Macron – Groomed by Soros

France’s Emmanuel Macron thinks he knows how to rile the crowd! Declare everyone a criminal for the crime of ‘colonization’.   But wait – haven’t we heard that before?

In 2009, after Obama’s 1st election, he went on an apology rant, to France where he apologized for American arrogance, to the Muslims, “…America was not born as a colonial power…”, to the Summit of America where he claimed America has dictated it’s terms, to apologizing for all past US government decisions as being rooted in fear…

The agenda was to make America small, to make America weak, to make America the world bully pulpit. And for the Liberals, it worked. For the Liberals, they put their tails between their legs and are now attempting to make Americans responsible for all the wrongs of our ancestors, no matter how many centuries have passed and changes made.

It would appear, Macron has the same script writer.

France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain, have all at some point in history engaged in ‘colonization’, and Macron thinks its now time to make reparations.   Perhaps he wants to give Europe back to the Ottoman Empire?   Or the Romans? Or the Macedonians?

How far back in history does his agenda go?

Maybe he believes all Europeans should be flogged for this crime of colonization. But as we have seen in the US, once the guilt has been firmly instilled, suddenly you have an entire party of self-flagellation. Nationals will now be called ‘alternates’, supremists, racists, hated and defiled as unworthy of their very existence.

It is the same chaotic division that has gripped our country now being perpetuated in France and it will soon engulf and engorge everywhere – except Russia and China. Soros still can’t seem to gnarl his way through those walls.  George Soros was actually the root of the EU creation, and now he wants to create the divide. It is much like a family:   Create the union, make each dependent on each other and operational as a union – then slash them into division of divorce, watch them crumble and chaos take over. Alone, lonely, afraid, vulnerable, they will go with anyone, believe anyone.

According to Karl Popper, and thus by default, George Soros, history is simplistic. It is not rooted in societal or philosophical or political nuances and references of the era, and thus subject to what we would consider ‘wrongs’ today. Instead, he sees history as a pattern or trend that cycles continually and thus we today are just as guilty as our earliest ancestors.  We are them.

Where this fails abjectly is the notion that thus all mankind is evil and must be eliminated. And so, Soros created an out – whereby certain chosen elite are spared so that they can continue to punish the rest of mankind throughout eternity.

And of course, the elite are self chosen.

So what we are seeing in this Liberal agenda, in the agenda to instill guilt and condemnation is a form of subjugation. Because just as you can’t control without subjugation, you cannot punish without guilt.

France’s Emmanuel Macron is a photocopy of Obama, he exudes charm, a pretty boy without much substance, not terribly intelligent, easily manipulated, greedy, and one who likes to see himself in the Limelight.   The next step in the grooming will be to have Hollywood applaud and gush over him…

More than anything, Macron favors a centrist government over the EU – a globalist unit that has all power over each individual country, much like Obama usurping state power and giving it to the Federal government; education, healthcare, investments (Social Security), laws, marriage, etc…   Outside of that, Macron really has no position per se – on anything. No solution, simply empty promises – much like what Karl Popper advocated…

France – is this where you want to go?  

FYI: Macron is the straight bar over a vowel to give it a ‘long’ sound. Which means he isn’t a word, or even a letter, he is a punctuation mark.

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