Did Soros Short The Euro?

A global crisis is quickly emerging as Turkey and Saudi Arabia unilaterally decide to launch their own attacks within Syria – and while NATO, true to form, cries and wags a finger, there is no consequence, no repercussion – as in nada, nilch, nyet.

We now have US bombers in the hands of our war mongering Middle East ‘allies’ bombing indiscriminately whomever they choose – and we do nothing. We have an emboldened Turkey who knows it is immune – an arrogant Saudi Arabia who knows they have more military equipment than the entire Middle East combined, and ethnic cleansing enmass.

The Sauds and Turks are bombing Syrian civilians and the Syrian government with an emphasis on Kurds. The US is acting like a fly swatter dropping a piddling number of bombs on unidentified targets. Canada has said that it is done altogether after a mere 200ish soirees, mostly in Iraq. France contributed by dropping 20 bombs over a period of a few days, and that about sums up the offensive.

France continues to be on high alert claiming that Europe is a viable target for much more destructive attacks. The Indian Prime Minister has been warned he will be the target of a suicide attack. Lavrov has warned that ISIS plans to extend its control from Pakistan to Portugal. And the Israeli Defense Minister has acknowledged that Turkey supports ISIS by buying their oil. Meanwhile Kerry continues to seem stupified that the crisis is unraveling to proportions not seen since WWII.

Despite these factual events – Soros has recently decided that ISIS isn’t really a viable threat and that we need to focus on bringing down Russia… Either Soros is senile, a good possibility at his age, or he’s desperate to deflect and hoping no one remembers his previous rants. Just six months ago it was Soros who demanded that the EU take in ‘at least 1 million refugees’. According to the ‘plan’ the EU would provide each refugee with the equivalent of $16,800 each year for two years and pay for this cost by issuing AAA Bonds. The cost for this Soros plan was $33.6 billion for the refugees and additional reparations for Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon in the amount of $20 billion euros. Of course these costs don’t include all the daily societal costs associated with assimilation.  Bankrupt the EU?

Interestingly, today Soros is claiming that the refugee crisis is the fault of Russia? Soros now claims that the EU taking in refugees will be its downfall and that Russia instigated the crisis and is in cahoots with ISIS. Can he manipulate the media into believing that fabrication? Perhaps. But the people have longer memories than a senile Soros.

And while Merkel caved to the Soros agenda, Soros is now pointing the finger back at Merkel, and her legacy may well be “The Fall Of Europe” when he is done.

Who benefits from the Fall? In 2010 and again in 2012 the Rothschilds and Soros bet against the Euro. It didn’t happen – then. Five years ago the Euro stood at 1.48 to the dollar. Today the Euro has plunged to a low of 1.06 and 1.12 – a fall of 28% -24%! With much more room to move lower as the crisis thickens. When Soros broke the bank of England, the pound fell 25% to the dollar!

But Soros isn’t satisfied with a replay of just a currency crisis to bring down the EU, he wants ISIS to infiltrate and annihilate as well. As the story went with Great Britain “while the British slept…”, so will it be with Europe, “while Europe slept…”.

So did Soros and the Rothchilds short the Euro? My guess is a resounding – YES.

Control the money and you control the people. Control the people and you control the country. Control the country and you begin to control the world.

From a strategic military standpoint, dropping 10, 11 or 20 bombs on ISIS is pathetic. Airstrikes in Syria by the US have totaled a bit over 2300 at an average daily cost of $9.4 million – over 1 1/2 years to date. By comparison, during the Gulf War the US, UK and Canada deployed over 2700 aircraft, flew 20,753 sorties, used 18,467 smart bombs and 9251 dumb bombs. Navy ships fired 802 cruise missiles, 153 air launched cruise missiles, 98 laser guided bombs, 408 anti-radar missiles and 908 cluster bombs. WHEW! We meant harm and we were serious – the Gulf War was over in SIX MONTHS.

What’s the beef? The beef is we have no intention of defeating ISIS because if we did – it would have been over a year ago!

While the US continues to demand that Russia end the bombing campaign and provide a truce, the US coalition simultaneously agreed to allow Turkey and Saudi Arabia to bomb both Syria and Iraq. Unfortunately, neither Iraq’s government or the government of Syria were in on this agreement to bomb their countries indiscriminately.

Given Russia supports the Assad government, and Turkey is in the heat of a feud with Russia after downing one of their aircraft and killing the pilot, the evolution of this is … not good. The agenda is to create a war greater than all wars with our US military inventory depleted and the Middle East inventory exploding.


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