Tucker Carlson: The Serpent

Where did the Tucker assault come from?   Is Tucker a hack? Is he a loyalist?   What the Heck happened?

Psychology is filled with analysis to this regard, as such there are three psychological dynamics that lead to crossing ethical lines: First, there’s omnipotence: when someone feels so aggrandized and entitled that they believe the rules of decent behavior don’t apply to them. Second, we have cultural numbness: when others play along and gradually begin to accept and embody deviant norms. Finally, we see justified neglect: when people don’t speak up about ethical breaches because they are thinking of more immediate rewards such as staying on a good footing with the powerful.

When analyzing why Tucker Carlson suddenly quite inexplicably off the deep end of what was his entire television persona and attacked Sydney Powell, we witnessed – an actor.   And we were duped.

I am quite familiar with this particular personality disorder.   And yet, what is so amazing, is that there is NO lead up to the loss of control – the moment when they unveil themselves and think, ‘oh shit’.

Because, once unveiled, the veil cannot ever be redrawn.   Tucker Carlson – unfortunately for him – completely screwed up the idea that that veil could ever be reconstructed.   He has come out from behind the red cloth that veiled the ‘Wizard of Oz’ as a hoax, a cheap con man.

What an incredibly sad revelation.  

NO one likes betrayal.   It is certainly one of the worst sins. And yet it thrives.

The only reason it thrives is pure greed.   None of those who parlay to that extent of the bowels of society, do they have any pedigree left that could salvage them.   Carlson is a Catholic.   But I suggest the memes might disagree.

I was a supporter/follower.   I chose to ignore the obvious wig and try and focus on the wit!   I love Wit!   But I am eager to believe in the good, and wholly missed the actor.   A Star Is Born!   Hasn’t been the first time – and most likely won’t be the last, but I hold still to the harness that believing in good is essential to life. And so – I do.

There are good people and evil people and everything in between.   People justify their badness, and give sainthood to their goodness.   This is obviously common, we certainly wouldn’t wish for our own Hell?

Nonetheless, it is always a tragedy to lose another soul.   SO many –

On the other hand, it is good to know your enemy.   And they do themselves a losing battle in war when they give up their agenda before the fight. Somehow, despite all their global military expertise, they have lost every single battle against Trump.

Without exception.

Statistically – that is NOT possible.

But Carlson is not the first, nor the last neoconservative to file their horns. Dana Perino recently came out from the proverbial closet and revealed that yes, after working both the Clinton and Obama administrations, she is no more a republican than Greta…Climate Change Grumbler

IN a perfectly staged world of Soros, these actors would be groomed quite early, coached extensively on presentation, and taught how to say absolutely nothing while speaking for well over an hour – and leave your constituents breathless for more.

#1 – Be Pretty – whether male or female – appearance accounts for likely 80% or your votes.   Remember Nixon got ouched because the color of his shirt appeared gray on Black and White TV!   The color of his shirt lost him the election… as it goes.

We thought it was funny!

But it was brilliantly crafted.   Tedious number of years – at least 80 or 90, likely more.   It’s like the mantra of pregnancy, it took you nine months to get here physically, it will take at least nine months to get you back pre-pregnancy.   But if we’ve been gassed by a Swamp for 100 years, it’s a hard sell to convince people – hey we can get you back, but it will take 100 years….

Well heck, I’ll be dead, and maybe my kids!

I worked for a bunch of jerks, aeholes sometimes, blah-blah, but I was raised to see them, and reject them.   That’s what you do.   IN the real world, the harassment is far more perverse than simply a guy vs a girl.   But I realized early that it was simply the way it was.   When you grow up and this is your world – well then – this is your world.

Which makes the new divergence that much more scary.   How easily we will ultimately accommodate what is the Communist agenda.   Certainly, some would move underground, that is natural for every revolt.   But many would become “Karens” and sell their neighbor.   And when we watch the uprisings that led to Nazi Germany, there exist many similarities.’

I suppose, the ‘Karens’ are the hardest to ultimately digest. Your friend or neighbor selling you out knowing that that sale will cost you your life.   I’m sure I have many.

