ISIS is Contained! Tolerating Lies.

Is ISIS an ‘it’? Containment or defeat?

How is it that there seems to be a severe lack of communication within the white House? Hillary says she had no computer and couldn’t email anyone about Benghazi… She says that a crazy F-budget movie was to blame. Obama says ISIS is contained and that was the agenda all along. So he is victorious. But the Pentagon has issued statements claiming the US is a target – soon. How do you suppose Obama’s containment speech went over in the Pentagon?

I imagine there was a low rumble that evolved into a tumult of anger as heads spun like the possessed girl in The Exorcist. What the???

Hillary has referred to ISIS as ‘it’. Something that has no human substance. It. When we do this, we give the organization the credence of being more than just a bunch of terrorists, we have elevated them to ‘statehood’. Something Obama refuses to do. He would prefer to reference them as mere rabble rousers…and won’t even call them followers of Islam because it is a religion of ‘peace’.

And why would we want to “contain it’?   Did we think we would trap them like a wild pack of lions and put them in a zoo? Exactly what does containment mean? Maybe Obama thought that once they were ‘contained’ we could change their minds and indoctrinate them into a new way of thinking in which they became productive American citizens…

Why did Europe think that accepting waves of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of immigrants might ‘help’ their economy? ISIS doesn’t want an economy, they want a caliphate. It is hard to imagine these leaders as being that stupid, therefore one would have to assert there was an ulterior agenda.   Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, the UK, demanding that other countries take in a certain percentage is not unlike the US demanding that individual states go against their voters and supplant a federal dictatorship of law.

Which is something of a ‘world order’, or international order, as Ash Carter likens.

If the death of Osama Bin Laden did nothing to deter al Qaeda, why would some idiot executioner, Jihadi John, have any impact on ISIS as a whole? For a Commander in Chief, Obama’s military strategy and knowledge would seem on par with Miley Cyrus.

We talk of ISIS in Syria and yet the far majority of US and French bombings are occurring in Iraq – and little to no news coming out of Iraq… But where is Saudi Arabia? Where is Qatar, Dubai and Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates? While they continue to amass weapons from the US and France, they sit on them and allow ISIS to wage jihad.   Or they send their support to the bombings in Yemen despite no UN approval.

In 2014, the US sold $11 billion worth of weapons to Qatar. Saudi Arabia bought $46 billion in weapons. Certainly it isn’t just the US selling arms, it is the UK, France, Russia, China, Canada, everyone is on the bandwagon for one purpose – to make a buck, it is Big business and no one wants to be left out of the profit spectre, even if the cost is a World War. The premise – if I don’t sell the weapons someone else will, so why not? It has become a heated issue that the US and Britain supplied arms to Hitler before the war. Ford and GM were implicated but never punished. It was about money. But other companies profited as well including Kodak, Coca Cola, IBM, and Random House, as well as a host of well named German companies that continue on today as though – well, nothing happened.

And so we have learned that money well placed has no ethical repercussion, no legal repercussion and ultimately these companies will not just survive, but thrive quite nicely. Who is behind the Middle East? Raytheon and Lockheed Martin predominantly. Of the top ten importers of arms, Saudi Arabia continues to top out the list as numero uno, but the list also includes Oman, UAE and Turkey.  What do you think they plan to do with all these weapons they are saving up while we continue to use up all our own?

So, Obama, how exactly does one defeat ISIS? Collaboration. That means if Russia asks for information on targets, you give it within three seconds! You work together instead being so embroiled in your own ego and pride. You set an example of solidarity instead of division and hate. And maybe, just maybe some of that integrity and idealism and humility will spill over into our youth teaching them a moral value instead of perpetuating the entitlement to bullying.

Tolerance…  we tolerate more beheadings by Saudi Arabia than ISIS, we tolerate Jordanians screaming death to America, we tolerate servants being hacked to death in the middle east, girls being buried alive in India, girls being set on fire in New Guinea, we tolerate diplomats raping girls and boys, we tolerate a bunch of elitist students at the most expensive universities in the world whining about diversity and tolerance…, we tolerate what is heinous and we punish what is of value.

And pretty soon, we are left with – ISIS – and Obama – and Hillary – and wondering, what just happened?

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