POPE FRANCIS; Religious Morality Disqualified

WHY doesn’t Pope Francis say anything about the rise of Legal Pedophilia via UN Demands?   Why doesn’t Pope Francis comment about the Jesuit Churches helping illegal immigrants invading the US?   Why doesn’t Pope Francis express contempt for the Ukraine Nazi’s?   Why doesn’t Pope Francis announce the truth about degenerative Biden?   Why doesn’t Pope Francis reveal the value of the Vatican and Vatican City?   WHY does the Vatican hide documents of historical value?

Biden is representative of the US and the reason countries are afraid of the US.   The Biden headstone is a warning to all countries that unless you comply – this US monstrosity is exactly what we will do to your country too…   Pope Francis has a religious moral obligation to speak with honesty and integrity or disqualify himself as a Pope.   The longer he refuses, the more aligned with the false gods beneath the earth he becomes.   And the closer he pulls every Catholic into the bowels with him.

Where are the over 85,000 unaccompanied children that Pope Francis helped escort into the US?   Silence. Instead, Francis wants to repatriate Ukrainian children from Russia.   Kyiv has estimated there are 19,500 children who escaped the conflict and fled to Russia.  Zelenskyy wants them back in time for the Spring Offensive.   Why? To use as shields?

WHY isn’t Pope Francis condemning Zelenskyy’s imprisonment of Orthodox Priests?

How many children have been repatriated to Poland, Germany, UK?   WHY is this something that the Pope needs to address?   Did he address the Syrian children as Obama bombed city after city to rubble?   Did he address the children maimed and murdered by Ukraine and the Azov Batallion?

How can the entire Vatican do and say nothing about these immoral inconsistencies?   Are the Bishops mute?

Yesterday, Zelenskyy’s military minions bombed a bus in the Donetsk region killing seven including a child.   Is this where Zelenskyy plans to relocate the 19,500 Russian children?   Why target a bus? The logic is amazing – Zelenskyy wants the region returned to Ukraine – the same region that his government has been bombing and shelling for 9 YEARS killing over 15,000!  Pope Francis – silent.

In visiting Hungary today, Francis warned of the rise of nationalism across the EU.   Calling for the “European Soul”  that rose after WWII, Francis lectured Orban about the grave injustice in not accepting whatever migrants the Vatican wants to deposit everywhere but – Vatican City!

Pope Francis has insisted that migrants fleeing poverty are a priority and should be embraced.   Migrant crime should be ignored.   Migrant’s social and cultural disparities should be ignored.   And countries should all alter their own culture in order to embrace African migrant culture.

Time and again the Liberals provide pinky swear statistics declaring the US religiosity has declined by 20% to 30%!   Have they considered why?   According to the church the reason is because parents are choosing to not raise their children with any faith.   Parents are simply not giving their children the experience to choose.   It is a fallout from the 1960’s .  The Youth market.

The Vatican claims its basement filled with ‘secret archived documents’ is not really secret it is just private and thus not available to the common man.   In the 11th century, all secret documents were stored at three separate facilities. Between the 11th and the 13th centuries, a large part of these archives vanished.  It wasn’t until 1612 that Pope Paul V declared that all secret archives must be housed at one location.   Today, housing 16 million pages stretching over 53 miles of shelves, the accumulation of history is massive.  But we are Not Allowed to view it.

The fallout of religion is exasperated by the abject silence of Christian churches across the country.   Nary a word with few exceptions.   Evil will go away if we just don’t talk about it…   Lifeway Church states that the pulpit is silent because they are afraid.   Afraid that if they speak they will lose their tax status.   For example: Bayside Community Church in Florida reports nearly $80 million in assets and annual receipts of $27.4 million – Clearly a church deserves to have a nestegg to offset expenses in times of hardship, but the accumulation of millions tax free is NOT the intent of charitable status.

While many largess churches have become burgeoning sources of greed, their counterpart, NGO’s, are far worse hording $Trillions of untaxed profits.   Vatican City pays -0- taxes.

It was The Revenue Act of 1917 that established the charitable deduction and tax exempt status.   The purpose of the Act was to raise more money for WWI, a European War, paid for by Americans. The purpose of the charitable deduction was to make sure those who gave the most could reduce their income tax levy. Despite this, after WWI, the government took control of welfare, education, and scientific investments which were previously funded by private citizens.

These institutions became American Taxpayers charity when our government usurped charity and decreed it a government expenditure.   Education K-12:   $800 billion annually.   Welfare Budget – $1.215trillion.   Scientific Research = $708 billion.   Those charities translate to $2.72 trillion annually divided by working citizens is $20,600 per taxpayer. This does NOT include charity we pay toward other countries thru such agencies as USAID, NED, CSIS, etc…  

But this does reflect what happens when a rogue government is given charge of citizen money to use AND overuse at their discretion.   In the recent prank call to Federal Chairman Powell by the Russian’s, Powell jokingly stated that he has his own private printing press for whatever amount of money Ukraine needs…  

Powell may work for the Federal Reserve but he answers to his other employer, Bank of International Settlements.