AIRSPACE Violations – A World Wide Phenomena

So Obama says that violating another territories airspace means whatever happens you deserve it and the offended country has the right to deploy bombs or whatever means necessary…


`According to Sweden, the US violated it’s airspace 7 times over the past five years, as did Germany, Russia, Norway, Monaco, The Netherlands, Poland and Qatar.

`In August, Finland claimed two US jets violated its airspace – the violation lasted 15 minutes.

`A US Navy pilot breached Indonesian airspace this November.

`Venezuela has stated that the US violated its airspace twice in November including a heavy military transport plane and a DASH-8 reconnaissance plane. In addition they claimed an aircraft carrier positioned itself off their coast during elections. Violations also occurred in 2008, 2010, 2013.

`Turkey has violated Greece airspace over 2200 times.

`In October, Turkish military jets violated Armenian airspace.

`Israel has been reprimanded by the UN on multiple occasions for violating Lebanon’s airspace.

`In 2013, Pakistan warned of two planes from India violating its airspace

`In 2014, Chinese military planes violated Taiwanese airspace

`1997, Turkey invades Cyprus airspace.

`During the 1980’s the US violated Russian airspace approximately 40 times.

The point? The list is exhaustive. The above are just a sampling. And while Russia may be complicit, the actions are universal. This happens routinely, and to date, not one jet was shot down. Are we, is NATO, condoning this approach? Because this could have incredibly far reaching consequences as each violation is met with the same punitive response.

According to a report issued through NASA in 2005, between June 2002 and June 2004, there were over 2900 airspace violations within the US alone involving Camp David, DC, Newport Chemical Depot, Disney, Presidential – and others.

Imagine if the feds had shot them down…

Ter Horst, a spokesperson for the Dutch military, claims that incursions into their airspace occur 4-5 times annually, from a multitude of countries. If every time a plane inadvertently or even blatantly crossed airspace, the retaliation, Mr. Obama, was to shoot it down, we would have blown up our entire world years ago. Telling a country that it has the ‘right’ to do this is tantamount to inviting an all out bloody war in which every nation would be guilty of creating.

And NATO’s response in condemning Russia is incredibly irresponsible if not exhaustively provocative – but then NATO is the US, is Obama, so what else could we expect for such an agency?

Exactly what is NATO proposing to do about the 2200 times Turkey has violated Greece airspace? Why… nothing. And therein lies the hypocrisy and the acknowledgement of who NATO is. According to Colin Powell when confronted with a US airspace violation in China territory in 2001, China had every right to observe the offending flight, however, China did NOT have the right to risk anyone’s lives.

What have been the typical responses to airspace breaches?  The deployment of the offended countries own fighter jets to ‘escort’ the offending aircraft back to its own territorial airspace. Turkey chose NOT to do this. And therein is the real condemnation.

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