London: Fall From Grace

The Fall Of London.   The police are exhausted, scared, and angry.   Crisis levels have been breached and chaos has overtaken. CNN would have us believe that murder rates are no different than in the US and thus attempt to deflect and ignore a failed system that is not simply about murder but about “crime” – all crime.

*Police hunt man in gimp suit terrorizing villagers

*Man accused of killing pregnant mum and son

*Man shot dead outside East London snooker club

*Man shot with crossbow seriously injured

*Sixth arrest after several injured when car driven into crowd

*Man who killed one year old out on bail

Sadiq Khan, London’s mayor, released a pathetic statement to explain away the crime rate, “There is a link between violent crime and poverty among youths.”  

In 2010, Theresa May instituted an ‘austerity program’ whereby the number of police officers was cut, wages were cut and annual leave was frozen.   Of the 30,000 total Met officers, 1,000 are required to guard the Royals around the clock. They are the only Met police allowed to carry guns. They drive Range Rovers and BMW’s. The remaining members of the Met police force carry batons with only a few allowed to have tasers.

One police officer authored a story this past May in which he anonymously described the realities.

“In the borough I am stationed in – much like other boroughs – where there is a population of about 250,000 people, there are on average 10 police officers for the entire area to respond to emergency calls per shift. Only two or three of them can drive on blue lights.

The 20,000 frontline cuts 20,000 don’t even begin to cover the reality. Theresa May also sanctioned cuts to civilian staff, ambulance services, crisis teams, call handlers and the people we rely on for intelligence – such as knowing if someone has committed previous crimes, whether they involved a weapon and therefore how prepared we should be.”

The greater London population is 8 million.   The number of Met police officers is roughly 31,000, 1,000 deployed to the Royals. Starting pay for a Constable is roughly 22,000 pounds grading up to 41,000 pounds. In the US, starting salary for LAPD graduate is about $63,000.     For NYPD is $42,500.

There are 32 boroughs in London with 7 claiming the highest account of crime.   Statistically, 41% of attackers were white – 39% of victims were white, 35% of attackers were black – and 26% of victims were black.

There are about 200 gangs in London; 60 in East London alone, 50+ in South London, 40+ in North London and 35+ in the affluent East.

According to a police officer who joined the force in 1978, the gang demographics changed in the 80’s and 90’s when large swathes of Jamaicans came to the UK because of no VISA restrictions.   Initially operating extortion rings, they quickly moved into drug trafficking and territory divisions.

White organized crime ran parallel to the Jamaicans and Turks bringing cocaine from North Africa into southern Europe.   The Albanians and Balkans moved into the gang scene exploiting the drug dealing while the smaller youth gangs fought each other.

With the rise of Rap Music, the violence became a social media sensation, entertainment for the most evil. Moscow17, Zone 2, Holly Street Boys and London Fields Gang dominate large areas of London territory.

Moscow17 is a drill band producing music videos and clips on YouTube bragging about their violence and gun crime. Their music can be uploaded to Apple for a small fee.   One gang rapper was believed to have raked in 1.9 million pounds in his video promoting gang violence.

And what is London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, doing?

In 2016 he won the British GQ’s Politician of the Year Award…

* he has triggered the much-needed return to social housing by working with boroughs to form plans for 10,000 new council homes across London.   There is currently a waiting list for welfare housing of 400,000 households. Over 20% of new housing is filled by foreign immigrants.   It is estimated that due to the numbers, most of those on the waiting list will never be granted social housing. Each year social housing fraud that is investigated is determined to cost the London authority roughly 1million pounds. The most active type of fraud is subletting the property, typically at a rate 10x the subsidy.

* the Mayor has frozen TfL fares and Tube trains now run through the night on Fridays and Saturdays on selected lines…

* the Mayor is introducing the T-charge and will be launching the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone. In addition to the 11.50 per day congestion charge applied to cars driving during weekdays in London in congestion designated areas, an additional 10.00 T-charge will apply. Payments are based on the honor system of volunteering.

* introduced a £45 million over three year program “Young Londoners Fund” with a focus on helping young people at risk of violence. Funding awards include activities ranging from theatre groups and employability training to football clubs and art sessions.

