ISIS War Shifts As Turkey Emboldened

Short Term Memory Loss. There are a few Biblical expressions that warn against ego, pride, condemnation and slander; Matthew 7:3 – “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?” And again in 7:5 – “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the peck from your brother’s eye.”

British History: The Brits have a long history of torture, punitive horrors, brutality and murder. Australia was formed as a result of the British expelling their debtors to a life of horror on a remote island. The United States was formed a a result of a revolt against the tyranny of the English Empire. Ireland saw two thirds of its population sold into slavery by the British. Kings beheaded their wives, public executions were commonplace. Violence in the form of murder and manslaughter was more common than accidental death. Women were burned to death on stakes. Society was built on the class of the Monarchs vs the peasants. Children were beaten and sold.

It was just 100 years ago that women were allowed to vote, but only those over the age of 30. Of course it should be noted that life expectancy was around 50 at that time and maternal death rates were about 2%. There were over 41 wars/conflicts that the Brits were involved in during the 20th century alone, including five with Ireland and three with Germany.

At the beginning of the 20th century, 25% of Brits lived in poverty, women were not allowed to work, 15% were living at subsistence levels and unemployment was extremely high and the disparity between the ultra rich and everyone else was extreme. Asians began to migrate to England and became the largest ethnic diversity. Between 1991 and present time, the ethnic diversity has more than tripled.

The Royal Family has a staff of 436. They run an annual tab of about 35.7 million pounds, or $53.8 in dollars. A report by the Institute For Fiscal Studies estimated the poverty level as of 2014 at 23.2%.

The point?

Former soldier, Ambassador to Afghanistan and Bosnia, and former UK Democratic Leader, Lord Paddy Ashton, has opened the dyke and is questioning the UK’s involvement in the funding support of ISIS. He specifically mentions Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the ongoing collaboration and friendship the UK enjoys with these countries. He is calling for an investigation into this matter given that the UK has denounced any military action against ISIS thus raising questions about the UK sympathies.  Are they enemy or friend?

Today the MIddle East tensions rose significantly higher as Turkey downed a Russian fighter jet and Syrian rebels, the same rebels that the US gives ammunition and weapons to, assassinated the pilots as they attempted to parachute down. An action that could propel Turkey into the midst of the war and escalate the entire situation, it is an important shift.

The 10 trillion dollar question? Who is on what side?

Why would the US care whether Russia says it has hit 1000 targets or 500? Does it really matter?  Why is this headlines?  Is this a game?  Are we really keeping score with allies?  Have we lost our marbles?!!

Or has this ISIS war become an ego match and nothing more?  Why is Obama meeting with Hollande and not all allies to bring forth a plan of action? Why are Canada and Australia silent? Apparently Canada is using the French escalation in attacks as justification to hide and whimper. They fear that if they do anything ISIS will retaliate and so they are willing to allow ISIS to grow and engorge and murder without consequence. They cower and think somehow this will make them immune. Canada talks about Assad and Putin and Iran as though they are the orchestrators when in fact Saudi Arabia, the US, the UK and Germany were the initial provocateurs. Only recently was Russia asked for its help by the US. And Iran has remained out of the fray. Canada – shame on you!

And where is Germany? Bringing in a million refugees and demanding everyone else bring in their quota according to Merkel’s admonition.  No matter the fake passports, the falsified documents, the ISIS infiltrators, just ignore those small, miniscule abnormalities…  But now, as a result of the Paris attacks, the champion of Europe, Germany, is beginning to loose it’s glow, and the EU is dividing rapidly. Who will come to the forefront? Who will choose sides with whom?

In the topsy-turvishness of this world we may see France rising, Germany falling prey to the ISIS they invited, and the war engulfing more borders than we can fathom. We may see the US asking Iran for help. China for help. While the allies we thought were our friends cower and the countries we decried and demonized as having logs in their eyes we find to be mere specks….and a shift occurs.

5 thoughts on “ISIS War Shifts As Turkey Emboldened

  1. Indeed all in such a mess, some issues although seemingly buried seem to show or suggest a new “order” is in the making, if not WWIII – is it the confusion – “the Quiet” – before the storm one wonders. As to Paddy Ashdown I don’t hold much respect for what he says or does, he has proven an evil twister -f truths as far as the for Yugoslavia crisis/wars are concerned. Shall always cross the street to the other side if I see him walking in my direction.

    • Not sure why Obama sided with Turkey, but given everything he says and does has an ulterior motive, I imagine this is no different and we will have to wait to see how to plays…the problem is the ‘quiet’ in the core/heart of the tornado is just as deadly.

      • When did “Ireland [see] two thirds of its population sold into slavery by the British”? I realize you’re writing polemics here not history, but I was a little unsettled after reading this. Can you supply both a time frame and a source for this claim? Also, call me picky, but during the revolutionary era (roughly 1775 to 1785) Americans revolted against the BRITISH Empire, not the English. Yes, it’s important to the history of both countries. I like your scribblings a lot, but please pay a little more attention to the details, especially the details of history.

      • You’re exactly right about BO’s ulterior motives. BO is a malignant narcissist with a set of truly psychotic racial obsessions. In any case, my guess would be that BO has been siding with Turkey because he’s facilitating the (Sunni) Islamic invasion of Europe and the U.S. Why? Because just like his first “mentor,” Frank Marshall Davis, BO hates the U.S., and he plans to use the jihadists to bring about his mentor’s racialist version of ‘proletarian revolution.’

        • I agree, the problem is he is heavily armed with interest groups who have the money, the equipment and the clout to pull it off unless they can be stopped… and the only way to stop them is to wake up the People~

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