back to Assad, logically he would have no rationale to conduct an attack. However, no one can really know for sure as the fingers immediately point elsewhere – something like Madame Rice in the US…

In September 2013, OPWC oversaw the complete elimination and destruction of all declared chemical weapons then possessed by the Syrian government.

The notion that the rebels, aka al-Nusra, are incapable of making a chemical bomb are ridiculous at best. In 2013, CNN reported that it is a well known fact that al-Qaeda was producing chemical weapons as far back as 2006 and using them in Iraq. And according to the CIA, at the time, there was no evidence to suggest that al-Qaeda was pealing back its efforts to create more chemical bombs.

In 2013 it was also reported that as Assad had lost control of Aleppo, and bio-pharmaceutical infrastructure was destroyed, looting of these laboratories was witnessed and the suspected looters were al-Nusra.

This information was released via a report produced by bio warfare and terrorism experts Jill Bellamy van Aalst and Olivier Guitta.     In the report, they state:

“The fact that this looting took place in the Aleppo area where the rebellion—and in particular Al Nusrah—is very strong tends to confirm that AQ may potentially be in possession of biological agents.”

So. What we have is conclusive stipulation by the CIA and UN that al-Qaeda and al-Nusra both have had access to chemical weapons in Iraq in 2006 and again in Syria in 2013.   We have the OPWC claiming they oversaw the elimination of all of the government controlled chemical weapons in 2013. And we have multiple chemical weapon attacks – since.

These attacks typically coincide as occurring just prior to a peace talk. The latest peace talk stood to favor Assad.

Even if we conclude that Assad didn’t turn over all his chemicals, “Who has the MOTIVE?” It is insane to make conclusions like this without evaluating the truth and the evidence. But our Media feels impassioned and emboldened to do so thereby acting as Judge, Jury and Executioner.

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