London’s population is roughly 9.1 million, over 30% of which are immigrants. The last demographic census was done in 2011.

Snowden Blamed for Paris Attacks

Wait, wait, the London mayor, Boris Johnson, is blaming Snowden for the Paris attacks…

Can’t get much more far reaching than that! According to Johnson, because the UK didn’t pick up any chatter about the attacks, it is because Snowden taught ISIS how to avoid surveillance, and therefore the attacks were able to wreak their violence upon the innocent. CIA Director Brennan and Dana Perino jumped on the blame bandwagon as well calling the whole mess the result of Snowdens’ whistleblowing. But the obvious problem is how then have so many previous attempts been thwarted? Was it mere ‘luck’. And as Glen Greenwald pointed out, how is it that so many attacks prior to the Snowden revelation got through?  The blame is the nature of the beast…

What purpose does this serve? What were they attempting to accomplish by making such an absurd accusation?

Because apparently Iraq was able to pick up the chatter and warn Paris 72 hours before the attack occurred. And Paris chose to ignore the warning.   So, this would imply that Iraq has better surveillance methods than the UK? Or is it something else?

Could it be a deflective statement so as to redirect consensus? The UK has a new bill called the Investigatory Powers Bill which it unveiled just two weeks ago which would oblige telecommunications companies to turn over all data to the government allowing them to hack computers and smartphones at will.   But wait, the terrorists coordinated the attacks using Sony Playstation 4, not smartphones or computers.   This would mean that all the hacking in the world by the UK would have proven futile.

While it is not yet proven that Playstation was their method for planning the attack, the claim that they had no chatter via traditional means, indicates that alternate means were employed, ie, Playstation. Wake-up! A Playstation was found at one of the terrorists homes, but that is not proof positive, it remains speculative. Still, how is it that Iraq had information and no one else did?

Is it coincidental that Sony was hacked in 2014 and although North Korea was initially blamed, little else came of the news. The movie was blamed (remember Benghazi) and within a few moments, the entire thing was gone, the movie went on without a hitch and all was forgotten. Sony. Sounds like something – more there. As in, why were they really targeted? And no one since… Did the hack allow the backdoor into the Playstation?

Anyway, in addition, how is it that ISIS can upload videos, Tweet, and use social media without intervention? Why is it that Anonymous has to be the one to intervene? Shouldn’t all material related to them be blocked so as to cutoff their recruitment methods? Given that even Facebook blocks content that it deems “offensive”, wouldn’t ISIS recruitment constitute ‘offensive’?

ISIS has their own media company, well known throughout even Google… they have a Twitter hashtag. They have a magazine that could also easily be deleted or edited by the ‘professionals’… yet for some odd reason, all these forms of recruitment and propaganda continue unabated. It’s as though no one really wants it to be censored… including us, and all the usses.

These inconsistencies continue in the war against an ISIS which has obviously not been ‘contained’, defeated, or even slowed.

Within this we must address Saudi Arabia. While the Sauds are Sunni and ISIS is Sunni, this bond has proven quite real. It is a fundamental. It is the gang who will protect their own at all costs. They have their own world view, international world order… and while we tit for them they promise to tat for us.

So we’re stuck. We have this burden, this interlocked economy that makes us act and react more like a trapped animal. So maybe going with Cuba and Iran is more a desperate measure to get away from the Sauds whose hook gets ever stickier. Its picking the best of two evils and potentially making some very grave mistakes in the process. Remember we helped Hitler… GM, Ford, and a host of other companies both US, Swiss and German were on the dollar$$$$ bandwagon.

So how do we catch ISIS?   How do we intercept their communications and break their codes? How do we mash their core and disable their legs? Well, first and foremost you have to want to. Because there is no surer way of losing a fight than not wanting to win it…

China has recently announced it will be joining Russia in the fight against ISIS. Oh my, oh my. It is a personal jibe. China and Russia having to come to the rescue because the US and Europe cannot make a dent.   In Japanese custom this was called, losing face, and was considered quite devastating and worthy of one taking ones own life. The difference is that Obama does not possess the nationalism for his country (The US, not Kenya), to feel that sort of life and death affinity.