Refugee Crisis = Disease and Rape

Diseases are spreading in refugee camps. Epidemics include measles, Hepatitus A, Meningitus, Poliomyelitis, leishmaniasis, and Scabies. They are being brought into the camps after a decimated medical infrastructure eradicated the vaccination schedules in Syria, Iraq and Africa.

These infectious diseases are being brought into Europe and the US as we host thousands upon thousands of immigrants and simply let them integrate and assimilate in our communities. These diseases thrive in crowded unsanitary conditions, they mutate and grow and soon multitudes of infections begin to run their course.

Muslim men refuse to be seen by women doctors and Muslim women refuse to be seen by male doctors. Vaccines are in short supply, and for some the supply is exhausted completely. Europeans must now face the fact that exotic diseases will infiltrate the local populations and in a social welfare system, hospitals will be over-burdened causing further delays for care. Many doctors are told to fast track the immigrants because they require costly translators to help with their medical needs. As a result, the locals are now second class citizens sent to the back of the line.

The healthcare budget, already stretched too thinly, will implode!

In addition, refugees have undergone tremendous trauma and mental health issues are bound to manifest while residing in their newly adopted home country. These mental health issues can run the gamete of basic PTSD to severe schizoid personality disorders. And they are not limited to just the men, young children and women present with severe trauma induced psychosis as well.

For some reason, European countries want to quash this information, censor the rash of pedophile attacks, rape, molestations and burglaries. A refugee is given free reign to terrorize by the governments who are too afraid to let the truth be known lest chaos ensue… And so they are more willing to coddle the terrorist refugee than protect their own people. They hide police reports, stifle arrests, hold to a stand down mentality while brutal crimes persist.

In Denmark a young boy was brutally raped at a swimming pool – and the media was silent – for months. They preferred to allow the rapist a slap on the wrist than to protect other boys from this same heinous crime.

In Norway a 3 year old boy was raped by refugees inside a camp and women are routinely gang raped. According to military personnel who came forth in Canada and the US during the war in Afghanistan, their commanding officers continually advised the troops to ignore the rapes stating, ‘it is their custom, let it go’.

A ten year old boy in Copenhagen was sexually assaulted in a bathroom inside a Mosque.

In Germany a man was stabbed in the head and back for shouting, “Merry Christmas” in a Muslim neighborhood.

In Denmark a 17 year old girl is fined for using pepper spray to deter her Muslim attacker while the attacker – …

In Germany two young women stood on the train platform and were being molested by refugees. When they refused to allow themselves to be raped, one woman was savagely kicked in the face breaking her cheekbone.

Women refugees are being forced into prostitution inside the refugee centers. The going rate? Ten Euros.

A 13 year old boy raped inside a bathroom on a train by Muslim man.

Gang rapes in Australia of non-Muslim women by Muslim men have become the new norm.

The government solution? Give the asylum refugees ‘sex education’. Attempted rapes, completed rapes, this is an epidemic and no amount of ‘sex education’ will deter what is considered appropriate for a culture that sees it as an entitlement. According to many perpetrators their religion of peace allows them to rape anyone who is not a believer and that the act brings the Muslim closer to God.

And while the mainstream media would like to confine this aberrant behavior to a distortion of the Koran by ISIS, the obvious conclusion would be that all the rapes committed by Muslims in Europe and Australia are members of ISIS. In addition, if male rape is common in the Middle East it is fair to conclude that many of the adult male refugees are the product of rape themselves.

This will be a huge mental health issue if it is not addressed now! The fact that governments across the board prefer to hide the facts, distort the truth, and pretend that all is well is very scary indeed. This is not confined to the New Years Eve celebration, this is a new jihad as it is perpetrated routinely across every country in which refugees are residing.

And in a politically correct era of tolerance, the attitude is perverse stating that it is racist to accuse Muslims of raping indiscriminately. It is ‘profiling’.

Health epidemics, a culture of rape, I doubt that a few classes taught by the Danes who teach oral sex techniques to middle school children is likely to dissuade a culture rooted in us vs them.

This is NOT even close to the refugee crisis during and after WWII. This is far more dangerous! And our governments are allowing these epidemics to reign a new terror far beyond anything we can imagine in our insulated homes.

Bottom line – the Syrians and Iraqis that are for real, the ones that are – safe – want their own country back – they don’t want to come here. They don’t want to live in Europe, they WANT their country, their language, their assets, their friends – their LIFE back. The real Syrians hate that their country has become a political barter for international agendas, money interests and lunnies who see devastation as ‘fun’ and the price as worthy – thank you Madelaine Albright!

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