Assange a Traitor…or Hillary? A Sad Day

Assange is under fire for his release of the hacked emails with many using such words as ‘treason’ and ‘traitor’, but the primo assault would seem to be the words of Bob Beckel who wants to have him assassinated ( I chose not to use his more colorful language).

Neither term fit Assange – a traitor is someone who betrays their own country, and treason is giving aid to the enemies of a country…and generally involves murder. Since the accusation of murder is directed at Hillary, and the crimes are Hillary’s, the term ‘whistleblower’ would be more just. A whistleblower is someone who exposes illegal or unethical information within an organization that is either public or private. And while whistleblowers believe that they have the moral right to publicly report illegal activities, they are generally subject to prison or, as in the case of Adrian Schoolcraft, a former NYPD officer, they are subject to harassment and incarceration, in his case a mental institution.

The term “traitor” would be more befitting if assigned to Hillary, Podesta, Mills, Polieri, and the host of reporters, campaigners, and DNC members who knowingly and with intent, defrauded The People. They betrayed their own country.

Unfortunately, as the hubruss abounds and Hillary finds herself the victim/culprit, her campaign attempts to deflect by associating Assange with Putin – because Putin is the heinous bad guy scapegoat for just about everything. Nearing the point of comedy. Reminds me of when Obama first came to office and for the next six years blamed every single issue, problem, wrong move – on Bush. When Bush was no longer a viable scapegoat, the idea was to switch to Putin – and Hillarygate followed suit. Because that is what they were told to do by the deep pockets that pull the strings.

The problem with the agenda is that The People are snickering because the truth is more prevalent than the deflection.

While the culpability of the mainstream media has been known and talked about at length, the proof that has been exposed by Wikileaks actually makes it so very sad. I can’t understand how these journalists could have a conscience. How could they so blatantly sell their soul? It’s one thing to talk about it on blogs and such, it is quite another to stare at page after page of evidence. The concept of ethics is dead.

Hillary knew that the Saudis and Qataris were supporting ISIS and yet continued to take money from them – over and over again. And thus, by default, Hillary and her team, her campaign – supported ISIS. They harbored criminals and knowingly hid them from prosecution.

The list of notable journalists in the Hillary camp can be found here:

Hillary was on a number of occasions ‘fed’ the questions that would be in the debates. That’s illegal. So why would someone do this knowing they were not only frying themselves, they were frying our country’s right to a fair election and a worthy President?

While their barbs might be construed as unethical, they are not illegal – just plain stupid for leaving a trail – remember Nixon, the consensus then was that ‘every politician did it, but he was stupid enough to get caught’. That’s Hillarygate.

She knew the Benghazi attack was not about some stupid video, but chose to indict the maker of the movie and put him in harms way in order to cover up her own failings… possible lawsuit.

She gave special privileges to donors based on their level of Foundation $$$$ funding.

The list of nauseum is endless, from lying on her political platforms, to propping up Wall Street for money, to possibly having people murdered for their being a traitor to ‘her ‘ cause. And yet, she remains a viable candidate. Some have said that she is the final demise of the US as planned and plotted for generations. And still, I am just – sad.

I am sad that we have evolved to such a demoral state of delusion and waste, that lying is the new Ideal, that fraud is simply a way of political life, and that they have managed to enlist so many people who seem to have no moral compass, no soul, no heart, no compassion, empty vessels of pure evil.

And still – there are those who say – I don’t care, I am voting for hypocrisy, massive fraud, assassination, and illegality – anyway. And we have become a comical mockery to the world.

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