Russia’s Election Meddling – Revealed!

This is funny!

A ‘think tank’ controlled by a ‘Russian Official”, appointed by Putin, hatched a plan to increase Trump’s chances of winning the Presidential election. This information was given to Reuters by ‘Three Current and Four Past Unnamed Officials’ .  

And how did this mind manipulation, interventionionist, master-minded intelligentsia come to fruition?

The plot involved having a ‘news outlet’ say that the smart choice for a President would be to have someone softer on Russia. … WOW! Now that is definitely a very toxic plot – how dare a media outlet make such an insidious flaming propaganda statement that would not be in line with Hillary!   Must be a very very sinister PLOT.

But then, according to these ‘unnamed officials’, the plot wasn’t working and Hillary was gaining a lead so they had to hatch a new plot in October, just weeks before the election. So all the brightest of the brightest intelligentsia got together and decided – to sway the news to include the possibility of voter fraud, and Clinton’s gnarly ‘reputation’.  How dastardly!  No one would have ever considered doing such a thing in the mainstream media, especially given they were told exactly what to write!

Oh my! How perverse, how spectacular, imagine the IQ that went into such an aberrant manipulation of our voting mechanism that involved the media and alternate news…? How dare they! 

Of course, according to theses shadowy unnamed officials, the media that the Kremlin employed was their own, “RT”, which doesn’t air on any channels in the US, is not well known in the US, and does not exactly have a massive US audience. But those details don’t matter. Instead, the master-minds of intelligentsia have their ruffles unfurled at the very notion that a foreign media would not be producing the information that they dictate!

How dare they!

So this is the extent of ‘evidentiary matter’ that has created such a colossal uproar throughout Washington and thus completely eradicated any possibility of simply ‘getting along’ with Russia and working together economically.

How much time has our esteemed Congress spent on analyzing the data? Reading and re-reading the headlines over and over again, trying to find some embedded code, something more viable, something sinister that could give credence to initiating WWIII, something worthy – to no avail.

What a waste of time and energy. This is why The Mainstream People, the MSP’s, are so colossally done with the government, the Swamp, and the Media. Of course, it is a given that the unnamed officials just might include such notable names as McCain, Lynch, Holder, Clinton, Carter, and Pelosi…

So, can we move on now and have Congress actually do something that benefits our country? I mean, we are paying their salaries, their pensions, their healthcare, their dental, their vacation pay, their holiday pay, their travel, their meals, their entertainment, their limousines, their private jets, their suits and ties and dresses and cologne. Shouldn’t they actually do something to earn their keep?


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