Our world has become so topsy turvey that we are left speechless.

I recently texted my kids that the news issued a warning there were ‘fake police’ pulling people over and robbing them… The US media was called out by the media in Europe for lying about the stats regarding the German NYE assaults. And as Saudi Arabia and Turkey ramp up their bombing assaults on Syria, the media is saying “it is Russia”… What has changed, my dears? Saudi Arabia, the known vulture of reverse assimilation – annihilation.

Hospitals. Medial Facilities. Homes. Schools. Water supplies. The Saudis don’t care as long as the eradication process is successful. And these are our ‘friends’, those with whom we identify as having ‘life values’. Really? Have you ever personally thought about your values vs. ‘theirs’? Have you made a chart, a columnar graph? What do you believe? What do they believe? Where do we intersect and where do we redirect? Can beheading be an accepted belief?

We so need to talk about it, and yet the more we realize this the more we seem to withdraw. When we need more than ever to connect, discuss, debate, think…we seem to hide fearfully instead.  I love talking to people in general. I love hearing what they think and more importantly – why. I want to know so I can understand.

We have become so indoctrinated into thinking what we are told, we can’t even see – the truth.  We have lost that self power. No matter if you are Christian or Buddhist, Atheist, or Hindu, or Jewish, or whatever, your view is not the context. The context of the media is that we are all wrong, and therefore the only viable answer is – nothingness. That’s the manipulation. That’s the channeling (thank you Shirley McClain).  In Truth – the context is quite alive!  It breathes!  It creates  It is the heart, the core, the being, the soul..

Lying, deceit, betrayal, I think most people would agree, these are the most heinous of crimes. They leave the deepest wounds. The ones that are the hardest to heal. Welts of cancer. And so, I suppose psychologists would agree that the manipulation of thought, ethic, lying, cheating, would be the biggest psychological – crime.

And so the question becomes, “How long?  How long before it all falls apart? When are you obligated to tell the Truth?”

I would have to say, that in looking at my own history, the number of males who owned their part in the lie, the cheat, the betrayal – was -0-. Zilch. I’ve known a few guys… and I have to say that not one would say outloud, “I made a mistake… I screwed up, I am sorry.” It is not in their basic DNA because it admits to failure.  I think women are more likely to do so – how rare it may be.

I think for guys the admission to a failure is just not allowed.  Of course I generalize, there are some.  And this gives me hope.  But sometimes I see and then it fades and all I have left is a dream I had.  And I want to know who that was… because that was amazing!  Truth is amazing!   And I picture myself there again, feeling that which the dream showed me, and it is – grace!   I know it is real.  Somewhere.

I now have next to my computer a picture of an angelic baby smiling quite broadly with a total of six teeth showing. Naked, happy, alive, kissed, loved, adored, appreciated, ahhhh – what if…..

I believe.

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