Venezuela Coup – Fighting Socialism with Socialism…

In Venezuela, the opposition is being portrayed as the victim, poor people, starving people, people subjected to a corrupt government just wanting justice!

But that’s the media portrayal. In reality, what is happening is much like the protests in the US against the police, against conservatives, against authority of any kind.   It manifests in violence, destruction, and deaths, all in the frame of the oppressed opposition.

The media like to parlay the source of the oppression as Maduro’s Socialist government, denouncing the failure of socialism and utilizing Venezuela as a prime example.   But whoa their cowboy – apparently Obama instituted sanctions against Venezuela because the President was ‘blocking these peaceful opposition demonstrations/protests, thus hampering the human right of ‘freedom of speech’.  Sound familiar?

These peaceful ‘opposition’ people have created anarchy stoked by support from the US dating back to the early 2000’s when an attempted coup supported by Henrique Capriles and the US backfired thus further damaging any relationship the US might have had. Instead of allowing a country to maintain its sovereignty, its own form of government, its own political agenda, the globalists wanted control. And internal destruction was determined to be the best means toward that end.

What is happening now is not unlike Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, or Ukraine.  Certainly human rights have absolutely nothing to do with anything, otherwise we’d have sanctioned Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, etc…   Right?   But we haven’t because they are willing to trade with the US – Venezuela was not. And in a tit-for-tat parlor game, Obama declared Venezuela a ‘direct threat to the US’, which allowed him to institute sanctions.

Regime change is a globalist agenda. And apparently, any country that doesn’t play along – is destroyed.  was Venezuela a direct threat to the US?  NO!

When the globalists sought to destroy the economy of Russia, Putin developed alliances that threatened and destabilized the agenda. Venezuela was one such alliance as was Syria and Ukraine.  Hence the game board was expanded.

News site after site continually sides with the Venezuelan anarchists claiming that the utilization of force is necessary, channeling anger is necessary, strategic defense is necessary – knowing the end goal is a civil war. Sound familiar? It is the same strategy used in the US protests, the same sympathy, the same instigation.

Inside a Venezuela news site, the story is slightly different:   At a ‘pro-government’ rally, a sniper shot and killed 2 government workers and injured 3 more. Protestors in Lara besieged the town with homemade explosives and set fire to the town hall. In addition they ransacked a government food warehouse stealing 40 tons of food.

In Caracas the opposition shut down the highway with burning barricades of tires, tubes, rails, fences and vehicles. They broke into the Ministry of Transportation depot and caused over $430,000 worth of damage.

The list goes on and on, and despite the government’s call for dialogue, the organizations backing the ‘opposition’ continue to call for chaos, destruction, and anarchy. Who is making the call?   An organization called MUD.

MUD is a coalition of different parties including Social Democracy, Progressivism, Laborism, Liberlaism, Green and Humanism. Basically they all represent Secular Progressive Socialism.  

But wait – isn’t that what they claim they are fighting in Chavez-Maduro? The answer is…. Yes.

The Secular Socialist and Humanists aligned with Capriles as their prop and backed by the US/Soros cabal, want to oust the Socialist government of Maduro who follows the religious teachings of an Indian guru Hinduist because the Socialist policies of the Socialist government need to be replaced with Socialism that is more social and progressive – to er, them, the other Socialists.

Got it!

What are they smoking?

And the US, which is ridiculing the Maduro Socialist government as being evidence of the failure of Socialism, is backing the Secular Socialist Opposition party… because those Socialists would give the Soros cabal all the mineral rights currently nationalized by Maduro. Pinky swear.

The economic stranglehold imposed by Obama had one goal, control of Venezuela. Once accomplished, the US/EU ‘favorite’ Capriles would assume office, oil would be privatized, meaning sold to US and EU oil companies at a fraction of the cost, other abundant resources would be tapped and the country would be powered by the shadow government.   Of course, like all coups, there would be casualties… Hillary…Hillary… remember?   Civilian casualties are a normal part of war.

These ‘other resources’ are quite interesting. Not everything is always just about oil.   Venezuela is also abundant in; natural gas, diamonds, gold, and bauxite, which they have yet to tap with much significance.  

FYI – Lest anyone has forgotten how it is done: shortly after the Ukraine coup, a little known company called Burisma Holdings was suddenly in the news given that Hunter Biden was nominated to the executive board and production miraculously took off! After the Haiti relief effort began, Hillary’s brother was given the rights to their largest gold mine.

Venezuela? Who wants what?

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