Syrian Refugees Supported By Faith Based Organizations?

Eighty one religious groups including 11 Jewish organizations are all lobbying to have the Syrian refugees come ashore to the US. They say that 10,000 is nothing and they can easily be absorbed. Who are these faith based organizations the press keeps referring to?   World Relief, US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, and The Church World Service.

The Church World Service: 64.4% of its funding comes from the US government. The CEO, Rev. John McCullough, served under President Obama on the White House Task Force on Global Poverty and Development. He is a leading advocate for giving amnesty to the 11 million illegal immigrants in the US. Why the ‘church’ would involve itself in politics at the White House level seems a conflict of interest.

World Relief: 76% of its funding came from the US government according to its 2014 990 tax return. It’s CEO, Stephan Bauman, has no other previous experience having come aboard in 2005 according to his Linkin profile. There agenda is immigration.

US Conference of Catholic Bishops: An NGO – 60.7% of its funding is from the US government. Another 17% is from investments on its assets.  This organization is not run by any member of the clergy, they are businessmen and women.

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service: Current CEO, Linda Hartke, is formerly a Director from – Church World Service. They beat out all the above with 96.7% of funding coming from the US government aka, the White House, aka, Obama.

Obviously these organizations are not truly churches supporting the influx of Syrian refugees, they are non-profit NGO’s with an agenda and all have these common characteristics:

  1. They state that their primary objective is to bring in more immigrants and grant immunity to the illegal ones currently in the US.
  2. They receive more than 60% of their funding from the US government.
  3. They manage multi million dollar funds – $57 to $130 million annually.
  4. They have a conflict of interest by claiming they support the White House agenda for immigration.
  5. These organizations do not represent people, they represent the White House.

While the House voted to ‘suspend’ the refugee relocation, the key word is suspend, not eradicate. Timing is everything. Prudence is everything. If in fact these refugees are vetted through a two year process as the White House has stated on numerous occasions, they can wait a bit longer given the circumstances. To provide some perspective, the Hispanic and Asian immigrants never sought to behead or annihilate all ‘westerners’. And with ISIS continuing to assert it will infiltrate the US, ISIS coming from the Middle East and Africa, it would serve to preserve lives to put a ‘stay’ and observe caution.

In addition, while Canada and the US make the claim that only women and children will be allowed, previous reports have all stated that the influx was predominantly men who claimed to leave their wives, sisters and mothers in their home country where they would be ‘safer’. So if their home country is safer for the women and children, who is coming here? And what are they fleeing if safety is not an issue?

And let’s not forget! The 10,000 number that is being tossed about so easily is in addition to the already 75,000 annually. Over 1.5 million potential terrorists are already being tracked in the US. Should we just arbitrarily add to that number? Is that a prudent measure of maintaining US safety and security? Is that what a Commander in Chief thinks of this country? Despite claims there are no ‘credible’ threats in the US, we brace. We wait.

And to say that we are not different, we are not changed – is ridiculously pathetic. We ARE changed – forever. I remember what flying used to be like. I remember what airports used to look like. I remember when the news was about the economy, not the annihilation of a country. I remember when beheadings were something of the sixteenth century. I remember when I wasn’t warning my children about being in malls, civic centers, sporting arenas, etc…

YES, we are changed and it is ridiculously irresponsible to say we are not.

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