VOTER Shaming -Manipulating Minds

Mort Zuckerman of the New York Daily News Tabloid has announced that anyone who votes for Trump is a clueless, brainless zombie. Attacking voters is becoming the mainstay of Hillary’s campaign. An interesting way – indeed…

Zuckerman is a Hillary fan and runs a ‘tabloid’, so I guess that pretty much sums up his identity.

Madelaine Albright has announced that, “there is a special place in Hell for those women who do not vote for Hillary”! Ouch! Again, attack the voters? Belittle the voters? Condemn them to an eternity in Hell?

I don’t think those kind of attacks are going to muster support for our esteemed Hillary and might actually have the reverse effect – as in narcissistic overload.

While attacks are the mainstay of politics with Republicans attacking each other, name calling, whipping up frenzied rhetoric, refocusing on their alternate party candidate, etc… attacking the voters is most definitely a new agenda that the Hillary’s have captured and patented.

Gloria Steinem added to the obtuse tactic by attempting to shame women who were voting for Sanders just to get the ‘boys’ to notice them.

While both Cruz and Rubio have been implicated in voter shaming by purportedly sending out mailers to individuals and calling out their voting record and publicizing their neighbor’s voting history, the tactic is considerably different. It is encouraging voters to vote – as opposed to damning them to Hell and calling them names. While Rubio’s and Cruz’s ethics have been challenged by this, Hillary’s are for some reason acceptable.

Voter shaming report cards were routinely used by the Democrats in 2012. In fact, Democrats have the dubious honor of creating the tactic. (a Soros organization) discovered that the letter shaming tactic motivated people who wanted to fit in and do the right thing. As a result they saw it worked famously and may have been instrumental in killing Romney’s presidential run. An interesting note is that the mailers specifically targeted ‘Progressives’, as in Hillary is a “Progressive Democrat” – a label she still cannot define.

The shaming letter is rooted in the concept that people are sheep and follow whatever the Jones’ do, say and act. While the impact isn’t just to vote, the strategy is to create an awareness of a particular candidate in an otherwise unaware person. It presumes the person’s head is empty and therefore can be filled with the ideologies of the letter creator. And while the tactic may be good in that it derives results, we suddenly find that it’s creator, the Democrats, are crying foul!  Launching attack ads, media views, and headlines against the letter shaming is so incredibly hypocritical it is comical.

Given their tactic has been hijacked, the Dems are now resorting to inflaming libelous tactics. Zuckerman, Albright and Steinem have taken the concept to the extreme, calling voters names, condemning them to Hell, etc… That’s a lot more personal. It is offensive! And it imposes on the attacker a rather cynical and dubious nature that creates more than a cringe effect, instead it creates a reaction of anger. The motivation is to make voters feel so badly about themselves and so afraid they are stupid, they will hide and not vote at all for fear of being labeled a scurrilous zombie.

In psychology, what happens when a person is being shamed and mocked?

They and their friends and supporters dig their heels in that much more resolutely! They become united. It creates a protectionist behavior toward the person being shamed, and a revilement toward the shamer.  The effect, the shamed gets more attention and the shamer is vilified.  When politicians shame each other, while we may cringe and hate it, they are all on board and so to some extent we have to accept it.  It is different.

But as voters, we do NOT have to accept shaming! A united front is much more powerful than one rooted in fear!

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