But I always thought it odd when someone would declare with such grievance, ‘how could they possibly’ – when referring to the Nazi’s.

And yet every military unit in the WORLD performs their duty according to the commands. Which may define killing all the inhabitants of another country.   But because it is done under the guise and tutelage of the word ‘Military’ – it has status that exempts it from religious or moral or ethical referendums…

I grew up indoctrinated within the belief that – 1.   there is good and bad.   2.   Good wins.   3.   We must fight to create a win.   4.   Doing nothing – conceives nothing.   Sitting around pointing a finger at the television, tossing a crushed 5th beer can into the hollows and burping with satisfaction does not have any productive value.

SO – World.   We The People ask – You The People – what is most important?   Freedom or Slavery?   How Much is your breakeven?   Obviously AOC has determined her breakeven is somewhere in the realm of $200,000 annually.   DO you really believe she will determine that is your – net entitled worth?   Or will it be closer to $10,000 annually – which is actually below welfare.

Ahhhh, the twisted world we do sow.   I can only watch, observe, and comment.   Such as it is.

Rothschilds Running Fox News…

How is it that a Democrat Presidential candidate is backed by – big banks, big corporations, big pharma, and silicon valley? Not exactly a traditional Democratic platform, but then the cabal is an interesting puzzle to unravel.

First, it should be noted that the cabal has no sides, Democrat or Republican, they only care about ‘agenda’.

Second, appointments in positions of power create monopolies of government. For example: The Federal Reserve Board of Directors. Currently there are only five members with two slots empty. Of the five: 1) Lael Brainard; former National Economic Advisor and Deputy Assistant to Clinton. She most recently was Undersecretary of the US Department of Treasury under Obama. Her net worth is estimated to be about $441 million, on a salary of about $165,000. Her husband was a top advisor to Hillary when she was Secretary of State. 2) Jerome Powell, former partner at The Carlysle Group. 3) Daniel Tarullo who held ‘several senior positions’ in the Clinton administration. Formerly he served as fellow for The Council on Foreign Relations and The Center For American Progress ( A Soros funded organization). 4) Stanley Fisher, formerly served as a research associate for the National Bureau of Economic Research whose parent company is heavily funded by Soros. He has also held positions at the World Bank and IMF. 5) Janet Yellen. Also a member of the Council on Foreign relations. She has also served with the Council of Economic Advisors, whose chairman, Joseph Stiglitz was a Clinton appointment, is a close friend of George Soros and member of the Socialist International.

These are the people who rule over our cabal of Banks in the US. They are knit most succinctly to both Clinton and Soros, an interwoven relationship. What they say, what they do, is most likely completely aligned with what Soros tells them to do.

The ECB – European Central Bank is governed by Mark Carney – former Goldman Sachs associate. Mario Draghi, the President of the ECB also happens to be a former Goldman Sachs associate. Prime Minister of Australia – Goldman Sachs. Governor of the Bank of Greece and Debt Manager of Greece – Goldman. Secretary of Finance and Economics to Spain – Goldman. Chief of Staff US Secretary of Treasury – Goldman. Director of the National Economic Council. Former World Bank president. The list goes on and on.

The hierarchy of world powers who control the buttons, including Biden’s nuclear power button, include; Rothschilds, Loebs, Warburgs, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and of course, George Schroder whose managed assets are said to be worth $344 billion and whose former employees count Andrew Knight, a former Chairman at Rothschilds and currently the editor for The Economist (owned by the Rothschilds) and newly appointed successor to Rupert Murdoch’s empire which means that Fox News is now run by – the Rothschilds. The banking cabal is said to be worth $100 trillion – to think they will not control every aspect they can is quite shortsighted.

The issue is that these world powerhouses need Hillary in the White House in order to effect their global plan of action. To think that they wouldn’t do everything possible inside or outside the law to make this happen would be – naive.

What we do know is that once this election is settled, the party system of the US will forever be altered once again to reflect the altered state of reality.  Including!  The polls which are skewed by Podesta according to Wikileaks in where they poll, whom they poll, and the questions asked.  Which means that even FOX NEWS is now a Rothschilds poll, news agency and puppet for the Master.  SOLD!